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A Sickish Love Feeling

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Raven gets sick because of Beastboy..but what kind?

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Chapter 1.Sickness?
Hey morning Star,Robin said as he kissed his girlfriend Starfire on the lips.Morning boyfriend Robin.Do you need the help on cooking friend?Yes actually I do.Hmm Waffles yes?Exactly.That is easy friend watch and learn.Learn what?Oh good morning friend Cyborg.You want to help with the waffles?Is Beastboy around?No.Ok,well then.It's time to step aside teammates.Morning,Raven said in her usuaul monitone voice.Morning friend.Waffles?No thanks I'm having tea.Ok if you insist.I do.Ok.Anybody seen Beastboy?Robin you know Beastboy, he's probably not gonna wake up until 12:00.Well I got plans so.What plans man?Actually were going to Tameran for a date at this pond.Hulicksnar pond.Right.Well I'm going to Steel for important reserach on a certain planet.Ok Cyborg but why don't you do it here.I need the technology there because it's more advanced and it's what I need so thats where I'll be.Raven you got somewhere to go?No not really.Ok well then you stay here with Beastboy.No way.Raven you know we can't leave Beastboy here alone.He'll probably rip up the tower.Just for the towers sake I'll stay.Thanks alot Raven.Cmon Starfire.Alright see ya Raven, Cyborg said as he grabbed a last waffle.Bye Raven said as she sipped more tea.After everyone left Raven walked to Beastboy's room.Beastboy?No answer.Not even snoring.There wasen't even movment as clearly Raven could hear.Alright I should check on him,Raven said as she closed her eyes and focused on the door.As she warped under the door,She started to smell his foul smell.She opened her eyes and looked around.Definatly Beastboy's room.Beastboy was laying on his bed.Beastboy?Yeah?Are you ok?Yeah....I'm......That's all Beastboy said before he started coughing.After about 3 minutes he stoped.No...I'm not.How long have you been sick?Just about 3 hours after I woke up.So ever since you woke up you've had this cold?Did I stutter?Excuse me?I'm sorry Rae but my so called emotions are running my head this morning.You mean your moody?Yeah.Sorry about that.It's not your fault.I'm gonna take a shower.Now?Yeah.Can you make it?Yeah,I'm not dumb.Well actually.Not today I'm not.Yeah you keep telling yourself that.You know what Raven?One day I'm sick and you still don't really show me any...Well I mean your not really sorry for me.I said sorry once,that's not enough?Exactly.If you were really a caring teammate then you would at least try to care for me in some way.I am I asked if you could make it you said yes.I asked If you were alright and you said.....Beastboy?Wait Beastboy stop.What?I'm trying to say....As Raven stared at Beastboy her heart pounded faster and faster.Go ahead Raven just say your sorry get over it.Uhh Raven?"....."Look Raven I'm not in the mood for argument now so I'm just gonna go.Great you can't even say your sorry,what's wrong with me today?Fine.I'm just gonna get some more tea and if you need anything just tell me,...I guess.I will you can count on that.Great Beastboy,she probably hates you more now for getting in her way.Now what's next she's gonna come and beat you up?Probably considering she does it on a daily basis.Ok Raven said as she grabbed her Communicator.If Beastboy wants game...I got it.

