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A Sickish Love Feeling 2

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It continues

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Sickish Love Feeling 2
"Beastboy this awesome day."That's what I was thinking."Beastboy said shifting on the blanket they were sitting on."I also got you something."You did?"Yep I stopped at a store on the way here."Oh really?"Yes."Beastboy said turning Raven so she faced away.Raven felt something around her neck so put a hand up to feel."Beastboy...this a neckalace."All yours."It's beautiful."So are you."Beastboy said kissing Raven on the cheek."Should everyone know...about our Adventure?"I guess explaining would be good."Beastboy said toying with Ravens necklace."Friends!"Starfire exclaimed running up to them at a fast speed."Yeah Starfire?"Beastboy said getting up to face her."Robin has decided that we should go get ice cream."Awesome...but It's kinda getting dark."Raven and I wanna head in town for something."Ok friends do what you must."Starfire said before floating over to the T car."What are we heading into town for?"Raven asked curiously."A night on the town."Like...the works?"Movies and a club."Then ballroom dancing."Sure let's do it!"Raven said grabbing Beastboy's hand and flying off into the air.

Chapter 2.Fluffy Bunny?
"Whats the movie Beastboy?"Hold on Rae."Beastboy said counting his money.Raven sighed and crossed her arms."$28.12." Beastboy said putting the money on the counter."What?!"Beastboy what movie costs that much?"Umm well I didn't want you to get scared...because you might deny it like before."Beastboy said getting a flashback."Soo I thought you might want a softer...kid movie."What kind of kid movie??"Raven said irritated."Well It's called...Fluffy Bunny."What?!"Beastboy I'm not watching that!"Course you are..."Beastboy said dragging her away."Whatever." Raven said sitting in the theater seats."Were in the waaay back."So if you don't like it you can go outside and wait."I don't think I'm aloud."Oh... well then you can tell them your a Teen Titan."Fine."Raven said getting comfortable."Beastboy?"Raven asked two minutes later."Shh the movies starting."Someone ahead of them whispered."What?"Beastboy whispered back to Raven."When are we going to tell the others?"Tommorow."Ok.."Raven said watching the movie.

Chapter 3.Drinks and fights
"Beastboy...Before we continue our night on the town...I would like To say that was the weirdest movie EVER!"Raven said storming ahead of Beastboy.First Beastboy got wide eyed but then realized she didn't mean it."Oh Raven you know you didn't mean that."Beastboy said gripping her hand."I know...Raven said walking down the street to the bar."Have you ever been to a bar before?"Not really..."Raven said looking down shyly."It's ok I'll be there."Of course you will." Raven replied walking up to the bar doors."After you my lady."Beastboy said stepping aside."what?"Raven said looking at him with scared eyes."I'm kidding Raven." I'll go first."Thank you so much."Raven said looking relived."Once they stepped inside everyone turned and stared."What you have never seen a girl and a boy together?"Beastboy yelled."Yeah get back to your drinks."Raven added."Wow go Raven!" Beastboy said as he stared at her."Who bosses Max?"A big guy in a black leather jacket and black jeans said."That would be me!"Raven said looking at him."Umm Raven we should just go to ballroom....dancing....."Beastboy shut-up!"Raven said looking at him."Ooooh who just got told by a girl."Max toned."Ohhh you asked for it!" Beastboy said getting angry.

Chapter 4.Me Dance?
"You can really fight Beastboy."Raven said slowly."I know....It's just something I know well."Well we are Teen Titans."Raven said rolling her eyes."True." Beastboy added walking down the street."Beastboy?"Raven said standing in one place for awhile."Yes?"If thats where were going then forget it."Raven said wide eyed looking at the big sign saying Dance For Fun."Why not?"Beastboy said turning around to face the purple haired girl."I think that place is for kids."We can be kids tonight can't we?"Beastboy said showing his toothy grin."Not me."Raven said turning to face the direction of the far away distant tower."Raven." Beastboy said grabbing her hand."I know how to dance so you will too."Beastboy said turning her around to face the dance club.Raven stood wide eyed for a second but returned to her normal eye state."Whatever."Raven said walking up to the club."That a girl."Beastboy said walking beside her."Don't say that!"Raven yelled before walking faster then Beastboys pace."Whatever."Beastboy said mimicking Raven.Once at the club Beastboy and Raven danced endless hours in a orderly manner as everything in the world slowed around them.

