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Creeping Death

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My head shot up to find the school principal, Mr Marksons, staring down at me. Shit. The word kept going round and round in circles in my head. This is the first time I've ever been caught not at s...

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My head shot up to find the school principal, Mr Marksons, staring down at me. Shit. The word kept going round and round in circles in my head. This is the first time I've ever been caught not at school. What the fuck am I going to do?

“Ummm…Hi Mr Marksons, sir.”

“Mr Iero, are you going to answer the question? Why aren't you at school?”

I had to think of something. And fast.

“Well sir, I kinda woke up late and missed the school bus so I thought that I could catch the mall bus and get the bus that goes past our school from…”

“I'm sorry Mr. Iero. When we get back to the school, I'm going to have to call your mother to let her know that you have been caught truanting school.”

Shit. How is mom going to take it? Her blood pressure is way over now. What’s it gonna be like when she gets the phone call?

“Sir, my mom isn’t home. She’s at work.” Hoping that’ll save me.

“Then I'm going to send a letter home. I'm sorry Mr. Iero. There’s no getting out of this.”

Bullshit. I thought as the bus pulled up. We got on and I moved to the back and Mr Marksons took a seat at the front. I couldn’t be seen with a teacher on a bus. I reach into my bag and pull out my I-pod and played Black Sabbath on full blast. I leaned back and tried to relax a bit before school. Out of nowhere, there was a burning feeling coming from my neck. I had a real bad case of déjà vu. My neck was burning like it was the night before.

“Ahhh!” My hand slapped onto my neck and gripped it tight. I could feel my temperature go sky high.

“Mr. Iero? Frank? Are you all right? What’s the matter?” I can hear Mr. Marksons continued to ask me stupid questions. Of corse I wasn’t okay.

“Fuck! Gerard!” I screamed.

“Stop the damn bus and call an ambulance!” I heard Mr Marksons call out to the bus driver. I felt the bus come to a halt. “It’s okay Frank.” Said Mr Marksons. He lifted me up and carried my off the bus.

“Oww!!” I screamed. He picked me up the wrong way and hurt my neck even more. I felt like I was dying.

“Listen mate, call the ambulance now! He’s temperature is dropping very quickly.” What does he mean ‘dropping’? I could feel my temperature getting higher, not lower. Suddenly, I could feel Gerard's lips press against mine.

“Gerard…” I muttered.

“Shit, he’s delusional. When is the ambulance gett…” he was cut off by Gerard’s voice in my ear.

“Shhh. It’s okay Frankie baby. I’ll be right here beside you through it all.” I open my eyes to look at him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Gerard! Where are you? Gee!!! GERARD!!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him. I continued to scream his name until Mr Marksons put something over my mouth to silence my.

“Frank. Stop screaming. There’s no one called Gerard. Just quiet down.” Mr. Marksons said, with the ambulance sirens in the background. “It’s okay now Frank. The ambulance his here.

As soon as I could hear the footsteps of the doctors, I could feel myself blacking out. It felt like a creeping death coming for me.



“How is he doctor?”

“Well, Mrs Iero. We’ve done all we can. We’ve checked for every sort of disease and none of them match Franks symptoms.”

“So, in other words, you have absolutely no idea what is wrong with my son?”

“I'm sorry Mrs Iero. When he wakes up you can see him. Until then, I suggest you go home and rest. We’ll let you know if there are any changes to his condition.”

“Okay. Thank you doctor.”


I opened my eyes to find myself in a white room. I realised that I was in hospital. I look around to find a vase of red and black roses with a note attached to it. I sit up and picked up the card and read

I’ll be in to visit soon. I’ll explain everything then.
I love you Frankie baby.


I put down the card and started to think. How was it that I could hear Gerard, but when I looked, he wasn’t there? He even said that he was there.

“Frankie?” my head shot towards the door.

“Hi mom.” She walked over next to me and sat down in the spare chair that was there. “How did you know I was here?”

“Frank honey, you’ve been in here for three days. And your principal, Mr. Marksons, isn’t it? Well, he called me at work and told me what happened.” I looked at her; tears were rolling down her face “I'm so happy that you’re still alive.”

“Still? Mom, what are you talking about? I'm just fine.”

“Frankie, you stopped breathing for, a…couple…of minutes.”

“Define a ‘couple’”

“Five honey. You stopped breathing for five minutes”

Five minutes? But, that means I should be dead, doesn’t it?

“Listen, I came on my lunch break and I have to leave now. I'm sorry baby…”

“It’s okay mom. I understand. I’ll see you later then?”

“I’ll visit tomorrow. Bye honey.” She got up, kissed my forehead and left.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, my neck started to hurt again. I put my head back and shut my eyes tight, trying to focus on my breathing. Eventually, the pain left and I fell asleep.


“Why did I do this to you? HOW could I do this to you?”

I woke up to find the room dark, curtains shut and someone sobbing next to me. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and I could see the outline of someone familiar.

“Gerard? Is it you?” I asked. I saw him sit up with his body move with incredible speeds.

“Oh my God Frank. I thought I had killed you!” his hands touched mine, and I saw a concerned look creep among his face.

“When it happened, how was your temperature?” he said with a stern voice.

“Well, Mr. Marksons said that my temperature was dropping, but, on the inside it felt…”

“Like it was rising.” He said, finishing my sentence for me. He dropped his head and muttered something to himself. I then remembered what he had said to me…


“It’ll start off with the puncher wounds feeling like they are on FIRE. Next, your head will start to spin, so fast to the point where you want to be sick. Finally, you will feel like you wanna rip your head off.”


“Frank, there is something that needs to be done. You had stopped breathing for a while right?”

“Yeah, five minutes. Why?”

“Good. Frank, I'm sorry to tell you this but, you need to fake your death. Tonight.”

“WHAT?! Are you crazy? Why would I do that for?”

“Because, well, technically, you already are. I rigged the heart-monitor to make it look like you were alive.”

“Why? Why are you doing this to me Gerard?”

“Because you forced me to bite you. It’s really yourself you should be blaming. Not me. I tried not to.”

I sat back and started to think of the impact that it’ll have on my mom, my friends, my school. Everyone. What have I put myself into? I'm sorry mom. I love you.

“Let’s get it over and done with.” Gerard’s head looked up at me.


“But, how are we going to do this? If you switch the heart-monitor off and I pretend to be dead, then they’ll take my body away and do autopsy and shit like that or…” he put one of his fingers over my lips to stop me from talking.

“I already know how.”

A/N: Hey peoples! Sorry for the late updates! Not having access to the Internet kinda sucks! Anywho, Frank has turned and has to leave his friends and family behind, but what has Gerard’s sneaky mind come up with? Find out in Chapter 7, Movin’ On.
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