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Chapter 11

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Nonnie and Frank brain storm.

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I slumped down into the kitchen chair. How could they do this to us? I mean we were all working so hard to keep this place.

“I’ll get a job,” Frank said sitting next to me.

“Frankie even if you got a job you wouldn’t be able to make enough money in time. How am I going to break this to the girls?” I loved this house like it was my first born child. When I asked them to help me get it, it almost killed me inside. I just needed someone with a better credit rating then me. This was a hot piece of realty and it would probably sell in a matter of days.

“Non we’ll figure out something.” he grabbed my hand. “You know I never understood why you and your dad don’t get along. You two seem so much alike. He’s always protecting your mother and…”

“Don’t compare me to him; please don’t ever compare me to him.” I didn’t stick around to talk to him any more. It was getting to be time for the girls to come home and I wanted to be in bed so they couldn’t rope me into going out. I would tell them about our problem in the morning. Right now I just needed to relax.

I went up to my room and then into the adjoined bathroom. I opened the shower curtain and turned on the water. I adjusted the temperature and stripped down. I stepped into the spray. During all of this day I still smelled Pete all over me. It wasn’t a bad smell. It just kept reminding me that I slept with him for money. I stood letting the water wash over my head.

How was I going to fix this, I mean I could get another job. I could work somewhere else and maybe sell some paintings, but they probably won’t buy them. I mean no one has ever bought any of my paintings.

Maybe I could get a mortgage in my name for the house. I mean it has been a couple of years since we tried to get a loan. We could come up with a decent down payment. First thing tomorrow I’d start calling around, and I’ll see how much they have saved. I think I’ve got about five thousand in the bank plus the thousand from Pete. I smiled looks like that wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

I got out of the shower and put on my pajamas. Then I crawled into bed snuggling under my warm blankets. Finally a night in my bed without alcohol in my system. I don’t know how my sister and Janay do it every night. I closed my eyes and let myself drift off to sleep.
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