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Tryouts A Goner? Part 2

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Ch. 11
Tryouts A Goner? Part 2

Joel and Hilary continued to run towards the building, “I still need to get ready and everything. God damn it to hell!”

Hilary watched him, “Joel it’s ok! I’m sure that you’ll make it.”

Joel looked at her, “Yeah…” He smiled. He ran up to the front door to the building and ran through it. He looked up

The person before him was finishing

Joel pointed, “The others are over there.” He took off running the other way

Hilary ran up to the others, “Hey guys!”

Benji looked at her, “Where’s Joel?”

She pointed, “He’s running like a mad horse…”

Benji smiled then looked at the stage, “Good…”

The person up on the stage stood there waiting for the judges to judge her

Hilary blinked, “Oh a female?” She smiled, “Awesome!”

Benji nodded, “I guess… She was really good though. She’s gonna be hard to go against..”

Tony leaned on Benji, “But we are here for Joel and he knows it. So he will make it.” He nodded

Benji smiled, “Exactly.”

Joel grabbed a white shirt with some designs on them he wasn’t really familiar with. He pulled out a white hoodie jacket and a pair of white pants with a white belt. He smiled and ran into the changing room

The judges let the girl leave. A judge leaned towards his microphone, “Alright. Up next is…” He looked at his paper, “Joel Madden…” He leaned back looking up at the stage

Joel didn’t come out

Eminem looked at Benji, “Uh… what song was he going to sing?”

Benji blinked, “Shit… I dunno… Did you tell the DJ?”

Eminem shook his head

Benji sighed, “Because you didn’t know the song…”

“Joel Madden. Come on stage please!” The judge called

Benji put his hands together, “Come on Joel…”

“Joel Madden doesn’t seem to be here so he is…”

“Here!” Joel yelled running out onto the stage, “I’m here!”

The judge nodded, “Start…”

Joel looked at the DJ, “Wake Up… by Hilary Duff…”

He nodded and started the music

Joel looked at the crowd swallowing. He started tapping his foot. He looked up singing, “There's people talking they talk about me.” He put his hand to his chest singing, “They know my name.” He put his finger to his head, “They think they know everything.” He shook his head, “But they don't know anything.” He smiled looking at the judges, “About me.”

Benji smiled, “Thank you lord!” He smiled putting his head on Tony’s shoulder

Billy smiled, “Good going…”

Joel started across the stage singing, “Give me a dance floor.” He nodded at the DJ smiling, “Give me a dj.” He started walking putting his hand to his head, “Play me a record forget what they say.” He started to jump a little bit singing, “Cause I need to go I need to getaway.” He looked at the judges, “Tonight.” He grabbed the microphone with both hands, “I put my makeup on a Saturday night.” He looked at Benji and smiled, “I try and make it happen. Try to make it all right.” He shrugged singing, “I know I make mistakes.” He put his hand on his chest, “I'm living life day to day.” He looked up at the judge, “It's never really easy but it's ok.”

Benji nodded, “Come on Joel! You can do it!”

Joel jumped up and when he landed started singing, “Wake up, wake up.” He put his hand on his head, “On a Saturday night.” He shrugged, “Could be New York, maybe Hollywood and Vine.” He started across the stage again, “London, Paris maybe Tokyo.” He looked at the judges singing, “There's something going on anywhere I go.” He started bouncing a little, “Tonight, tonight.” He nodded, “Yeah tonight.” Joel smiled watching the crowd

Benji smiled, “He’s doing really good!” He looked at Tony

Eminem smiled

Hilary put her hands together, “Yes!”

Joel closed his eyes singing, “The cities restless.” He opened his eyes, “It's all around me.” He looked at the judges, “People in motion, sick of all the same routines.” He started walking, “And they need to go they need to get away.” He grabbed the microphone with his hands, “Tonight.”

Music started to play by itself. Joel stood there watching the judges

Benji looked at Eminem, “I think… Joel will get this!”

Eminem looked at him, “I think so to.” He looked forward

Hilary looked at Billy, “This trip wasn’t really a waste of time. Was it?”

Billy shook his head, “Nope…” He looked at Joel, “It’s really a very good trip…” He looked at her, “Kind of a wake up huh?”

“Totally…” She smiled

Joel looked at the crowd, “People all around you everywhere that you go.” He smiled singing, “People all around you, they don't really know you.” He put his hand to his face, “Everybody watching like it's some kind of show.” He put his hand down, “Everybody's watching.” He shook his head, “They don't really know you now.” He smiled and sang, “They don't really know you.”

In the back you heard Hilary Duff’s voice from her song sing, “They don't really know you.”

Joel looked around singing, “And forever” He walked up to the middle front of the stage. He looked up singing, “Wake up, wake up…”

In the back Hilary Duff’s voice whispered, “Wake up…”

Joel looked at the judges, “Wake up, wake up.”

Again Hilary Duff’s voice whispered, “Wake up…”

Joel put his hand to his chest, “Wake up, wake up! On a Saturday night! Could be New York.” He looked at the judges and leaned back, “Maybe Hollywood and Vine!” He moved his hand to the side, “London, Paris maybe Tokyo.” He looked at Hilary smiling, “There's something going on anywhere I go.” He looked at the others then looked forward, “Wake up, wake up.” He smiled, “On a Saturday night.” He shrugged looking around, “Could be New York. Maybe Hollywood and Vine.” He grabbed the microphone looking around the crowd, “London, Paris.” He closed his eyes singing a little louder, “Maybe Tokyo” He opened his eyes, “There's something going on anywhere I go.” He put his hand to his chest, “Tonight…” He looked at Hilary, “Tonight…” He looked at the judges, “Yeah tonight.”

Benji looked at the crowd as they started clapping

Joel smiled and nodded

The judge nodded smiling, “Alright! Good job Joel!” The judges started writing

Joel watched them

The judge after awhile looked up, “Alright. Joel and the other contestants! Get up on the stage so we can say the winner…”

The others walked up on stage next to Joel

Joel looked at them. Most of them looked really good

The judges stood up, “You were all really good! Very good!” He smiled clapping

Benji grabbed Tony’s hand tightly, “Please Joel… let it be Joel!”

Hilary grabbed Billy’s hand, “You’re the closest.” She whispered

Billy nodded smiling and looking at Joel

Joel whipped his hands on his pants getting very nervous, “Come on… I didn’t come all this way for nothing.” He closed his eyes

The judge nodded, “We came to a winner!” He walked forward and stopped in front of the stage, “Congratulations…”

The room seemed to fall quiet

“Joel Madden!”

Joel opened his eyes shocked. He won! He covered his chest with his hands tears in his eyes, “Oh my lord! Thank you!” He started bouncing excitedly

Benji stood up, “Alright! Joel!” He yelled

The others stood up cheering

Joel whipped his tears away, “Oh thank you!” He covered his mouth with his hands smiling
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