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His head shot up, his eyes meeting mine. “Frank, don’t even joke about a thing like that.” “I'm not joking Gerard. I'm letting you…” “No, you aren’t.” he looked at me wit...

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His head shot up, his eyes meeting mine.

“Frank, don’t even joke about a thing like that.”

“I'm not joking Gerard. I'm letting you…”

“No, you aren’t.” he looked at me with a stern look.

“If I bite you, do wanna know what you’ll feel?” his voice went from soft to really hard.

“It’ll start off with the puncher wounds feeling like they are on FIRE. Next, your head will start to spin, so fast to the point where you want to be sick. Finally, you will feel like you wanna rip your head off.” He put his head down.

“If you don’t turn, then you will die.”

“I don’t wanna die.” I don’t know why I suggested it in the first place. I'm such an idiot.

“I don’t want you to die.” He looked directly into my eyes again. But it was in a different way. I felt a tingle in my stomach. He touched my skin softly with the back of his hand.

‘Die, die, die my darling. Shut your pretty mouth. I’ll be seeing you again. I’ll be seeing you, in Hell’

“Don’t tell anyone.”

I pick up my phone. It’s Ray

“Hey Toro.”
“Hey Frank, what are you doing?”
“Ummm,” I stared at Gerard. He shook his head
“Just about to go down for dinner”
“Me n Bob are thinking of going to this party at someone’s house. Wanna come?”
“I…” I really wanna go but, what about Gerard?
“Can I call you back. My phones about to die. I’ll let you know after dinner.”
“Right. See ya”
I hung up my phone and sighed.

“Are you going to the party?”

“I wanna but, I don’t think I will though.”

“Good. It’s at a hunter’s house. They try to lure us there by throwing them.”

“Okay. That’s good to know.”

“Frankie! Dinners ready!” Mom called from the bottom of the stairs.

“Coming mom! I’ll be back up in about 5-10 minutes. You can go online or read a comic if you want.”

“Thanks Frank.”

I closed the door behind me and walked downstairs and into the dining room. I sat down and started on my veggie burger and chips.

“So who where you talking to up there Frank? I know that you weren’t on the phone.”

I stared at my mom. I couldn’t tell her that it was Gerard. I had to make up something quickly.

“Ummm it’s a friend from out of school. He needed to talk to me.”

“Well, why don’t you invite him down?”

“It’s okay mo…”

“If you don’t go up there and bring him down, I’ll have to do it myself.”

“Fine. I’ll be back.”

I ran upstairs and into my room.

“Gerard, there’s a problem… Gerard?”

He had his head resting in his arms on the computer desk. I looked at the screen. It was Mikeys blog and Kayla's performance.

“I fought them all off to hold you close and tight. But does anyone notice? But dose anyone care? And if I had the guts, to put this to your head. But would anything matter, if you’re already dead? And should I be shocked now, by the last thing you said? Before I pull this trigger, your out…”

I turned it off. For Gerard’s sake. I pulled his hair back out of his face and tried to wipe his tears, but he wouldn’t let me.

“Why did I do that to them? Why? Why!?”

I pulled him away from the computer and onto my bed. I held him tightly. I could feel him start to shake violently. I was trying to push away from me. He broke from me and moved to the other side of the room.

“Get away Frank. Now! I need to feed. Badly. My own blood is not enough any more. I swore to myself…” His shaking becoming more violent as he tried to restrain himself.

Knock knock.
“Now is not the best time mom!”

“But what about your dinn…”

“I'm full!”

“Okay. Let me know if you need anything.” She walked back down stairs.

“Gerard. Bite me, if I die, I die. But it won’t be a forced bite.”

He looked at me, his eyes growing wider.

“No, I can’t frank. Not to you.”

I walked over to him and grabbed his face, practically forcing him on my neck.

“Do it, or I won’t help you and go to that party tonight and tell them everything.”

I felt him hesitate for a while, but, eventually, gave in. He pushed me over to my bed and lied down on top of me.

“I'm sorry Frankie. Don’t be too freaked out. I want to let you know what you mean to me before I do this.”

“What are you ta…”

His lips pressed softly against mine cutting me off mid-question. It felt weird to me, but good at the same time. I started to feel warm on the inside with Goosebumps rise on my skin. I started to kiss him back. I felt his hands move up my sides, intensifying both the warmth and Goosebumps.

I could feel him start to make his way down to my neck. Forgetting that he was going to bite me, I let out a small moan of pleasure before he suddenly sunk his teeth into me.

Hello there chick-a-dees! Hope you liked it! Will Frank die from the bite and Gerard need to find someone else to help him, or will he live? Surprises lie behind corners in this story guys! Find out some of them in the chapter 4, Thank you for the venom.
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