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Good Morning Revival

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I woke the next morning. All I could remember is that I skipped school yesterday. That’s it.

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I woke the next morning. All I could remember is that I skipped school yesterday. That’s it. I rubbed my eyes and look at my clock. 7.00 am.

“Shit.” I mumbled. It felt earlier than 7.

As I sat up, a piece of paper feel off my torso. I pick it up while pulling back the blankets. My eyes focused on the paper, which read:

You may not remember much when you wake up. I just want to say, thank you. No one has ever done that for me before. You just saved the life of an innocent person. If you want to remember what happened last night, I want you to stop reading, and look at your sheets…’

I look down from the note and at my sheets.

“What the fuck?” Dark stains covered my blankets. Blood. I quickly go back to reading the note.

‘Yes Frank. It’s blood. If you need more help remembering, go over to your computer and check your webcam recorder. I made sure it was on record incase you needed more help to remember. I’ll be watching over you closely babe. I love you.


“Frankie! You’ll be late for school! Hurry up and go have a shower and get ready!” mom called up to me.

“Okay Mom!” I’ll check my webcam history when I get home. I put down the piece of paper and went in for a warm shower. I was freezing! I switched on the shower and started to get undresses. When I took off my shirt, I looked in the mirror and saw dried blood on my skin. What the fuck happened? I thought to myself.

I emerged out of the bathroom 10 minutes later and went to fix up my hair. When I entered my bedroom, I looked over to my computer, which was switched on.

“I thought that was off?” I said to myself. I just shrugged and turned to my mirror and picked up my gel. I got a small amount out and started to spike my hair. As I did so, I heard noises come from my computer.

‘Gerard, there’s a problem… Gerard?’

‘Why did I do that to them? Why? Why?’

I slowly walk over to my computer and started at the screen. I was on it. And so was…

“Gerard” I whispered

…I walked over to him and grabbed his face, practically forcing him on my neck…

…I felt him hesitate for a while, but, eventually, gave in. He pushed me over to my bed and lied down on top of me…

…His lips pressed softly against mine cutting me off mid-question…


I continued to watch what happened last night, slowly remembering.

“Get away Frank. Now! I need to feed. Badly. My own blood is not enough any more. I swore to myself…”

[/Knock knock.

“Now is not the best time mom!”

“But what about your dinn…”

“I'm full!”

“Okay. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Gerard. Bite me, if I die, I die. But it won’t be a forced bite.”

“No, I can’t frank. Not to you.”

“Do it, or I won’t help you and go to that party tonight and tell them everything.”

“I'm sorry Frankie. Don’t be too freaked out. I want to let you know what you mean to me before I do this.”

“What are you ta…”/]

I watched Gerard kiss me on my bed and I heard the slight moan that came out of my mouth right before…

“He bit me. Gerard…is a vampire.” I rushed over to my mirror and looked at my neck. I saw two, extremely small puncture wounds that Gerard had left.

“Double shit.”

“FRANK! DOWN STAIRS NOW!” Mom yelled up the stairs.

“Coming mom!” I have to deal with this when I get home.

I ran down stairs with my bag on my back. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed 10 bucks out of the money tin and ran out the door, calling out “Bye Mom!” behind me. I ran down to the bus stop and caught the bus, just as it was about to leave. I know it wasn’t the one that heads to school. It headed for the mall, where I could pick up a Starbucks before I get the next bus to school.

When I walked into Starbucks, I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and walked up to the counter.

“Hi welcome to Starbucks. What may I get you?” said a familiar voice.

“Can I get a white-chocolate mocha, no whipped cream.”

“That’ll be $4.60 thanks.” I looked up to pay for my coffee. I knew I knew that voice. I heard it on Myspace. I remember. It was


Her head shot up at the mention of her name.

“I’m sorry. You know who I am?”

I really wanted to tell her that Gerard was still alive and that she didn’t have to be sad anymore.

“I…Ummm… I saw you on Mikeys Myspace. I watched some of your performance for Gerard.”

Her eyes began to water as soon as I mentioned his name. I could tell she hasn’t gotten over it yet. I don’t blame her.

“I'm sorry. I should, just get my coffee and go. I shouldn’t have mentioned him…” I walked over to get my coffee and get out of there.

“Wait. Please don’t go.” She called out to me as I headed out the door. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

I turned around and looked at her.

“Sure.” At least I'm not a school.

She took off her apron and walked around the counter and sat down at a table. I followed and sat across from her. She started.

“How do you know about Gerard?” she asked, with a stern, cold, hard look. “I know who you are Frank Iero. I know what you did to Gerard on my birthday.”

Shit. I thought to myself. He told her about it? I don’t blame him. I would have done that if it were me.

“He told you?”

“No shit he told me dumbass. He was depressed enough as it was. You’re the motherfucker that made it worse. Much worse.”

“How worse?” I dreaded to think of what her response was.

“You wanna know something Iero?”

I nodded

“Gerard liked you. And I mean really liked you. When he saw you when you were in 7th grade, he knew he was bi. I was the first one he told. And you had to go and be a complete dickhead and bash the shit out of him didn’t you.”

“Listen, I really regretted doing that to him. I really did. I still do.”

“You fucking better. He started to drink. Heavily, after what you did to him. He wouldn’t tell Donna or Mikey. I'm the one who had to break it to Mikey. Donna still doesn’t know what her older son done behind closed doors.”

I sat back in my chair in silence thinking about the impact I had on him.

“I'm so sorry Gerard,” I whispered to myself.

“Listen, I have to get back to work. But if you ever speak to me or Mikey again, you’re dead.”

“But I haven't spoken to…” she cut me off, refusing to let me finish my sentence.

“I know you haven't. But if you do, I’ll know. Stay away from him. You’ve done enough damage to that family as it is.”

Wow. I thought to myself. Kayla is a tough chick. I picked up my coffee and walked out, feeling Kayla's death stares behind me. I walked to the bus station and sat down waiting for my bus. How could I do that to Gerard? If I did that to him, how can he come to me of all people? Similar thoughts ran through my head, which were then broken by an adult voice.

“Frank Iero, why aren't you at school yet?”

A/N: Hey! Hope you are enjoying the story! There is only two days (in the story) left before you find out why Frank doesn’t remember Gerard. But who has caught Frank at the mall bus station? Find out in chapter 6, Creeping Death.
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