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brendon urie a unexcpected love pt(4)

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alright today was the day after the night Brendon and i kissed i couldn't sleep at all i was just thinking about
that kiss i could never forget when finally my alarm clock woke me up i was happy yet confused i kept wondering what Brendon and i where
going to do on that lunch date wait no it was not a date it was just lunch right well whatever it was i needed to be
very pretty or hot to be with Brendon(of course) so i picked out this new dress it is a stripped tank with tie across the bodice
and it hits to the upper thigh and i also put some black leggings to match and i put on some
black pumps and i weard this long necklace that's said my name i looked in the mirror i look HOT
i grabbed my black hobo bag by marcbymarcjacobs and my cellphone and left my apartment 30mins later
i was at work i entered the big tall white building and well i went to the elevator when i finally arrived at my office
when i entered everyone was like looking at me for some reason well they greeted me and so did i when i saw my door
opened i thought Pete was there but it wasn't it was Brendon he looked at me before hes like wow you look really nice
today i blushed alot thanks you too well thanks he said i asked is anybody else here nope just us the guys went to go get
breakfast and Pete said hes running a little late oh okay so......... before i said anything he cut me off look megan
i know the kissed caught you of guard but shhhh don't say anything i said we both kissed you just caught me off guard when
you kissed me that's all he was touching me check with his hand i felt safe are eyes where making eye contact
i am short even with high heels on i had to tiptoe to reach his lips we started kissing i heard a knock on the door
this time it was not Ryann but Pete hey Megan and Brendon what are you doing well the guys went to go get breakfest
but i didnt want any oh okay Megan yeah Pete i need you to go make copies of this review he handed me the paper
it was review of him and saying he was selfish and crap like that Pete why do u want me too make dozen of copies
of review saying basically saying you suck well i want to show Patrick and all my other friends OK well i better get going
as i was walking out of the room Brendon smiled at me but i didnt knew what was going where we a couple or freinds with benefits or what
this thing was just soooooo confusing well when i was done the crappy review about Pete i went to my office i got a phone called
from no other than Brendon saying if i was ready for what i said in my mind but then i remembered yeah I'm ready i grabbed my purse and left
he escorted me too his car i finally got something my mind Brendon what if the tabloids are there and what if they post bad stuff about
you and i said Megan don't worry I'm sure there not going to put that look Brendon look what they wrote about Pete with his sister they
thought she was his girlfriend that wont happen trust before i could say anything we where in this little cafe it smelled good inside
we sat down we where talking until this girl came over and interrupted Brendon can you sigh my CD sure he said(he so polite)
after he was done sighing we where done with our are lunch lets go as we opened the door teenies everywhere one yelled out Brendon is that your girlfriend
i turned to see the girls they kept asking same question Brendon is THAT YOUR GIRLFREIND!!!!!!!!!! out of nowhere u guessed paparazzi
where all over the cafe the photographers kept screaming Brendon Brendon so who is she until we got into his car and spaded away
wow that was a scene yeah u get used to it he said anything they find they will print it yeah i kilduff know
we got back to the studio as soon as we got into my office Pete was there with some BIG NEWS
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