Chapter 2.Fights,Loses,and Quits
Hey umm Raven can you hand me my towl?Please get it yourself.I'm kinda umm you know.....Without the coverage.You mean you don't have coverage?Yeah.You better buy some.Raven I have some.Oh I thought you said you didn't have any.Raven stop fooling around it's cold in here.Turn on the heater.I really can't.You do that from the mainroom.Hey your in there!Can you turn the heater on at least.Yeah I can do that.Ummm Raven?Yeah.I'm! way.No seriously I'm really hot.Ew cut it out Beastboy.Raven what's with you today?Nothing.Yeah right Raven!I'm not joking turn it down.Ok.2 min later.Raven it's freezing in here.It's not my fault...I can't control my powers.Raven I don't fall for that anymore...........That's It!Once I get dressed I'm out of here!Where are you gonna go?Ib doben't madter.Gwet you gabe me a colb.My bad.Yeah Ib's your bault alright.Yeah whatever.Alright,I'm leaving.You got over your cold really quickly.Yeah so I don't have a stuffy nose.But I do have a raspy voice.Great now you can lose your voice.I'm not gonna lose my"......"...!.....!Happens every time.As Beastboy grabbed a paper and wrote fast Raven tried to figure what he would write.Beastboy then shoved a piece of paper at Raven and ran out the door.Raven studied the paper and gasped.She could bear to look at it.She couldn't breathe.The note read to my worst teamate ever."I hope your happy,I quit!As for the rest of them,You can tell them it was your fault.I really hate you! and as for apoligizing,don't even think about it!I wouldn't take any of your sour kissups.From your Ex teammate Beastboy."It didn't say Sinsirally,Your Friend,Or anything close.Just from.Raven didn't feel good, and that definatlly wasen't something normal for her type.Raven ran to her room with the note clutched tight in her hand.She just wanted to cry,and that's exactly what she was going to do.

Chapter 3.No Talking,More Sickness,and Teen Living
Umm friends?Yeah Starfire?I think Raven has some problems.Well I would say too.Guys she hasen't been talking for hours.I also belive her head is getting hot.You mean she's sick?No I mean her temper.That's true.I'm sure Raven is just going over a mental change or something.I hope it's just that.Should I check on her?No Star I think we should just back of Raven for awhile.Oh...Well then I guess I will go and watch the T.V. then.I'll go with you Star,Robin said with a little happiness in his voice.Alright yall go and have fun.I'm gonna be working on my car.--Meanwhile--Azerath,Metrion,Zinthos.Hihi Raven!Happy just take me to love.Okiedokie.After wandering around for about ten minutes,Raven finally reached Love's realm.It was a room with a door that lead to some sort of beach.Love was laying on her bed and admiring pictures of Beastboy.Love what's happening to me?Nice hello Raven.I'm serious.Ok well....Remember the time you denied fear?Yes I remember that perfectly well.Ok well as you remember perfectly well,It took away the things you loved until you admited your fear.So same thing with you?Exactly.Even my friends?No not your friends.Then what about Beastboy!Well you do love him.No I don't.Well you wouldn't hurt him.I do that on a daily basis!Yes,true,but you never mean it.That one christmas,when you threw Beastboy down a frozen well,This is what you were thinkingBeastboy I'm so sorry please forgive me!Oh my god I think I hurt him again!Please be ok!Please be okay!You thought that not me!Yes but I am your emotion am I not?Yeah so I did think this.Well now that that's settled you can go now.Ok Raven said as she passed a trash can full of Terra pictures.---Meanwhile---Now where do I go?I can't talk so I guess I should become a mime.Or maybe I should go and live as a hobbo.Beastboy sat on the park bench thinking what to do,when It hit him.I'll live here in the park!Peanuts!Get your Peanuts!Mm peanuts!A bag of peanuts sir?Beastboy nodded his head yes.$2.00.Thank you sir,have a nice day.Thanks.*Unfortanatly,he wasen't having a good day.He couldn't even say sorry,now he was like a nonspeaking person.After eating his peanuts he got under a nice shady tree and started to take a nap.

