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The Eleven

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A crossover between Nick’s Avatar: the Last Airbender and T.A. Barron’s Great Tree on Avalon Trilogy. During their exploration of the Western Air Temple, Teo, the Duke, and Haru find a mysterio...

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She stood at the edge of the crevice, shrouded in mist. A small breeze agitated her short brown hair, and she spoke in a calm, deadly quiet voice. “I believe it best if the Eleven Nations are separated.”

“It could be you are right, Kyoshi,” the somber voice answered from behind. “But perhaps these people can work things out on their own.”

“No, they are too stupid and ignorant to do such a thing…the people I once admired have become barbarians, killing each other over such trifles as land and money.”

“Surely, these are not your true feelings? You are the Avatar, Kyoshi.”

“I know what I am talking about. And I do not lie.”

“Everyone falls eventually, Kyoshi. You will, too, again and again.”

“That may be, but I am tired of trying to work things out between these stubborn people!”

“Kyoshi, you are sixteen years of age, you just learned you were the Avatar last month, and you are already wanting to alter the world permanently?”

Kyoshi spun around to face her companion, fire in her dark brown eyes. “I don’t think we can gain anything by working together anymore, Old Man! I’ll take my four nations, and you take your seven, and we will separate.”

“How do you plan to achieve such a feat? Surely one woman and an ‘old man’ cannot do it alone.”

Kyoshi snorted. “You know as well as I that you have powers beyond my understanding. But you would not help me if you wanted to.”

The silver haired man neither confirmed or denied the Avatar’s accusation, but dipped his head in sorrow. “How do you plan to accomplish this?”

“Have you forgotten? I am the Avatar! I am the bridge between our world and the Spirit World!”

The old man sighed. “The spirits agreed to separate the worlds?”

Kyoshi smirked. “Not only that, no one, save for you and I—not even any of my future lives, or your ‘chosen ones’—will remember that we were once one nation, that there is even another world out there.”

The man eyed her suspiciously. “Kyoshi, how did you convince the spirits to do this?”

“I faced Ko,” Kyoshi said, chuckly wryly at her pun.

“The Face-Stealer? And he agreed to help you?”

Kyoshi dipped her head. “I showed no fear, no emotion at all. When I put forward my request, he could not deny such a person as I. He agreed to separate this world. Even you cannot stop what the spirits set in motion.”

The man sighed, but did not disagree. “Dividing the world will not stop war from entering into the hearts of men, Kyoshi. War will break out in your four nations, and in my seven. You know as well as I that separation and amnesia will not wipe out the lust for blood in the hearts of men.”

Kyoshi looked troubled, but did not answer, for a rumbling had come from deep within the bowels of the earth. Kyoshi’s eyes began to glow as she slipped into the Avatar State. In a ethereal voice, she said, “You cannot stop what the spirits have begun. We will never see each other again.” She was gone.

“Foolish girl,” the old man muttered. He spread his arms, and instantly sprouted eagle feathers all over his elderly body. With a few choice curses, he soared into the sky, and with that, Merlin the great Wizard and Eagleman was gone, not to be seen again for many of thousands of years.


Two Worlds

Once were one

Eleven Nations


Separated into two realms

One of seven nations

Another of four

Years passed and they forgot themselves

Kept distant by the spirit world

Portals lost forever

Until the Avatar returns


When Merlin’s heir is found

And the Avatar returns

The Spirits will reveal the portal

Two worlds, unbeknownst to each other

Must fight to save

Themselves, each other, and the Great Spirits

Who led them there

From Evil uncontained
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