Chapter 5.For Real
"Beastboy that night was amazing."Raven said walking up to the tower with a bouqet of flowers in one hand and Beastboys in the other."Oh and Raven?"Yes?"Tommorow I have to go somewhere..."I might be gone for awhile but don't be bored ok?"Oh I'll manage." Raven said walking inside."I have to meditate so I guess this will be our goodnight." Raven said looking at the commenroom clock and noticing that it was midnight."Night Rae....Raven."Beastboy said kissing her on the cheeck."Night Beastboy."Raven said walking away from Beastboy and towards her room."Once inside her room,Raven got into meditation position and started to go into her mind."Love?"Raven said reaching her portal."Yes Raven?"Love said closing her diary."Did you enjoy tonight?"Tonight was....ok."Love said walking up to her beach door and walking onto the beach."What do you mean ok?"Raven said walking onto the beach also(When you walk in the door you change to a swimming suit/bikkini)"What I mean is Beastboy isn't telling you what he needs to be telling you."Alright spill!"Raven said next to Love so they were facing the ocean."Alright,Alright."Love said looking at Raven."Beastboy is cheating on you."What!?!"That little #&$^#%@_$*^%#!!!!"Raven CALM down!"Love said looking at a red headed Raven."I...will.....calm....down......when....I....sleep.....Cheating on me?"......He........well......GOODNIGHT Love." problem Raven?"Oh and wisdom told me tommorow you need to take a test."What test?"You'll see."Why that little!!!!!!!"Raven said losing concentration and flopping on her bed."Alrightie."He's got a little game to play tommorow."Raven said laying back on her bed.

Chapter 6.Games and A Very Surprizing test
"Good Morning everyone."Raven said like nothing was wrong."Umm Raven its just me."Beastboy said walking over to her."Beastboy I have a surpirze for you." Raven said kissing him on the cheeck."What is it?"Beastboy said excited."You now have my permission to move into my room."Really?"I do?"Beastboy said excited."Yes whenever you feel like it!"Raven said going over to the kitchen to make tea and Pancakes.(she learned to actually make some lol)
"I'm going to go move my stuff right now!"Beastboy said running to his room ."Oh yeah...."If he really cares."Raven said sitting down and waiting for Beastboy to come back."Alright I'm back!"Beastboy said excitedly."Thats great but shouldn't you be going?"Oh yeah."Beastboy said his face getting bright."Oh and Beastboy?"Yes Rae?"Beastboy said walking over to the kitchen and sitting next to her with his coat in hand."I need to cancel our next date."I didn't make a next date."Beastboy said looking at her confused."Exactly why I have to cancel."Now if you'll excuse me,I have to go take a test."Raven said getting up and going to the bathroom."What kind of test do you take in the bathroom?"Beastboy asked himself.Getting over his curiousity Beastboy ran outside to his destiny.Leaving the angered Raven behind."Alright now this test here says......WHAT!?!?"Raven yelled after a high pitched scream soo loud everyone thought it was the alarm."Titans trouble!"Raven could hear Robin yell outside."I'll say."Raven said walking out of the bathroom with a surprized face."What do you mean?"Starfire asked Raven walking up to her slowly."Umm...nothing Starfire."I just thought something was wrong with....the fight we were going to do because.....Beastboy....Oh I got it."Beastboy isn't here."Well Raven is right."Robin said looking around."Beastboy just disapered."I actually don't think the alarm went off."Cyborg said walking over to the kitchen and sitting down."Alright guys I'm going to take alittle run to the store...ok?"Raven said looking at them.Sure,Oh and Raven?"Robin asked."Yes Robin?"Thanks for the pancakes."Robin said chewing on a soft pancake."No problem."My new recipe from the books."Raven said grabing a coat and flying out to the store."Alrightie." Raven said appearing at the store."All I want is....tea."Raven said walking down the isle.3 hours later--"Hmm how could I have wanted this much food?" Raven said carrying the groceres with both hands while flying torwards the tower.--"I'm back!"Raven said walking over to the refridgerator to put the groceries in."Like anybody cares."Raven said sadly getting groceries out of the fridge to make herself a sundae.This isn't your ordinary sundae though.A sundae that contains.Choclate ice-cream,peanutbutter,and hot sauce,with sprinkles is not your ordinary sundae(pregnecy urges).Raven let out a moan as the delightful(icky)taste tingled her taste buds."Raven I didn't know you were back."Robin said sitting by her and watching her eat her very interesting sundae."Like anybody cares Robin."Raven sobbed before getting another chunkful of ice-cream."Is there something your not telling me?"Robin said looking in Ravens eyes before she looked away tears running down one cheeck."Robin I know your like a brother to me but this is only something between Beastboy and I."Raven said wiping a tear away."Look Raven If its something like what happened yesterday then I can help."Robin said worthily as he put a hand on Ravens shoulder."Robin today is my birhtday..."Raven said sobbing once more." it is?"Robin said looking confused before Raven looked at him curiously."I mean It is but..."Robin said before getting interupted by Raven."Nobody seems to care and...Today is my 21st."Raven said turning to Robin."Which means?"Robin said looking confused."Which means we split up today!"Raven yelled before running to her room waiting for nightfall.

