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Flashes of the Future

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One-shot! After the fight against Apocalypse, Xavier contemplates the possible future...

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DISCLAIMER: I don't /X-Men: Evolution/, etc. It belongs to Marvel, WB, and other people.

SUMMARY: Immediately after the final episode, Xavier contemplates the flashes he had of the future.

/"Flashes of the Future,"/

By Quillian

The last of the sun's rays touched over the horizon in the west, and one Professor Charles Xavier was deep in thought as he observed the beautiful sunset from the room in his mansion.

On the table next to him was a picture taken that very day, not just of him and his X-Men, but also of others who helped in the fight against Apocalypse, such as Angel and X23.

Knowing that they helped save the world from complete destruction was one of the proudest moments of his life.

However, he also glimpsed flashes of the future while under Apocalypse's control...

Xavier knew and heard of all sorts of sayings about such matters, from the future always being in motion to never being written in stone. Still, he knew to be mindful of the future, and be careful of what he did to avoid whatever problems he could.

His main concerns seemed to center around the increasing anti-mutant hostility and threats like that terrifying phoenix. Well, hopefully the anti-mutant politicians and such wouldn't have much leverage after the X-Men and others went out of their way to prevent Apocalypse from killing all non-humans... and as for the phoenix, he would just have to be prepared for whatever lay ahead.

Life was never easy, especially not in the ever-changing world. But from the very beginning, Xavier committed himself to whatever it took to make sure that humans and mutants could live together in peace.

His staff and students were motivated and influenced by his vision, and in turn, he was motivated and influenced by them, almost in some sort of symbiosis.

Holding up the picture and looking at it, he decided that he was definitely mounting this one on his wall.

The sun had now completely set, and even the night itself seemed like a new beginning, because he could now get the first good night's rest since this whole Apocalypse ordeal. His pride in the X-Men and their allies never left his mind, not even after he fell asleep, where he continued to dream for a positive future.

A/N: This is short, I know, but hey, I just wanted to write it.

Note about that picture: It's obviously the one seen at the end of that final episode.

So, how was this, overall? -Quillian
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