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Chapter Four.

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“Don’t put a shirt on” said Gerard.
“Why should you?”
“’cause I feel naked!”
“Not as naked as you were earlier!”
“Yeah, well I’m putting trousers on.” I pulled some skinny jeans out of the drawer and tried to fit then over my boxers. “Ha! This is never going to work!” I laughed. “Don’t look again.” I told Gerard turning my back on him again. I took the boxers off and left them on the floor then pulled my trousers over my bare butt. “You looked didn’t you?”
“Yeah.” he grinned.
“Bitch.” I mouthed at him. “Are you gay?”
“I came from your imagination, ask yourself.”
“Is that a yes?”
“Haha! A gay drawing!… wow.. That sounds weird.”
“Yeah. Now draw me a heart.” he demanded. I walked to my sketch pad and sat down in front of it. Gerard sharpened a red pencil for me.
“No problem Frankie.” I brushed the red pencil on the paper, creating a curved line.
“Right. This might take a while…”
“I’ll wait.”
I placed the pencil on the table and held it up.
“Will this do?” I asked.
“Wow. It’s amazing.” Said Gerard, picking the heart of the page.
“How do you do that?” I asked looking at him as he pushed it into his chest. I watched in amazement.
“I don’t know. I don’t make the rules I just follow them…OH MY GOD! It’s beating. I can feel it!” he said taking my hand and forcing it on his chest.
“You made that beat! You gave me a heart!”
“Ha, cheesy much?”
“Yes. But it’s true. You gave me a heart!”
“No problem.”
“Draw me new clothes.”
“Draw me new clothes.” he repeated.
“Right, how do you want to do this? You can go back in the book and I draw them, or I can just draw them and you can try them on. But you will have to be naked.”
“Oh well” he smiled. “But make me well equipped, if you know what I mean” he winked.
“HA, I will… I mean, I don’t want to be disappointed when your standing there naked.” I turned the chair to face Gerard and placed the sketch pad on my lap. “Clothes off”
“Right.” Gerard took his currant clothes off and stood in front of me. “I have no penis.”
“Unlucky dude.” I laughed. “Get on the paper, ‘cause I don’t want to draw your penis then watch you put it on.” I smirked.
“Ha, fair enough I guess.” he grinned, walking back onto the paper.
“I will never get used to that!” I picked up the lead pencil and sketched two circles. “I never thought I would do this in my life!!” I laughed to myself. When I had finished my ‘master piece’ I held it up. “NICE.” I said. “Gerard, you can come out now?” I questioned the lifeless paper before me. Gerard appeared before me completely naked.
“WOW. I think it’s bigger then mine!” I laughed.

I followed Gerard’s eyes down. I watched them grow has they set upon his newly acquired body part.
“Personally. I like it” he smirked, looking up at me.
“I drew you some boxers.” I said, holding put a mass of blue fabric to the man.
“Thank you.” he smiled while putting the boxers.
“No problem” I winked.
“More clothes now?”
“Yeah! What do you want drawn?”
“I want: Skinny jeans, like yours. A black shirt. A belt and err… I dunno…”
“I think I can do that!” I picked up my sketch book once again and drew the straight leg of some jeans. I shaded them black and pulled them off the page. “Here!” I said throwing them at him.
“Bad Frank! Don’t throw!” laughed Gerard throwing them back.
“Fine I’ll keep them!”
“Okay.” I grinned passing them to him.
“Okay okay, I’m getting there!” I choose the red pencil this time, sweeping it across the page. A simple t-shirt, I wrote ‘Gerard’ on the sleeve.
“Very nice!” he said, looking over my shoulder. Gerard pulled the shirt off the paper and in one swift move pulled it over his head.
“Okay, I’m going to draw something but you can’t look!”
“Promise you won’t look?”
“I promise!”
“Good.” I grabbed the black pencil quickly and drew a straight line. Over the line I wrote, ‘eyeliner’ hoping this would work I picked the stick of the paper and turned to face Gerard.
“Close your eyes.” he did as he was told and I held his head still in one hand. At least, I thought I did. I couldn’t feel him. “Gerard, I can’t feel you!”
“I can’t feel anything… I’m just a drawing!”
“Oh.” I said, sighing. To say the least I was quite disappointed. Never the less I managed to attack Gerard with my eyeliner. “Wow.”
“What did you do?”
“Eyeliner!” he smiled and walked to a mirror.
“Oh, shit” he said smacking himself on the head.
“I can’t see myself!”
“Oh. You look nice though.”
“Do I?”
“Thank you.” Gerard smiled sweetly and tried pulling me into a hug. “I can’t.” he sighed again. “Before I had a heart I wouldn’t care that I can’t feel you. But now I have one and it’s hurting.”
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