Chapter 7.Is this the end?..
"Where have you been Beastboy?"Robin asked walking up to him fastly."Me?"Beastboy questioned playing dumb."Beastboy answer me!"Robin yelled getting mad."I was going shopping for.....Starfire?"Beastboy asked quietly."Beastboy.....I want you to go apoligize to Raven NOW!"Robin yelled walking down the hallway mumbling something about Starfire and then something about it being Ravens birthday."Oh no..."Beastboy whispered before walking down the hallway to Ravens room.He heard muffled cries through the door along with a couple of sighs."Raven please open up I want to talk to you."Beastboy heard the tears stop and went into Ravens room.Raven sitting on her knees was at the edge of her bed crying her heart out,head on her pillow."Raven I'm sorry..."Beastboy said putting his hand on her shoulder." me."Raven hissed."Raven if this is about your birthday it's not THAT big of a deal."Beastboy....."Raven said softly getting up."Today is my twentyfirst birthday..."Raven said walking over and looking out the window.Beastboy walked over to Raven but she didn't look back."which means Raven?"Beastboy said sitting next to Raven and looking out the window also."It means we split up today!"Raven yelled once again."Raven if I known that was today I would have bought you the world."Beastboy said standing up."Sure thats why you cheated on me...."Raven said covering her face."Me?"Beastboy said walking up to her slowly tears filling his eyes.Raven walked up to him and slapped him in the face."Don't play dumb."Beastboy twitched and rubbed the side where she smacked him."Raven....I wanted to....move on but...then I felt guilty....I didn't want to break your heart."Raven stared at him to continue and tensed down."I didn't even think you thought we were together....If I did know that I never would."Raven sat on her bed and started to think.Beastboy started to follow but back up more torwards the door."Love told me though..."Raven said softly.Beastboy then started to move more torwards Raven noticing she probably wanted comfort."Raven when I said I didn't scheduale a next date I meant I didn't scheduale a next date period."Beastboy replied sitting next to Raven and stroking her hair."Don't you think...that when I said you could move into my room I meant that we could be together?"Raven said looking at him curiously."No Raven I swear I didn't know."Beastboy said getting up.There was a big silence after that in which neither Beastboy or Raven had talked in."I think you better go."Raven said getting up from her bed."My pleasure."Beastboy said softly but a little cold in this case."Raven shut the door behind him and started to get cleaned up and dressed for her birthday party.

