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Chapter 13

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Another night with Pete.

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I sat outside the hotel in my car. Was I really about to do this again. I mean this time it was something that I was aware of, something that I was actually conscious of. I clutched the stirring wheel trying to get up the nerve to either leave or go up to the room. I jumped when someone knocked on the window. I looked over and there was Pete. I rolled down the window.

“Look we don’t have a lot of time. We both have things to do tomorrow,” he said with attitude. He pulled out another wad of money and handed me my money. I counted and sure enough it was three thousand and five hundred dollars. “Can we go upstairs now?” he opened my door and I turned off my car and followed him into the hotel. I had been smart enough to bring a change of clothes this time. We went directly to his room.

I closed the door behind me and he walked further into the room. I watched him take off the hoodie he had worn down to the parking lot. I stood stock still at the door. I didn’t know how to proceed. I mean do I kiss him. Do I strip him or what am I supposed to do now? He turned and looked at me realizing that I wasn’t moving.

“Come here,” he said motioning to me. I took a few timid steps forward and he took two large steps to close the distance between the two of us. He wrapped his arms around me and crushed our bodies together. I was bathed in his scent again and I realized that I had actually missed it. He didn’t kiss me even though I wanted him to. I desperately wanted him to kiss me, but instead he started kissing down my neck. I gasp unable to control my reaction. I bought my hands up to run my fingers through his hair like I had in my dream, but he grabbed both my wrist and held them behind my back so I couldn’t move and continued kissing down my neck. This was going to be the easiest three grand I’ve ever made.
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