Chapter 3.Talks,Fights,Mind Troubles
Raven couldn't sleep.She was in much denial that she was scared to death of tommorow to even come.She had enough and couldn't stand having Beastboy being upset with her.As Raven quickly went to the window she locked all foces on Beastboy and warped to the park.Raven opened her eyes and found a lump under a big willow tree.Raven went up to Beastboy and kicked him lightly on his back.Beastboy,who wasen't facing Raven whimpered alittle and then woke up.Whos there?Beastboy?Oh it's just the wind, Beastboy said as he faced Raven with an angry face.Ok I'm sorry,Beastboy.Oh is that all?Look I really want to say I'm sorry and something else but you won't give me the chance.That's exactly right,I won't.Fine,....Then just here me out!I was not myself that day.I just need you to belive me on this or...I could die.Yeah right.Look I'm not joking.Remember the time I denied fear?Yeah so?Well this time it's love......and If I keep running away from it I could kill myself,and maybe you.So what Cupids gonna come down and kill me with some arrows.You.....I thought you would belive me.......You know what?If you die I guess you deserve it.Goodnight Beastboy.Same to you Raven,Beastboy said not looking away from Raven.---As Beastboy opened his eyes the next morning he sat up and looked around.Then he looked up at the sky and found that it was pouring rain.Great.I might as well go and get something to eat.Yes!the local burger joint is still here.Heya Oscar!Ey Beastinator what-up!Lots of stuff man.You still digging the empath chick.You mean my enemy?No.Oh dear what happened to her?It was her fault in the first place.I live in a park Oscar!Is she evil or something?Yeah she is.She's actually a Witch!Calm down dude it can't be that bad right?Look all I'm saying Is that we won't be seen together as long as we keep fighting like this.Then don't fight back just calmly suggest another way.I can't and you know it.Shes half demon and I hate her.Alright man whatever you say.I'll just take a veggie burger to go.Alright but do you got the greens?Yeah here you go.Alright man seeya later Oscar.Seeya Beastman.Beastboy liked when Oscar called him Beastman,it made him feel special.Except that feeling wasen't like that for long.

Chapter 4. Broken Hearts,and a Sick feeling
Friends Raven is still not well and I am afraid she is upchunking.No Star that's called dry heaving.Raven is too weak to even eat.Can she talk?No she will not.All she does is meditate too keep her tempeture down.How much can she withstand Cyborg.In my readings a half demon is hot-headed so up to 200 degres.Just can't get up to 169.9.That's horrible she's killing herself!Starfire you keep checking on her and make sure she's meditating.Yes Robin.Cyborg do you know why this is happening?I guess her change is changing her body?Freinds come please!Yes Starfire?Raven is not meditating!Raven please Robin said as he grabbed Raven on the arm.As Raven looked back worry and tears filled her eyes.I'm not meant to live and neither is Beastboy.This all seems to come back to Beastboy.I think we need to pay him a visit.We do not know where to find him.I do,Raven said as she sat on her bed and stared straight ahead.Where.Where is Beastboy Raven,Cyborg said as he sat next to her.I think he's in the park.Ok Raven we'll find out his problem I promise.Thanks....It means alot to me.I'm sure it does.Come on Titans we need to help Raven out on this.Don't worry we will.You just hold tight Raven we'll make him stop.Thanks Raven said with a weak smile.Just promise me not to hurt him.Just tell him I warnend him and If you want to add something you can.Ok Raven can do.Titans Head Out.

Chapter 5.Lying,and talks
Beastboy,Robin said approcing him at a fast pace.What do you guys want?We want you to belive Raven.Yeah sure like I'm gonna belive her.What did she do so badly to you?I lost my voice because of her.What else.She abused me and wouldn't stop.How did she abuse you?She gave me scars all over and I have to go to the doctor to check my foot.Can we see your foot?No.Friend we have mostly come to inform you that friend Raven is very ill.So she got alittle sick!What the heck does this have to do with me?!It all came back to you.What did you do Beastboy,Cyborg said as he stood behind him.Look guys just hear me out.She said that it's all her fault to you didn't she?No not at all.Well It is just go talk to and leave me alone.She said you abused her last night.That demon!Beastboy calm down and don't call Raven that!What did you say last night.I said for her to leave me alone and she didn't so I got mad and I just fell asleep.Something tells me inside that your lying Robin said as he steped closer to Beastboy.Just go home Robin.You'll have to come along.You really can't make me.As long as Ravens there you'll have to go home and leave me alone.We'll be back Beastboy.....You can remember that!