Chapter 8.Make a Wish of Splitting Up
"Everyone hide!"Robin exclaimed trying to hide.Beastboy entered the room but didn't hide."Beastboy aren't you going to hide?"Robin asked getting up from his hiding spot."Were alittle old for that don't you think Robin?"Beastboy said softly before sitting down."Besides Raven doesn't like surprize partys."Beastboy said as he poured himself a drink."Allright I'm sure the apolige didn't go to well then huh?"Robin asked sitting next to Beastboy."Whats with the moaning?"Bumble-Bee asked walking into the commenroom."More like the crying..."Starfire said with a hand to her forehead."Been going on for two days these two.."Cyborg said taking an asprin."Do you want me to go get Raven?"Bumble-Bee asked pointing to the door."Be my guest Bee."Cyborg said walking over to the door and opening it."I know how to handle girls and I'll get her out no doubt."Bumble-Bee said walking down to Raven's room and pounding on the door."Girl open the door!"Bumble-Bee exclaimed pounding on Ravens door."Is there a emergency!"Raven said starteld opening the door."Yea there is...Your not at your Party!"Bumble-Bee exclaimed grabbing Ravens hand and dragging her into the commenroom."Raven."Robin said walking up to her."I didn't know you were going to come."Well I am I just had to pack everything up like everyone else did."Raven said walking over to the table to grab a drink."Besides.."Raven said walking past Beastboy and ignoring him."It's my birthday."Raven said sitting on a stool by Cyborg."Raven?"Beastboy asked slowly looking at Raven from the couch."Yes?"Raven asked looking at Beastboy to see what he was asking."Umm...Do you have anything you want to tell everybody?"Beastboy said still staring at her hoping she would tell them about their love adventure brought them together."No actually I have a personal thing to tell everybody."Raven said getting up."Yes Raven?"Bumble-Bee urged for her to continue.Raven sighed and took a deep breath."I'm pregnet."Raven said before shutting her eyes.Beastboy sat wide eyed at what he did while the rest crowed around her to congratuate her."How many months Raven?"Starfire asked eagerly."one day basiclly."Raven said sitting down."Still Starfire squealed running over to her and going over details.Beastboy walked over but didn't say anything.Bumble-Bee looked around and saw a silent moment and couldn't help to break it."Time for cake!"Bumble-Bee yelled walking over to the cake and lighting the candles.Everyone gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to Raven."Now make a wish."Robin said walking over to stand by Raven and put a hand on her shoulder.Raven closed her eyes and thought hard of what to say before blowing out the candles.Once Raven's wish went through her mind and out her soul she blew candles out so everyone could cheer."Happy Birthday Raven..."Beastboy whispered to himself before running off to his room to get his stuff."Raven do you have anything you want to do before you go?"Robin asked looking around the room."No nothing really.."Raven said noticing that Beastboy left."PHONE NUMBERS!"Bumble-Bee yelled grabbing a slip of paper and asking for each of their phone numbers.Once the phone number asking buissnes was over everyone went out front."Robin what is this going to be used for now?"We can go here anytime we want to hang out or if were still into missions."Robin said knowing this from earlier."Well we would have to change the name from Teen Titans to the Titans...were not teenagers anymore."Raven said looking down."Hey cheer up Raven."Robin said smilling."Now off to our desitnations."Cyborg said standing by Raven."well..."Raven said looking back at the tower and then hugging everyone."Goodbye."Raven said floating off to her new destiny.

Chapter 9.New Life
4 years later,now 25 year old Raven with her 4 year old daughter Jemani(Jem) were sitting on there couch and watching morning cartoons."Mommy guess what I learned in Kindergarden.Jem asked looking up at her mom.Raven looked down at her daughter and raised her eyebrows in intrest."Yes honey what did you learn.?"Raven asked looking at her curisoly.Jem got up and stood in front of Raven."A,b,c,d,e,f,g,I don't know what comes after g."Jem said sitting down and crossing her arms.When there was still silence Jem got tired of it and asked her a question she wished she didn't.Whens daddy coming home?Jem asked curiously."Jem honey...I don't want to talk about that right now."Why don't you go play with your blocks?"Raven asked walking over to her blocks and laying them out on the floor"Ok mommy!"Jem exclaimed running over to her blocks and started playing with them.Once Raven got into the kitchen to make lunch someone knocked on the door.Raven stopped what she was doing and ansered the door."Robin?"Raven asked shocked as ever."Oh my gosh...I never thought you would actually live here."Robin said looking at the new Raven."You even let your hair grow."Robin said admiring her new looks."Um yea."Raven said snapping out of her trance of shock."Why are you here Robin."Raven said softly.All of a sudden Jem walked up to the doorway."Who's this man and why is he here?"Jem asked innocently."This is an old friend of mine."Raven said stepping out of the doorway signiling for Robin to come in."Raven may I ask you something?"Robin asked walking inside."sure?"Raven said sounding curious."Nothing bad but It's just..How would you like to come to dinner with the team."Robin said smilling." mean with everyone in the old team."Raven asked looking at Robin curiously."Sure why and the kids."Robin said smilling."Oh are you married to Starfire?"Raven asked excited."No...actually were kinda seperated."Robin said looking down."Why?Raven asked sadly."Well...she wanted to go back to Tameran and have someone so less..she thinks were in love."Robin blushed saying this."Oh."Raven said blushing."Mommy are we going somewhere?"Jem said eyes sparkling."Are we going to go see daddy?"Jem asked again."She doesn't know who her dad is?"Robin asked Raven curiously."No she doesn't which is sad but...she will today right?"Raven said looking at Robin happily.Robin smiled and got Ravens coat from the coat rack."Shall we?"Robin asked giving Raven her coat.Jem took her coat and followed Raven and Robin outside and into Robins car."Here we go."Robin said as he backed up and drove off to a resteraunt in which the team would meet once again.

