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Thank You For The Venom

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I should go incase your mom comes in and freaks out when she sees a guy that supposably died in the September 11 attacks. Thank you again. Thank you, for the venom.”

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It was okay at first. I'm able to handle some pain. I could feel him draining blood from me. His nose rubbing against my neck as he drank felt good. I started to run my fingers on one hand through his hair and the other hand was making its way down to his sides. I could feel myself become hard. It was good. But that all changed. It went from pleasure, to absolute and utter pain. Gerard was right. He sat up and looked wide-eyed at me.

The place on my neck started to burn like Hell. It felt like someone had stuck a lit match in them. My hand slapped onto my neck, covering the wound. I tried to stand up, only to fail. The room was spinning faster and faster by the second.

“Gerard!” I cried as tears ran down my face. I was literally crying for Gerard. I felt him wrap his arms around me and held me into him.

“It’s gonna be okay Frankie. I…I…I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you. I love you too much to let you die.”

“Gerard, I think I'm gonna be sick.”

“I know you do. I've been through it all too.”

Everything started to become blurry. I tried to lift my heavy head to look up at Gerard. All I managed to slur out was

“Gerrrarrd, I fiink ‘m dyinn…”



Gerard's POV:
I moved him underneath his blankets. I couldn’t let him get cold. He look’s soo peaceful when he’s asleep. I know he’s not dead. I made sure that I didn’t take too much from him. I brushed his fringe off his face. He is soo beautiful.

“I love you Frankie. Why the fuck did I let you talk me into doing that? Why?”

‘Die, die, die my darling. Shut your pretty mouth. I’ll be seeing you again. I’ll be seeing you, in Hell’

I walked over to the computer desk where he left his phone and picked it up. Not the best time in the world for him to be getting a phone call.

“Fuck, who’s calling him now? Ray?”

“Hey. Who’s this? I know it ain’t frank.”
“I'm ahhh… Frank’s cousin. He’s in the shower.”
“Right. When he gets out, get him to call me back.”
“Sure, I’ll let him know. Bye.”

I hang up and look back over at Frank. I felt like I should leave incase his mom comes up to check on him. If she sees him in bed asleep, then it’ll be okay. But I need to be here for him. What am I gonna do?

I walk over and sat beside him and started to talk to him again.

“Thank you for doing that for me Frank. No one has really offered me their blood before. I’m forever grateful. To be honest frank, I've been following around for ages. I've watched you at school, with your friends, your girlfriends. I was jealous when I saw you kiss them. Anyway, I should go incase your mom comes in and freaks out when she sees a guy that supposably died in the September 11 attacks. Thank you again. Thank you, for the venom.”

With that, I grabbed my hoodie and headed over to the window, ready to climb out and head to a secure location where hunters wouldn’t find me. Maybe my old house. I could climb into my old window and into my room. As I was about to climb out the window, I saw a pen. I walked over to it, grabbed a piece of spare paper and wrote down a note to Frankie. I finished writing it and placed it on Frank’s stomach.

I walked back over to the window and opened it. The moon was half hiding behind a cloud. Perfect night. I climbed out his window and jumped down. When my feet hit the ground, I took one last look up at his window.

“I love you Frank.”

Hello there!
I know it’s shorter than the last chapters but it’s all I can get from my pea-sized brain at the moment. Wanna find out what Gerard wrote in the note? Find out in chapter 5, Good Morning Revival

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