Chapter 6.MotherTalks
Raven?Robin said as he approched Raven slowly.Raven looked up from her bed and sat up indian style facing Robin.Beastboy....Said you lyed.What!Robin you promised!You promised!You promised!Raven said as her eyes lit up red.Raven calm down.You.....Little........Lier!Raven said before her eyes shrunk to normal and fainted ontop of her bed.Raven!Robin shouted as he ran over to Ravens side.---As Ravens mind awoke she relized she was in Azerath.Mother?Raven, Arella said as she aproched Raven with a worried look.Mother,am I gonna die?You could If you don't admit your love with Beastboy.He'll never understand.I see he isn't listening to you.Yes.You need to get him to listen to you.How?Well there is the way of admiting it and leaving that at that.So your love fear will go away but he doesn't have to like you back.It would break my heart mom.I'm sorry Raven but there isn't much for me to say.We here in Azerath go through heartbreaks all the time.Well not me!Raven said as her body on earth reunited with her mind.Raven?Robin said for the millionth time.uuuhh....Robin?Raven what happened?I just fainted for awhile.Ok Raven whatever you say....You get some sleep.Ok Robin whatever you say I suppose is best for me.Night Raven.Robin said as he steped out of Ravens room.Friend Robin is Raven going to be ok?I don't know.I just think she needs some space.Then we visit Beastboy again tommorow.Starfire will stay here just encase something happens to Raven.Ok friends.Night everyone.Night.

Chapter 7.No Love,and No Success Again
Morning friend Raven time for your checkup.Starfire?Yes friend?I really don't feel good.Oh so do you just want tempeture check and breakfast?Yeah that will do good.Ok friend there is tea and an apple.Thanks.No problem.Where are....Robin and Cyborg?They went back to talk to Beastboy.I really don't think he'll except them.He certantly didn't except mine.maybe not yours,but I do belive guys have a way of communicating to each other.Not yesterday.Ok I do belive that this time though they might succed.I guess so.Your tempereture is rising to a high one.Is It the bad ones?No It is not that high It is merly 128.9. Starfire?Yes?I want to go to the roof.You go ahead friend.---He's over there Cyborg.Yo Beastboy get your butt over here.What the heck do you guys want now!Beastboy I said we would be back,Do you think I was lying?No but I sure didn't expect you to have the guts to actually get here.I'm not scared of you.Whatever.Raven knows your lying Beastboy and your really hurting her.Then why doesn't she get her butt down here to talk to me.She's scared of you.Good now were even.So your gonna stop and apoligize?Nooooo your gonna get the heck away from me and stay away!Your the only one hurting yourself.Yeah Beastboy Raven said your gonna die along with her unless you both confess your love.No way am I talking to that demon witch.Beastboy I'm warning you don't call Raven that!What are you her boyfriend?No....He is mine.Starfire said joining the group.Star you were supposed to....She is meditating on the rooftop.Oh.You guys shouldn't be taking care of her.Shes probably just trying to get me back and make me feel sorry for her.It's not working.I said I'm not falling for her sour kissups.Fine Robin said as he turned torwards the tower.Then you are a very bad friend Beastboy.Starfire said.Yeah man you can't even....Uh guys?Robin interupted.Yeah they both said facing Robins direction.Look.Robin said pointing at the top of the tower where there was a swirl of colors.Let's go guys!Bye Beastboy.Robin said as they both stared angerly in each others eyes.Same too you Robin.Beastboy said walking off.----Raven!Robin yelled at the bottem of the swirl.Robin Cyborg and Starfire were holding on to seperate items to hold them in place.The swirl was like a tornado but not moving.The color that stuck out the most was purple and all of a sudden the color purple was gone.Slowly the swirl died down and there was Raven floating in the middle.Until,of course her energy drained out and she almost fell to the ground but luckly Cyborg was quick on his feet and caught her.uuuhhh...Guys?Raven what just happened Robin said as he approched her rid of love.Raven no!Why would you do that?Well she isn't gone forever just....out of my mind right now.Ok Raven I guess your right.Cmon let's go inside.