Chapter 10. It's me
"Were here."Robin said stopping the car so they were in a parking space close to the resteraunt.Raven,Jem and Robin stepped out of the vehicle and walked up to the resteraunt doors."Ladies first."Robin said as he opened the door."Thank you."Raven and Jem said thankfully."Hi party of...eight is it?"Robin asked looking at the list the waitress held."What name would it be under?"the waitress asked nicely."Logan I suppose."Robin said assuming."Oh yes the party of nine."the waitress adressed nicly walking them to there table."Raven!"Cyborg yelled running over to her and huggin her tightly."Hey Cyborg."Raven said before trying to squeeze out of Cyborgs tight grip."Hey Bumble-Bee!"Raven exclaimed before embracing her in a tight hug."Hey is this your little one?"Bumble-Bee asked kneeling down to Jems hight."Yes everyone!"Raven announced to the table."This is my daughter Jem."Two little girls one Bumble-bee's and Cyborgs and one that Raven didn't know walked up."Oh whos are these?"Raven asked curiously."Well this ones ours."Cyborg said as he put his arm around Bumble-bee.Well then I'm guessing since theres tofu on the table that Beastboys here and thats his kid?"Raven said as she walked over to the table and sat down."Hey guys I'm back from the.....bathroom."Beastboy answered slowly after looking at Raven."Umm hi Beastboy."Raven said getting up to hug him but instead just shaking his hand."Umm hey Raven."Beastboy said as he noticed the other little girl sitting next to his."Is she your kid?"Beastboy said looking at Raven."Yes her name is Jem.."Raven said grabbing Jems hand gently and holding her in place in front of her."Jem.."Raven said softly and slowly."Yes mommy?"Jem said looking up at her mommy."Say hello to...your daddy."Raven finished off slowly."Really??"Jem said as her face lit up like a christmas tree."Yes...really."Raven said slowly looking from Jem to Beastboy."Now Raven I wouldn't quite say..."Beastboy said before he got hugged by Jem around his legs."Hi daddy."Jem said hugging him tightly."Beastboy I just can't seem to find that darend pie you orderd I complained and...."Terra said before she saw the scene."Umm." Beastboy said before pulling away Jem from his legs."Beastboy why was that..."I think we should go."Beastboy said grabbing Elizebeth by one hand and Terra by the other."Bye..Raven whispered to herself as she sat down by Robin and stared at the drink and fries she was supposed to be eating."Mommy."Jem said walking up to her confused."Yes Jem?"Raven said looking at her daughter."Can we go home now?"Jem said almost crying."Yes....yes we can."Raven said standing up and grabbing her coat."Wait,Raven."Robin said standing up."Yes Robin?"Raven asked turning around."I can give you Beastboy's new number.Robin continued."Since he married Terra he has a new number."Robin said taking out a piece of papper and writing the number down."Oh and also...I really don't have a place to stay."Robin said looking up at Raven."What do you mean?"Raven asked taking the peice of papper in Robins hand."Well it's just that...I used to live in a hotel but I ran out of money and...I can't pay for it anymore."Robin said looking down."Well then you can stay with Jem and I."Raven said looking into Robins eyes."Thanks Raven It means alot."Robin said smilling."Thats what friends are for."Raven said smilling back."Hey gotta run you two."Raven said looking at Cyborg and Bumble-Bee eating fries."No problem I'll catch you later huh Raven?"Bumble-Bee asked."Sure thing I'll call you guys sound good?"Raven said grabbing Jems hand."Yeah sure."Bumble-Bee said as Raven walked away."Alright you girls ready?"Robin said starting the car."Yeah..were ready."Raven said turning to Robin."were ready.."Raven whispered thinging of the things that happened that day."

Chapter11.We need to talk
The very next day Raven was eagery wanting to call someone but was pretty scared."Alright Raven grab a hold of yourself."Raven said to herself picking up the phone slowly.Raven looked at the piece of paper and started dialing."Please pick up....Please pick up..."Raven said to herself."Hello Garfield Rock speaking."Beastboy said in a happy tone."Umm It's me Raven."Raven said scared of what happened yesterday."Oh hey Raven whats up?Beastboy asked happily.Raven was confused on why he was acting so calm."Um helping Robin find a good house?Raven said since obivously since there was talking in the background."Oh well um why did you call?"Beastboy asked curiously."I called to see if we could go somewhere to talk.Raven said softly."Well....why not?"Beastboy said softly at first but returned to his cheery state."Umm do you have a certain place in mind?"Raven asked nicely."Well there is this place."Beastboy said his voice trailing off."Mommy,Robin is getting angry..."Jem said with scaredness in her voice."I can't leave Robin home with Jem though...she'll be...scared with him."Raven said makeing her voice sound sad."It can't possibly be any worse then what I have to tell someone."Beastboy said sounding sad also."Look we'll just meet there and get things done ok?"Raven said getting back to normal state."Sure Raven whatever you say."Beastboy said understanding but still sad."I'll see you there."Raven said as she hung up the phone."Mommy I think Robin got even madder."Jem said scared."Robin whats going on?"Raven asked walking into her living room to see Robin running around the room cheering."No Jem honey."Raven said smilling at the sight."He's just happy to have a new home."Raven said looking at her now not scared daughter."Oh."Jem said running off to go play with her dolls."So I'm guessing you found a home Robin?"Raven asked walking over to him."Yes,yes I did."Robin said slowing down his happy dance."I have to go talk with Beastboy so make sure that Jem is not scared while I'm gone."Whats so bad with being scared?"Robin asked looking at Raven."She can't control her powers."Raven said getting her coat."I'll see you later ok Robin?"Raven said about to open the door."Sure have fun."Robin said going into the kitchen.

