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Chapter 10

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The reason they are selling the house.

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Frank put his hand on my shoulder to calm me down. I took a deep breath. I didn’t want my father to go off. In fact that’s the last thing anyone would want.

“Why are you going to sell my house?”

“It’s our house. It’s in our name, the mortgage and everything is in our name.” my father said in a voice that told me it didn’t matter that this was where his only daughters were living. I really couldn’t handle this. Not after last night and not after this morning. “We need the sale money to buy a house in Florida.”

“Dad…Please we have been paying for this place…”

“We helped you get this place now you are going to help us get ours. The house goes on the market tomorrow. If you come up with the money its yours.” I closed my eyes hoping that today never happened.

“I’ll see you at Sunday dinner darling.” my mother said kissing my cheek as she walked by. I hoped she held her breath for me to show up.
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