Chapter 8.Life without Love ,and Enemy Visit
Hey uh Raven?Yes Cyborg?Do you need anything else?Yes.What do ya need.A book.Which one?The silver one please.Ok here ya go.Thanks Cyborg.Hey Raven I got a question.Yes what question.Do you even know how to say love?Huh?Nevermind Raven....Lunch will be here shortly.Cyobrg said as he went out the door.Ok looking up love denial.Ok It says here love denial mostly happens with shy humans...but Beastboys not human.Oh and animals of supernatural type.Supernatural?I guess that's definatly Beastboy.Oh and of course demons.I don't know what the word love means but I guess lots of people have it.After about 5 min.Raven heard a slight tapping on her window but thought it was just a bird.Then following that a tapping on her door.Come in.Ok Friend lunch today is tea and a sandwich.Thanks alot Starfire.No problem love clueless friend.Starfire said as she giggled her way out of the room with a clueless Raven left behind.Shortly after Starfire left she heard her window being opened but didn't notice because she was facing away.Looks like you have it good here a voice behind her said.Get out.I won't leave until you talk to me.What?Raven said turning and facing Beastboy.I guess you could say that I was wrong....Yes and?I think I am In love with you......Huh?Love with you..........Your not gonna except?What?They said you were hurt and I had to confess my love with you so we can survive.Love..Huh?They lied just to get me back!!?!That's it you worhtless Demon!!I swear never to come back here and your never gonna find me!What?Please Beastboy!What are you talking about!Don't you know anything!?Yes I just don't know what love is.....Lier!Beastboy said as he jumped out the window leaving glass everywhere and light shining through the broken part.What the!Robin said as all three Titans ran into Ravens room.What the heck happened Cyborg yelled.Raven was just sitting indian style on her bed staring at the titans but not talking.Raven hello?You there girl?I belive she is in shock.....Great.Robin said looking at the glass and then back at Raven.Something tells me it was Slade.No way Robin It's got to be Trigon messin with her head.If I am correct you are both wrong....This could only be Friend Beastboy.No way Star.B.B. wouldn't sink that low right?Ok well Starfire you stay overnight in Ravens room and Cyborg and I will get some shut-eye.Ok night Star Robin said as he kissed her gently on the lips.Goodnight friends.

Chapter 9.Talk with the jerk in the junkyard
Friend I cannot belive you are still in shock.....Starfire said staring at her friend still sitting indian style on her bed.What word will get you undone.I have almost finished the entire dictionary.Oh I know Zinthos!Starfire he rejected me.I know...but.I'm gonna find him,Raven said interupting Starfire.Then what friend?Talk.Ummm maybe that's not a good idea.....Starfire said as Raven disapered.Oops.Hey umm Starfire where is Raven?She has gone searching for Beastboy.umm Starfire last time I checked that wasen't a good idea.I know Robin.I have a feeling that this time Raven might succed.---Beastboy turn around....How the heck did you find me?I can sense you in my mind.I wish you didn't use your mind.What and be stupid like you?Why did you come here anyway.Look I'm gonna get my anger over with first.What do you mean worthless demon!!!Your the jerk sitting in the junkyard!!Yeah,Yeah,Look why didn't you know what the heck love is?I got rid of that.What because you knew I was coming?No because I knew you weren't gonna confess.If you could read minds you'd know.If you knew any better I'm sick so I really can't contentrate that well.Did you catch my sickness?No this is a different one.Oh you mean Love Denial?You know what?I guess your right.About what?Me.I guess I am sick and it's love denial.How do you get love back?I don't think you can now.Well It doesn't hurt to try does it?No.You need to help me get to her.Where is she?We have to travel through my mind.Ok well how do we do that?First we need to go back to the tower.Ok,but what about them?They won't know your there because they are to busy worrying about me.I have an excuse to distract them so.Ok then let's go.Beastboy said before he shipshafted into an eagle and started flying torwads the tower with Raven right by his side.