Chapter12.Can I ask you a question

"Alright...Raven said looking at the street sign."That looks like the place."Raven said noticing only a couple cars there.Raven stepped out of her vehicle and started walking nowhere in particular.A hand was placed on Ravens shoulder and Raven tensed up.When the person still did nothing Raven elbow punched the person in the stomach."Raven turned around to find out she just knocked Beastboy over."Still got it huh Rae?"Beastboy said standing up and clutching his stomach." just called me Rae...It's Raven."Raven said as she started walking torwards the pond.Beastboy sighed took a deep breath and started walking to Raven."Raven don't you see whats happening?"Beastboy said walking up to her at a medium pace.Raven turned back with a curious face."No I don't could you please fill me in on this?"Raven said walking over to Beastboy and trying to pass him.Beastboy blocked her direction every direction she went."Were turning into know....not us."Beastboy said following Raven since she passed him finally."According to you we never were an us."Raven said sitting on a bench.Beastboy followed but sat on the very edge of the other side."Raven I'm sure you remember this place."Just 4 years ago we were sitting in that exact spot over by the tree."Raven started to remember all that time back then."You took me to a movie....fluffy bunny was it?"Raven asked looking at Beastboy."Yeah."Beastboy said before he started chuckling."We went to a bar beat up this guy..."Raven said before she started laughing again."Well one thing I know we both remember is when we danced."Raven said before realising Beastboy and her hands were together.Beastboy relized to and blushed."We danced...when you said you couldn't dance."Beastboy said looking at Raven.Raven saw Beastboy's eyes looking so inocent and finnaly realized it wasen't at all that he cared for Terra,She was positive that he cared more for her then anything."Raven noticed it was getting dark and thought she should be going home so Robin and Jem wouldn't worry but she seemed so comfortable there.Raven looked over to Beastboy who was looking into her eyes.Raven leaned in for a kiss as did Beastboy.When their lips touched it felt like a firework went off.Beastboy opened his eyes in the middle of the kiss and saw Ravens beautiful face right in front of his.Once the kiss broke Beastboy touched her face." mean everything to me and I'm trully sorry if our relasonship almost got ruined."Beastboy said stroking her hair."Not a chance."Raven said before smilling."Hey what was it you were going to ask me"...."I mean you did say you had to tell someone something horrible."Raven said staring at Beastboy."Heh....Terra is history."Beastboy said smilling."Your serious?"Raven said smilling at Beastboy."Yes I'm very serious and theirs something I've been meaning to ask you."Beastboy said as he grabbed Ravens hand and kneeled down."Raven knew what he was going to say."Yes Beastboy I will marry you."Raven said smilling and helping him off his knee."Well I guess I didn't want to waste my breath you mind reader."Beastboy said in a joking way."Yeah I know."Raven said as she started to head torwards her vehicle."Umm I'm sure you don't want to go back home to Terra so how about you come stay with Jem,Robin and I."Raven said patting the seat for him to sit in."Anyway Robins moving out soon."Raven said as she started up the car.For once...Raven wished everyday was like cheating and family issues.....Just....Beastboy and Her.She thought maybe....just maybe....their was a chance that could happen again.

