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Brendon urie a unexpected love/info/part 1

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OK this is my first story here and don't BE MEAN ABOUT IT also its a Brendon urie story hop u like it

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"Your text to link...":"Your text to link...":Brendon urie a unexpected love/

hair color-light brown
skin-pale yet tan
eye color-light green
occupation-record company secretary

name-Brendon urie
hair color-dark brown
skin-pale yet beautiful
occupation-lead singer of patd(duh)
eye color-brown eyes

beep,beep as i got up up from bed and looked
at my alarm clock omfg I'm late for work it was 10:30am i did my routine as always went to my closet picked out a summer green dress i paired it off with some black heels i did my makeup and ran out of my apartment got my car and spaded away of my driveway 30 mins later i arrived at the big white tall building i parked in a parking spot near i was greeted by my boss(Pete wentz) he opened my car door and said good morning with a slight grin i looked at him with a confused face before i could say anything else he said Ur late yeah i know Pete I'm late I'm so sorry i over slept last night he looked at me with an okay face he said look its Ur second week on the job ill cut u some slack but don't ever BE LATE again i looked at him for a while until he broke his silence by saying oh yeah panic at the disco are going to be recording there new album pretty.odd here i looked at himwith a counfused face(u did not knew who was patd)before i could say anything he looked at me saying its a band where teenage girls go gah gah for (and who wouldnt there HOT!!!)I SAID OH OKAY I GUESS AND THEN HE SAID WELL IM GOING TO THE STUDIO NOW SO IF THE BAND COMES TELL THEM IM WAITING FOR THEM oh alright i will so i went to my office and turned on my laptop and googled panic at the disco so i found tonz of info on these guyz and before knew it i saw a picthure of them they where all cute but one caught my eye he had big brown eyes hw waz hot and had the most amazing smile so in the bottom of the picthure it had all there names his name was brendon urie i thought about him for a while until i got interuppted by three sharp knocks on my door so i quickley logged off the website i straighten my dress crossed my legs and said come in so i loooked at the door and a tall skiny guy coming into my office i could tottaly tell that was ryan he looked at me and gave me a quick hellow i smiled at him and then he smiled at me backhe said im ryan btw and then he intoduced me to evreyone this is jon this is spencer and last but not least this is brendon megans:pov god brendon looks even cuter in person or should i say hotter he took out his hand from his jean pockets and said hi i shook his hand and said nice to meet you im megan i said (okay back to story)anyway all of themsaid nice to meet you megan oh thanxz and pete is waiting for u guyz in the studio so follow me ill show you where it is we all left my office and we all walk thru the big halls as we where walking i felt as if someone was watching mei turned around and they all had smiles but before you knew it we where already therethey all enter and so did i and last but not least brendon was last as he was entering i was leaving our faces met i looked at him but quickly turned around and he said srry and so did i
srry if it was short ill make it longer next time
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