Chapter 10.Mind Travling
Beastboy for the second time don't touch anything!!Shut-up Raven.Beastboy we really need to stop fighting for this to work.Too bad.Your such a jerk you know?Yeah I kinda changed I guess.Whatever.If your trying to impress me It sure isn't working.Ah I found the mirror.Ok well let's charge it up.Azerath Metrion Zinthos.....Hold on.To what!!Nevermind.---ahhhhhhhh...BOOM....Owwwww
Luckly for Raven she entered her mind safely.Hey no fair Raven!Get over your stupid tantrums and let's go.Where to?To love's realm you idiot.Oh and you told me to behave.Yeah exactly.Hey your the one being mean.It's my mind dipwad.Oh ok....Sorry Raven.About what?Everything.Now isn't the time.What do you mean?Beastboy said as Raven walked straight ahead not trying to look at Beastboy.Now isn't the time to tell me your sorry.Ok well then when you get love back I can appoligize right?I'm not talking to you.What do you mean,your not talking to me?"....."Raven?......Raven just tell me.your just like mba.Huh?Who?Your just like Terra ok!What....Excuse me!You just want to apoligize because your scared your gonna die.No I don't.Yes...You do.Ok......So I'm scared...You don't have to hate me for being scared right.No I do.If you apoligize and don't mean it then I'll be sitting here for quite awhile.Raven please...I'm sorry you know it and if we don't get out of here then we'll die...Don't you see Beastboy?Thats what I mean about not meaning it.But..I'll take you anyway.Ok.----Starfire do you know if Raven got back yet?Uh-Huh...She is back.Then where is she?Well....She is in her room.Ok let's check on her.Umm I do not think Raven is very up for the visiting.Ok then well check back later.Alright Yall the results for the new planet are in!So your gonna go get them?Oh yeah.You two have fun.Thanks alot Cyborg.

Chapter 11.Reasuring
Ok Love's realm.Wow.Beastboy said as he blushed seeing all the pictures of him on the wall.Love must really be a fan of me.Yeah a fan!That's exactly what she is.Umm Raven?Beastboy said pointing to a round portal on the wall.What's that?It seems to me like when I got rid of Love she went through that portal.Oh a portal to where?A portal to nowhere?Raven you don't know where Love could have gone do you?Beastboy said as Raven just stared at the wall with her eyes shut.She oppisite.Does she have a name?Graven.That's a girl name?Well I guess for her.What is love doing with umm Graven?My oppisite is.....well has always has been jelious of my emotions so....When I sent Love away I guess that's who she wanted to turn to.Oh.Beastboy said looking at Raven sadly.Look Raven we'll get Love back right?Yeah I guess you can say that.What do you mean?Graven is a half more powerful then me.I have no chance.Raven. Beastboy said as he put his hand on her shoulder and blushed.Your one of the best empaths I know,I'm surer then sure that you can get Love back.Ok....Now I forgive you.What?Don't you see?You actually belived in me and you didn't want to do this just because you were scared.Your right.Now how do we get there?It's quite simple....You step through there.Ok but you go first.why are you scared again?You know what this time It's gentalemen first so I'll go.Thanks Mr. Brave.No sarcasim please.Ok....Woah Beastboy said as he stepped through the portal.Oh no....Raven said as she stepped in right behind him.Where Is she Raven we'll beat her butt together!Raven blushed at the word together but put her hood up to cover it.You you didn't make any sense right there Beastboy Raven simply stated.What you mean kick her butt together?Yes Raven sighed again as he said together.You should have said we'll beat her........Raven paused at the word together.Together Beastboy finished.Stop saying that.Hey that reminds me of a song.Together together together everyone.Shut-Up and let's go Raven said blushing.Where Beastboy said looking around.To well follow me.Raven said walking through the city streets that looked close to Azerath but different because it was all red.Ok Raven said reaching another portal to the ground.I think this is it.You want me to go down there!Course I do now GO!uh-uh No way too scared chicken yep thats me!Beastboy said running off.Beastboy wait........Ughhh.Raven!Beastboy turned to realise she passed out.