Chapter 13.Plans
"So you said yes?"Robin asked happily at the breakfast table.Jem looked confused but caught on."I have A SISTER?!"Jem yelled excitedly."Well actually your sisters gonna stay with your.....old mommy."Oh..."Jem said understanding."So your going to get things straight today?"Robin said looking at Beastboy as did Raven."Well I already signed the divorce paper for Terra and I.Beastboy said sipping his coffee."So Robin whats the house?"Raven asked Robin curiously."Oh look here,Just under my budget until my dad can get me some money."Robin said showing Raven a picture of the house."You know we should really get everyone back together for this."Raven said looking from Robin to Beastboy."Well....I don't know about Starfire."Robin said looking down."Do you have her home number?"Raven asked Robin looking serious."Well yes but."Robin said before getting interupted by Raven grabbing his hand."Then let's call her!"Raven said dragging Richard over to the phone.Raven grabbed the phone as Richard gave her the number."Please pick,Please pick up."Rachel said to herself softly."Hello?"A cheery voice asked."Umm...It's me Raven."Raven said to her cheery." Ohhh um what have you called for?"Starfire said sounding more dull then happy."Well Beastboy as you must remember along with my daughter Jemani are almost going to be a family and well...Beastboy asked me to marry him which I couldn't resist saying yes and...It would mean alot to me if you particepate in this please??"Raven said before taking a deep breath and exhaling."Well..."Starfire said drifting her voice off."Please?"Raven said getting pouty."I know for a fact Richard will be there right?"Starfire said sternly."Well yes but..."Raven said looking at Robin and then concentrating on the conversation."Then no."Starfire stated sternly once again."Did she say no?"Beastboy asked walking over to the situation."Well sorta."Raven said holding the phone to her chest."Give me the phone."Beastboy said holding out his hand."Umm ok."Raven said giving him the phone."Starfire or is it Kori....oh well this is Garfield and you had better come down here and celebrate Raven and my wedding or else!"Beastboy yelled looking irritated."Ummm ok sure yes alright I'll be there Beastboy..."Starfire said scaredly."Thanks for understanding Starfire see you there."Beastboy said cheerily."Umm may I have the details?"Starfire asked sweetly as possible.Beastboy thought about it for a second and then replied."Yea sure I have all the details set out."Beastboy said before explaining the details to her.Raven walked over to Jem and scrunched down to her size."Jem honey may I ask you something?"Raven said softly and sweetly."Yes mommy?"Jem asked nicely looking at her mother."How would you like to be my flower girl?"Raven said waiting for her response."Whats the flower girl?"Jem asked confused.Raven smiled and replied.It's a girl that walks down the isle following me and putsdown flowers,then once you get to the front of the isle you sit by someone."Raven said before kissing Jem on the cheeck."FUN!"Jem exclaimed jumping up and down."I love flowers mommy."Jem said stopping jumping and then kissed her mommy."Yep and you get to wear a dress."Raven said excitedly like a little girl."Really??"Jem said getting on her toes and putting her arms up signiling to be held."Yep,let's go upstairs and get you a really nice dress,sound good?Raven asked bouncing alittle to make Jem giggle."Yea it sounds like fun!"Jem excalimed as Raven carried her off."Hmm Robin you think Cyborg would want to be the best man?"Beastboy asked as he hung up the phone."Your dessicion." Robin said shrugging."Alrightie I'll call him up then."Beastboy replied dialing up the number.--Jem crossed her arms and shook her head."No mommy more like...Oh I know!"Jem exclaimed running over to her huge walk in closet."My ballet outfit!"Jem said running out into her room and doing a periouet."Umm you sure thats what you wanna wear to the weddding?"Raven asked sitting on her bed."Course I do I'm a ballerina right?"Jem asked walking up to her mom."Right of course your a very beautiful ballerina."Raven said looking at her daughter encouragly."Alrite then mommy I'll go get washed up."Jem said running of to the bathroom in her room.Raven stood up and walked to the door."I'll be in our room alright honey?"Raven asked as she walked halfway through the door waiting for her daughters response.Raven heard Jem respond yes as she walked out the door and into the kitchen."Beastboy you know I have to go get the dress right?"Umm yeahhh seeya soon right Rae?"Beastboy asked not clearly getting all of Ravens words."Alright see you guys soon."Raven said as she grabed her purse and keys."Oh and Robin make sure Jems ready,knows where I am and goes with you two to the wedding."Raven said grabbing the coat."Robin what did Raven say?"Beastboy asked hanging up the phone."She wants to bring Jem to the reception."Robin replied heading to Jems room."Oh yeah Jems gonna be our little flower girl."Beastboy said grinning."Hey Robin I'm gonna go get my tux alright?Beastboy asked going to the door."Yeah sure I'll take Jem and meet you there ok?"Robin asked waiting to go in Jems room."Seeya there Robin."Beastboy said walking out the door.Robin walked into Jems room and knocked on the bathroom door of Jems room."Who is it?"Jem asked as the water shut off.Robin heard the sound of towl drying so he knew she was done."It's me Robin I have to make sure your dressed and everything though."Robin said sitting on her bed."Hold on Robin....I have to put up my tights."Robin heard Jem say through her door."Do you need help with those?Because I can help you."Robin asked walking up to the door once again."No...I got it."Jem said in a struggling voice."Got it!"Jem said opening the door to reveal a very cute ballet outfit with sparkles and very pink ballet shoes."Cute."Robin commented as if she was his own daughter."Come on Jem.Your mommy and Daddy are gonna meet you there."Robin said grabbing both of their coats and heading out the door."Ready?"Robin asked starting up the car.Jem looked up at him and smiled."Ready."

