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Tryouts A Goner? Part 1

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Ch. 10
Tryouts A Goner? Part 1

Joel stepped out of Eminem’s car looking at the tryouts building. He stood there watching the building. Tears filled his eyes, “I…”

Eminem looked at him, “Joel?”

“I… cant…”

Eminem blinked, “Cant?” He walked up, “Cant what?”

Joel looked at him a tear running down his cheek, “I can’t do this…”

Eminem blinked and walked up to him, “Joel…” He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him up hugging him, “It’s ok…”

Joel put his face in Eminem’s chest, “No… I cant…” He looked to the side, “My father isn’t here… here to help me. Bad enough… he hates me!”

Eminem held him tight, “Don’t worry about him…”

Joel closed his eyes

Benji got out of the Corvette and looked at Tony, “My bro should be around here…”

Hilary glared at Benji, “This is kinda wrong… don’t you think?” She looked at Billy

Billy looked at her, “Uh?”

She shook her head and got out

Billy blinked and got out

Tony jumped out and nodded at Benji. He held out his hand

Benji looked at his hand then smiled and grabbed his hand and they started walking hand in hand

Billy looked at Hilary, “She’s mad… jealous… well… not of them. She’s mad cause she doesn’t have Joel?” He thought to himself

Hilary started walking looking around for Joel, “Joel… where are you?”

Joel put his hands on Eminem’s chest, “I just… cant…” He pushed Eminem away and looked at him, “Sorry..” He mumbled and took off running

Eminem blinked and turned watching him, “Joel!” He reached out his hand. He dropped his hand, “Shit…” He looked back at the building

Hilary looked around and pointed, “Isn’t that Joel?” She said

Benji looked, “What in the hell is he doing?”

Tony looked at him, “Running?”

Benji hit him lightly. He looked at Joel, “Joel!” He raised his hand, “Joel! Wait up!”

Hilary looked at him, “I’ll go after him…” She took off running

Billy watched her and nodded and put his hands in his pockets

Hilary stopped and cut through an alley running as fast as she could in high heels. She looked around, “I can cut him off if I beat him at the end.” She ran out of the alley colliding with Joel

Joel toppled over and rolled a little ways and stopped, “Ow…”

Hilary looked up at him, “Oh my god! Are you ok?” She got up on her knees, “I didn’t mean to collide with you!”

Joel looked at her, “What the fuck are you doing!” He grabbed his shirt in front of his stomach

She blinked and glared, “Duh! You need to go back to the tryouts!”

He looked at her, a scrap was on his forehead. It was bleeding

She blinked, “Are you ok?”

He nodded and looked down, “I’m fine…”

She covered her mouth, “I’m so sorry… I am way to busy yelling at you to…” She looked away, “To even care about your feelings…” She stood up and turned back to the alley and started walking

Joel watched her whipping the blood from his forehead away, “Hil?”

Hilary hugged herself walking down the alley tears in her eyes

Her shoulder was grabbed and she was turned lips connecting with hers

Her eyes went wide as she was face to face kissing Joel

Joel put his arm around her waist pulling her up to him

Hilary put her arms around his neck pulling up against him

Joel pulled back slowly looking at her, “I love you…”

She blinked watching him, “J…J…Joel?”

Joel lifted his hand up, “How bout… we go back.” He put his hand on the side of her face, “And you cheer me on at the tryouts? Alright?”

Hilary put her hand on his nodding, “Alright!” She smiled

Joel grabbed her hand and started walking with her

Billy looked at Benji, “I say we still sign him up.”

Benji looked at him, “Why?”

Billy smiled, “I think Hilary will be able to get him back here.”

Eminem watched Billy, “Wow… you’re good at this?” He smiled, “Alright!”

Benji looked at Eminem, “What the fuck are you doing here by the way? I mean you were at the club and now you are like hanging around us!”

Eminem blinked, “I am helping you ain’t I?”

Benji shrugged

Eminem stood up, “Right…” He started walking

Billy looked back at the door, “Soon…”

Eminem ran up, “Alright I got him in there… But they say if that little shit doesn’t come soon he will be disqualified.”

Benji nodded. He looked down at his and Tony’s hands, “Hurry up brother…” He closed his eyes
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