Chapter 12.Fight for love
Raven?Beastboy said running to her side.ughhh....GO away.......Never Beastboy said with leadership in his voice.Knock Knock.Who's......there?Raven answered really slowly.Beastboy the guy that cares about you...Beasboy said really serious.Beastboy.......Go in the portal.Raven I'm not going anywhere without you.Aww so cute.A voice said behind them.Graven Raven said with her eyes wide.Hello Rae long time no see?Who's the dope?He isn't a dope Graven!Oh right he's your bf...Come on let's get this over with.HE isn't my bf Raven said looking no longer at Beastboy but straight in Gravens eyes.Look I understand your shy but come on he is so your bf!Look where is Love!Oh that silly emotion?I left it..........Oh in the Forbidon Hill Lands.It'll take forever for you to get it.Not on my watch.Come on let's Fight for it!Never.You have to the portal is locked.You only get the key if you beat me.Can I play your foolish game too Graven?Beastboy stay out of this.Oh the dope speaks.Hey Beastboy said ignoring Ravens comment You leave her alone!Oh sure....Nothing is better then alittle bit of men in a fight.You won't hurt Raven!Hahahaha Graven cackled out loud.You won't even try!Watch us.Raven said as her eyes turned black.Ohh so cute Graven said as her eyes turned red.I was always better then you Raven.Graven said as she hit her in the pit of her stomach.You were but not anymore.Sure thing little girl.Graven you never learn do you Raven said turning demonic voice and all.Oh I learn but I learned never to power up like that.It drains your energy Graven said pounding Raven down with a powerful blast.Raven Beastboy shouted as he ran over to her and caught her before she hit the ground.Ha!I was always the powerful one.Yeah so you are Beastboy said with his voice filled with anger.Oh so scary Graven said as she pretended to be scared.Better be Beastboy yelled as he carried Raven and set her on the ground.Look why are you so upset you can't even beat me Graven said in a show off voice.Who said I wanted to.What did you have in mind.You let us go and I offer you Ravn's most powerful possesion.Keep talking.It's the most powerful book I know and you can have it free.Ha such a sucker you are Graven said as she landed safely on the ground.So I am what are you gonna do?Nothing your free to go but you owe me.Thanks for the trade it'll get to you soon.Beastboy said as he picked Raven up and stepped into the portal.