Chapter 14.Wedding Bells Come With Happily Ever After
"Jem you ready?"Raven said walking to the door of the brides dressing room."Yes mommy I'm ready Jem said grabbing a tiny bit of the cotten candy that was provided at the table."Don't forget that before we leave you eat a mint, to keep your mouth smelling nice."Raven said as she took a mint from the table and placed some in Jems hand."Alright mommy."Jem said as she walked over to a cushie chair and sat down.She next opened the mint wraper and placed in her mouth to suck and chew."I think there ready."Raven said as she walked outside and waited for anyone to show up to lead him down the isle."Hey Raven."Cyborg said as he walked up to her and held out his arm for her to hook hers with."Hey Cyborg,I'm ready when you are."Raven said hooking arms with him and turning to Jem with her head.Raven smiled and watched as Jem grabbed her basket of flowers and skipped over to her with a huge grin plastered on her face."Ready Mommy."Jem said smilling as she stood behind Cyborg and Raven and followed them down the hallway to the big oak doors.Raven took a big breath before walking up the aisle with her dress dragging behind her eyes on Beastboy.He looked very handsome with his hair spiked as usual and his fang sticking out cutely.Jem finished her duty of throwing flowers before giving her mom one last smile, her eyes as shiny as ever, then sitting next to Starfire in the front right isle.Raven continued her walk as she made her way to Beastboy.Once there she smiled lovely at him then looked at the preist.Once the preist began the ceremony,Robins communicator went off signiling that there was a crime.Everyone there was technecly a superhero so started rushling around eyes glowing and powers fireing up."STOP!"Raven shouted sending off a black buble too pause time.Raven looked around and then touched Beastboy so he unfroze."Beastboy lowered the hand he was using to signal for people to calm down and looked at Raven who was half smiling and half frowning."I don't think this will work."Raven said looking outside the window and finding Plasmius outside."Hey thats a peice of cake.Remeber the supposedly end of the world?"Beastboy asked looking at Raven."I don't understand I?"Raven asked Before getting interupted by Beastboy."Just do what you did then."Beastboy said grining at Raven as her expresion changed."Alright."Raven said before smiling devilishly."Time to get this wedding started."Raven said before teleporting outside and making another version of her leap forward to do the beating.Once Raven teleported back to the church she looked around noticing that everyone was still in a panic.She walked over to Jem and touched her causing her to unfrezee.Jem looked up confused and rubbed her head,then looked around."Why is everyone froze?"Jem said looking around confused."Because..they were all playing red light green light.Raven said quickly coming up with a conclusion."Oh I love that game!"Jem exclaimed getting to her feet and walking over to her mom.Raven quickly kissed Jem before walking over to the preist and touching him.The preist quickly got filled in on the disrubtince before starting the ceromony over with only Jem,Raven and Beastboy unfrozen."You may kiss the bride."The preist announced several minutes later.Beastboy rasied his eyebrows twice before grabbing Raven and pressing into a deep kiss.Raven pressed in also before raiseing one arm up and unfrezzing everyone.At first everyone kept on panicking and then turned to Beastboy and Raven which stoped all the commotion.Everyone was clapping like crazy and Raven was glad.Once the kiss ended Raven ran to the back of the room and opened the doors.Receptions in the other room guys.Raven said before running into the reception room."Hey wait up!"Beastboy yelled following Raven into the reception room.After about 20 min. everyone was dancing and eating in a orderly fashion.Beastboy walked up to Raven and held out his hand."Care to dance?"Beastboy asked hopeing she would say yes.Raven smiled and grabbed his hand."Of course."Raven said remembering last year when they first danced."Think you can remember how to dance?"Beastboy said starting up the dance."Count on it."Raven said starting up along with Beastboy.

THE END!(Triquel-What matters the most)
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