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Will the show go on?

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Kelli ran around the complex desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of him somewhere, they had 10 mins til Showtime and it wasn’t looking good, Kelli had no idea what to do, she had called his cell phone 10 times all went straight to voicemail which to be honest didn’t surprise her one bit, she knew he was upset with her but surely he wouldn’t let his band and his fans down like that, Gerard loved his fans more than anything, she knew that, how could he do this to them?, after another five minutes of asking everyone in her path if they had seen him, she collapsed on a nearby bench, she could maybe hold the show for another 15 mins but what if he never showed up at all? Kelli felt sick to her stomach and was trying desperately to clear her head and think of where he might be, maybe she should start calling all the local bars to ask if he was there? Not such a bad idea she thought, Gerard was likely to be drowning his sorrows, that meant he was either at a bar or an off licence, she got her cell phone out of her pocket and called for a listing of all the local bars in the area, when she glanced up she almost dropped her phone, Gerard was walking up to her dressed up in his costume, make-up done and looking every inch a Rock star.
“You almost gave me a fucking heart attack”, she yelled at him with fire in her eyes
“Calm down, like I would miss a show”, he stated and rolled his eyes.
“Where the hell did you go”?, she shouted back furiously
“I just needed some air, ok”, he said looking away from her
“Whatever Gerard, just get on that fucking stage before they start rioting”, she got up and walked to the dressing room which was empty now, the guys must be setting up she thought, she took a seat and took a deep breath, her heart was still pumping loudly, she didn’t know if it was from rushing round trying to find Gerard or if it was because she couldn’t get that kiss off her mind, she just hoped this situation wasn’t going to get too ugly.
Gerard was throwing himself into his performance tonight, he was playing up to the crowd big-time, saying things that he knew would get a big scream, mainly sexual innuendos and dirty talk, when he sang “I Don’t Love You” he aimed it at Kelli who was stood near the sound booth watching, he mouthed nearly every word at her, trying to vent some of his frustration, she knew exactly what he was doing, at although it hurt her slightly she let him get away with it, she knew he wasn’t dealing with this very well, she could give time some time to get over it.
The show finished and after everyone was refreshed and chilled they made their way back the tour bus, it was gonna be a long night of travelling to the next city on the list, Kelli stayed behind to make sure everything was packed away properly and everyone was doing a good job at taking everything down.
“Katy, make sure you get help carrying the scenery hun, its too heavy for you alone, if you cant find anyone give me a shout and ill help you k”, Kelli said talking to a young girl with a huge board under her arm
“No prob Kel”, Katy answered chuffed that Kelli cared.
“You going for a medal of honour or something”?, asked Mikey smiling, walking towards her
“I just want don’t want anyone to get injured”, she replied with her head buried in a load of papers
“So im guessing Gee told you”, he asked getting straight to the point
“Yeah, you would be correct sir”, she still didn’t look up from the paperwork she was knee deep in.
“And I’m also guessing things didn’t go well”, he asked, hands shifting nervously in his pockets
“Ding!, right again, you should be a fortune teller”, she said sarcastically.
“Kelli, he’s really vulnerable at the moment, I have never seen him so into a girl before, and I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but im scared that he will go back to his old self, I don’t think any of us could do that again”, he stared at her intensely hoping for anything to reassure him
“I know Mike, but what can I do?, I can’t forget about Nick just cos Gerard finally decided to grow some balls, I have been single for two years, why do men have to be like fucking buses, you wait for one for ages then 2 come at the same time”, she said angrily finally looking up at Mikey
“Just please don’t let this get any worse than it has to be, I have seen him in that dark place for too damn long, he was just getting back to his old self, I don’t think he would make it though if he went there again”, Mikey could feel the stinging at the back of his eyes and walked away before he got anymore emotional
“Mike, please”, she called after him, but she got no response
What was it with the Way brothers and walking away from her tonight?.
Kelli knew he was right, Gerard tended to deal with his problems inwardly, drink and drugs were his only way of coping though difficult times, she couldn’t bear the thought of being the reason for him going down that road again, he had managed to get away from it once, he did an amazing job of getting clean and sober, she wasn’t about to fuck it all up, she needed to talk to him, and soon.

Kelli finished up and headed back to the bus, she was so tired and just wanted to go to bed, it had been an emotional night, she climbed onto the bus and smiled at the driver before heading to the lounge area, it was empty, the boys had obviously gone to bed, which was a good thing, she had had enough conversation for today, just as she was about to turn out the lights and make her way to her bunk when Gerard poked his head around her corner and spotted her
“Been waiting for you to come back”, he whispered
“Why’s that”?, she asked not in the mood for another fight
“Cos I need to talk to you”, he replied walking up to her and putting a hand on her shoulder
Kelli relaxed at his touch, it was obvious he didn’t want to fight with her
“Ok, what’s up Gee”, she asked with a sigh
“Look Jellybean, im sorry I yelled at you, I was just hurt that you picked him over me”, he moved his hand up to her cheek and took a step closer
“Gerard, there was no picking, Nick is already my boyfriend, he told me how he felt at the start”,
Gerard’s hand dropped from her face
“Do you love him”?, he asked with tears threatening to fall from his honey eyes
“What?, that’s none of your business”, she started to walk away but Gerard stopped her, grabbing her arm
“Please, don’t leave it his way”, he pleaded, his eyes almost begging for a glimmer of hope.
“Gerard, I wish I could just give you all you desire, truly I do, I wish I could just snap my fingers and go back in time to before the tour started and start something with you, believe me, its hard for me to resist you, but I can’t hurt Nick, he deserves at least one chance”, she didn’t know if she was trying to convince Gerard or herself but she felt good for sticking to her guns, even though she silently wanted to just take him there and then.
“Ok just one more question, then im done”, he stated and took a step towards her
“Fine, Shoot”, she just wanted this finished, she could feel herself growing weaker, he looked so good, his hair was perfectly framing his face and his lips were so kissable, she found herself fighting, afraid she would give in to him, Gerard was still one of most beautiful men she had ever seen, and her attraction to him seemed to be at an all time high.
“Do you love ME”?, he asked his eyes wide full of anticipation.
Kelli didn’t know how to respond to that, that was a tricky question, could create all kinds of trouble.
“Gerard”, she started but he wasn’t about to be fobbed off
“Just tell me, Do you love me Kelli”?, he interrupted, determined to get an answer
“Yes, Gerard I do love you, I always have”, she replied and closed her eyes, wondering if she had done the right thing
She felt Gerard’s warm lips on hers and his arms snake around her waist, she tried with all her might to stop him, but she couldn’t, not with all the will in the world, she melted against his touch and gave herself over to him completely, Gerard held onto her tightly kissing her with a passion that burned though his body, his kiss grew more urgent and soft moans escaped from his lips, his hands moved down her body resting on her hips pressing her body closer to his.
“God I love you so much”, he whispered between breaths
“Gerard this is wrong”, she replied not moving from his touch
“But it feels so right”, he replied still kissing her deeply, determined to keep his hold on her
Suddenly Kelli broke away leaving Gerard deflated
“Yeah I know don’t tell me”, he started , but then he looked at Kelli’s face, it was a look of pure horror, her eyes were fixed on the front of the bus, he turned around to see what the big deal was, Gerard’s heart fell and he felt a cold chill and goose bumps appear all over his body.
Nick was stood in the doorway his eyes cold, just staring at the two of them.
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