Chapter 13. Quality time
Ughh......Beastboy?Raven!Beastboy shouted with panic in his voice.What Raven said looking down.FLY!I can't Beastboy.My power is all drained.Raven were falling at fast speeds and you can't FLY!I wish I could but I can't.Ok time for me to take control Beastboy said as he tried to turn into a bird of some sort.Hey Raven why can't I use my powers?Ummm I don't know.Raven where gonna fall on the ground in about 90 seconds and your not gonna do anything!?!Just let me focus on the ground.Ok.Raven focused all energy on the ground and in about 8 seconds warped to the ground with the energy left over.Raven you did it!Sure I can warp but now we gotta walk all the way to the forrbidon hills and it takes forever.Warp there!Beastboy are you nuts?That was the last of my energy.Let's go Beastboy.Dudet if this is gonna take forever what am I gonna eat Beastboy said as his stomach growled.Number 1.Don't call me dudet....EVER!Number 2!It's not the highway so let's go.Ok Beastboy said lagging behind Raven.Five minutes later things were getting darker in Raven's mind.Raven....What Beastboy.I'm tired.Ok.....I think there is a place we can sleep for awhile.Well good because I'm really tired.Of course we've been in here for hours.I know what you mean my legs are killing me!Ok umm were here.Cool this place is like a palace.Actually It is a palace but It's really old and everything is antique.Oh no now theres a problem.What do you mean?There is only one bed.Figures.Umm Raven are we?Yes but don't ever get near me.Ok well I'll go look around.No!What?You don't know where you could end up.Ok then I'll just relax.What are you gonna do Raven?I'm gonna meditate and just make sure you don't bother me.About five minutes later Beastboy got bored.Umm Raven can I umm Mediate with you?You....meditate?Well no but I wanted to give a try and I figured since Cyborg or Robin wouldn't be here to make fun of me then I guess I'll try it.Well......sit down and I'll show you how to meditate then.Ok Beastboy said with his big toothy grin.Sweet I get to float Beastboy said sitting awfully close to Raven.I don't think you can float....but I guess we'll have to try it......together.Really!Beastboy said getting so close he was practiclly on top of her.Yes now back up.I like it here Beastboy said blushing.Ok...close your eyes and concentrate on your mind....Raven said not knowing Beastboy was still close to her.Sweet I see darkness but like there's a portal thingie there.Good......go to it.Are we like gonna connect minds!Yes now go to the portal.Now what?usally there's a password but be careful If you get it worng....well......I die!No but you get kicked out of your own mind.Don't worry I got it.Azerath Metrion Zinthos!No!Raven yelled but It was too late.Beastboy's eyes snapped open and he fell to the ground so he thought.Ughh....Raven where are you Beastboy looked around Beastboy sweatdropped as he figured out that he was on top of Raven.Yeah umm....I'll be in bed Beastboy said running over to the bed and pretending to sleep.Beastboy?Raven asked calmly.What?It's ok...Really?Really.....and It's to late to sleep so let's go.Where?To the forrbidon hills...

Chapter 14.The Forrbidon hills and Happily Ever after
Yo Raven I didn't get enough sleep so I'm gonna be reeeeally tired.To bad were almost there.Really?If you keep moving yes.I can't.I'm seriously gonna fall asleep.Well I'm sorry but there is no other way.Can I?Can you what?Can I sleep on one of your round thingies?I don't know can you?Oh.....Oops.May I sleep on your round thingie?Well Raven said right before she sighed.I guess Raven said making a round circle big enough for Beastboy to lay on.Thanks Raven your soo nice.No problem Beastboy.....I guess.Oh and Beastboy before you sleep I need to ask you something?What?Why do you do it?Do what?How do you always find a way to make me laugh or smile when I always deny you.Well said Beastboy sitting up again.You see,Your one of the downest people I've ever seen and well,I want you to be happy not sad.Beastboy....thanks.Hey It's my job I don't need thanks.Ok were here.b.....b.....but I didn't sleeeeeeeep.Get over it your gonna be fine Beastboy.Fine.All we have to do is find Love and I'll get her back in my mind.Then we can ask her to break the spell.Ok Raven whatever you say on my account.Raven Love said floating up to her.Love!I need you badly Raven said explaining it to her fully.30 mins later.Raven I can't do anything.I'm not in your mind anymore....I'm in your sisters.Graven is nothing right now.I need you to break the spell!Raven It's not my spell.It happens and your the only one that can fix it.You and Beastboy really have to confess your love.Ok umm....Beastboy?Raven said facing a confused Beastboy.Yes Raven Beastboy said snapping out of you.And you too.Yes Love said before getting sucked into Raven, and Beastboy and Raven kissed.Around them everything seemed to go back to normal, and they were back in Raven's room just as Starfire knocked on the door.Friend Raven?Starfire said opening the door.Starfire before you open the door tell the others I've had a miraculous recovery and Beastboy and I have appoligised.Wonderfull!Also tell them to meet us at the park.Ok friend see you there.Alright Beastboy...It's settled.I'll see you at the park Raven said warping there.Alright Beastboy said going to the window.That...was a good day.

(To be continued)
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