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Drowning Lessons

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“What the fuck”, shouted a very angry Nick from the doorway
“Nick I’m so sorry”, whispered Kelli who had taken a big step away from Gerard, her voice was quivering with emotion.
“Well done Gerard, I guess I should have known”, he turned and exited the bus
Kelli began to go after him but Gerard stopped her
“Just let him go”, he said with a hand on her shoulder
“No, I need to explain things to him”, she replied turning to Gerard “I feel like a complete bitch”, she added.
“Why?, it wasn’t your fault, I kissed you!”, he said trying to make her feel better
“I didn’t exactly push you away Gerard”, she answered
“What does that tell you?, he asked with a slight smile
“Let me go Gerard”, she yelled with fire in her eyes, she pulled herself away from Gerard’s grasp and ran after Nick
“Fuck”, Gerard yelled out loud, he kicked the coffee table over in frustration and fell onto the couch.
He was so close, but he wasn’t done yet, that kiss was as passionate from her side as his, if she wanted him to fight for her, he would give her a raging battle.

Kelli ran into the night desperately searching for any sign of Nick, she eventually found him laid face down on the grass, which was primarily the location for Gerard’s big confession, his arms were crossed in front of him with his head resting on his forearms, Kelli approached him with a great deal of caution.

“Nick I feel terrible”, she whispered as she got close to him
“Join the club”, he answered with muffled words as his head was still firmly planted in his arms.
“It was a mistake, it shouldn’t have happened”, she sat down in the grass next to Nick
Nick turned on to his side and looked at her intensely
“You sure about that”?, he asked with an annoyed tone
There was a short silence
“Yes”, she answered
“Liar”, he added then got up from the grass.
“I am sure, I don’t want Gerard”,
“Kelli you don’t know what the fuck you want, and to be honest I don’t wanna hang around until you figure it out, if you truly wanted me, that wouldn’t have happened, and I don’t want to be with someone that has feelings for someone else, so as far as I’m concerned we are done”, he brushed the grass off his jeans and began walking away
Kelli collapsed with her face in her hands and wept, this day couldn’t possibly get any worse.

After a while and a bit of soul searching Kelli returned to the bus, she was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open, she just wanted to crawl into bed and shut her eyes on this horrible day, she hoped Gerard wouldn’t still be up, he was the last person she wanted to see, but she knew he would be there, waiting.
She entered the bus and saw Gerard lying on the couch with his eyes shut, yes! he was asleep, now all she had to do was tiptoe passed without waking him and she could deal with this mess tomorrow.

The next day they were in a new city and there was lots to do, Kelli avoided Gerard all day despite his best efforts to get her alone, and Nick was nowhere to be seen, she figured he needed time to himself. The day went by uneventfully, she just immersed herself into her work and tried not to think about the past events, which was difficult but necessary in order for her to do her job properly.
It was an hour before Showtime and Gerard was in an awful mood obviously annoyed that he hadn’t managed to talk to her, he knew she was doing it deliberately, and he wasn’t impressed.
After the show Gerard went looking for Kelli determined to find her and talk, he wasn’t going to be fobbed off this time, no he was going to find out what happened last night if it killed him.
He found her next to the vending machine sitting looking at some papers in her hand.
“Hey Loser”, he mocked taking the seat next to her.
She looked at him and blushed nervously and immediately stood up
“Hi Gerard, id better go im needed in the urm (quick, think Kelli)dressing room”, Instantly she knew that wasn’t going to stand
“There’s no one in there yet”, he answered knowing full well what she was up to, he smiled slightly amused at her desperation to avoid him.
“Id better check anyway”, she added and picked her bag up intent on moving as quick as she could, Gerard rolled his eyes, time to take matters into his own hands!
“Sit the fuck down”, he demanded not in the mood for bullshit
She stared at him in surprise, he had never spoken to her that harshly before, she figured she should do as he asked..
“Ok enough of the running away, we need to talk”, he said softly, taking her hand in his, her skin was so soft and silky, the touch alone was enough to make his heart beat loud in his ears.
“Ok fine”, she said defeated looking down at his hand enveloping hers.
“So how did things go with Nick”?, he asked tucking some stray hair behind his ears
Kelli was trying to hold herself together, hoping she could do this without breaking down
“He finished it”, she felt a wave of emotion take over and she started to sob, breaking the hold Gerard had on her hand to wipe the tears away
Gerard turned and took her in a hug, placing a hand on the back of her head and guiding it to nestle in his neck, he instinctively turned his head and kissed her hair which smelled so good to him.
“Im sorry”, he whispered in her ear
“Don’t”, she answered lifting her head and taking a deep breath
“Whatever happens I don’t want things to be weird between us”, he said placing his elbows on his knees.
Kelli let out a small laugh which surprised Gerard
“Im so fucked up Gee”, she stated still trying to clam down
“Why”?, he asked
“Its hard to explain, I don’t even know myself”,
“You can talk to me, I understand now that I expected too much, you were already in a relationship and I should have respected that”, Gerard finally realised seeing what his actions had done to her.
“God you are so frustrating”, she said and punched his arm making him yelp in pain
“Hey what was that for? and why am I frustrating”?, he asked rubbing his arm
“2 fucking years I had a crush a you, and I looked for some sign of reciprocation, not a fucking sausage, then when I give up and find someone else you decide to tell me you felt the same all along”, she hit him again in the same place
“OW, enough with the G.B.H”, he yelled slightly amused, “I know I fucked it up, im a wimp, I guess I was scared of rejection”, he looked at her and sighed.
“I really like you, but I don’t know what to do about Nick, god its so messed up”, she got up and walked over to the balcony that was near them and looked over the edge watching the last of the crowd exit the building, she felt Gerard come up behind her and put his arms around her waist and his warm body press against her, she felt safe and protected in his arms.
“Your making this hard for me”, she said standing up straight so she could feel his chest against her back and his breath on her neck
“Well your making something hard for me”, he said with a grin
She immediately pushed him backwards, laughing at him, pretending to be grossed out.
“EWW too much info”, she giggled
“C’mon admit it, that turned you on”, he smirked with a cocky grin
“Yeah right, in your dreams”, she teased pulling a seductive face and unbuttoning the top button on her black silk shirt in a sexy manner
“Now Kelli unless you want to be underneath me, screaming my name, you really should stop that”, he warned with a sexy smile on his face.
She licked her lips and put her leg up on a chair and raised her black skirt to show her thigh and put a finger in her mouth and sucked it slowly
Gerard was stuggling to keep control at the sight of her being so seductive, he had never seen her like this and it did untold things to him, she was so fucking hot to him right now and it was all he could do to stay where he was, he knew she was joking around, just trying to get a rise out of him, but god it was working.
“Seriuosly Kelli”, he added not really knowing if he wanted this to stop
She moved her hand over her breast and threw her head back as if in pure pleasure and undid another button revealing her cleavage in a black satin bra.
“KELLI!, you are dealing with death girl, and if you don’t stop that right now, I will be having my way with you right here on the fucking floor”, he stated dead serious
She laughed and straigtened her clothes out
“You are so fucking easy”, she sniggered, happy that she had that effect on him.
“You’re a bad girl”, he said walking up to her taking her in his arms
“But that’s why you love me”, she grinned looking into his hazel eyes
“Yeah I do, but you drive me crazy”, he said and placed his lips on hers, this time with no argument from Kelli.


Sorry it took so long to update guys, had alot of crap to deal with but its cool now so ill be updating more often from now on. Please review it really does keep me going!
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