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The Wake Up Journey

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Ch. 12
The Wake Up Journey

Joel ran up to Benji and hugged him, “I did it!” He smiled at him, “I can’t believe I actually did it!”

Hilary ran up and hugged him

Joel looked at her and blinked

Hilary looked at him and pulled him away from Benji, “Now for your prize from me!” She kissed him

Joel blinked and then returned it holding her close

Eminem blinked, “Awww… aint that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” He laughed

Benji smiled, “I’m just happy he found someone…”

Billy looked back and blinked, “Uh oh…” He poked Benji, “Benj…”

Benji looked at him, “What?”

Billy pointed, “I think you and Joel are in trouble…”

“Why…” Benji looked back and blinked, “Oh boy…” He poked Joel, “Joel! Dude! Guess who’s here!”

“Joel Ryan Ruben god damn fucking Madden!”

Joel jumped and looked over, “I know that tone of voice…”

Robin was standing there with her arms crossed, “Start explaining mister!”

Joel blinked, “Uh… I… er…”

Benji looked at Joel then at Robin, “Um… Mom… Joel just won the tryouts…”

“Why I…” She blinked then looked at Joel, “You… What?”

Joel rubbed the back of his head, “I won…”

She squealed and ran up hugging him, “Joel you did it! You won!”

Joel watched her then looked at Benji, “Did I win because I was a singer already?”

Benji looked at him and blinked, “No… you won because you were good… what you were or not doesn’t really matter in a contest. These kinds of judges don’t count on that, looks, anything like that. They just count on talent.” He nodded

Joel smiled and hugged his mom, “Yeah… I guess you are right..”

His mom pulled back, “But! You are in deep shit for not asking!”

Joel blinked, “Technically mother… I did… you just didn’t let me!” He smiled innocently

She crossed her arms, “Joel…”

Joel sighed, “I went to go see daddy yes… but he doesn’t want us… or care…” He looked up at her, “He even told me to my face. He has two beautiful daughters… a lot like Benji and I… And well they are twins as well.” He sighed tears coming to his eyes, “I wasted all that time for nothing… But…” He paused then looked at her, “Actually… I think I did get something outta this!” He smiled and looked back, “We found Benji’s boyfriend.” He looked at Benji and smiled then looked at Eminem, “I got to meet Eminem and he helped us through most of everything… well me…” He put his hand to his chest smiling, “And then… the best part of the trip…” He looked at Hilary, “I found the one girl in my life that I love and I want to ask…” He walked up and grabbed Hilary’s hands, “Wanna go out with me Hilary?”

She blinked and smiled, “Oh Joel! Why wouldn’t I?” She laughed and hugged him

Joel looked back at his mom, “Maybe it wasn’t a waste after all.”

Robin stood there watching him. She smiled, “Well…” She looked at Hilary, “I don’t know who she is…” She looked at Benji, “I didn’t know he was actually gay… But…” She looked at Joel, “I guess I need to accept what you two have gotten and what you wanted Joel.”

Billy looked at Eminem and smiled and nudged him, “Stop starin!”

Eminem shook his head, “You know when I said I would never love again?”

Billy blinked, “Yeah?”

“Scratch that… I think I’m in love again.” Eminem smiled watching Robin

Billy blinked, “With…. Benji and Joel’s… Mom?!” He looked at Robin, “Well… that’s… weird…”

Eminem smiled, “I think I have a job to do myself soon…” He looked at Billy, “But I will wait till everything cools down…”

Billy smiled, “Alright.”

Robin sighed, “Ok you guys… lets head home… alright?”

Benji looked at Tony, “Do you want to head home with me? Or what?”

Tony blinked and looked down, “Well San Diego is such a bore… been there done that sooo…” He looked at Benji, “I choose you!”

Benji smiled and hugged him, “Alright!”

Joel put his arm through Hilary’s, “I think we are ready…” He looked at Robin

She nodded, “You take your car… I have mine…”

Joel sat in back with Hilary and Billy. He was on the drivers side leaning his head on his hand watching the scenery go by. He looked back as the bright lights from San Diego lit up the sky. He looked forward, “Maybe… it wasn’t meant to be with dad…” He closed his eyes, “But… he said a long time ago… when he left… he was only there for us.” He looked back and sighed, “He wasn’t…” He looked forward, “Not at all.”

Hilary laid her head on Joel’s shoulder

Joel looked at her, “She’s asleep?” He smiled, he looked over at Billy

Billy was also asleep, he was sitting up straight but his head was tilted back and a bit to the side. His hands rested across his stomach

Joel smiled. He glanced at the passenger’s side where Tony was

Tony had his head rested on his hand slipping. His other hand had Benji’s hand tightly in its grip

He looked down at Hilary’s hand. He grabbed her hand and held it tightly. He glanced ahead of him at Benji

Benji had his elbow resting on the side where the window was. He drove most of the time.

Joel smiled and leaned forward. He looked in the rear view mirror, it was turned enough for him to see Benji

Benji had tears running down his cheeks. He was crying?

Joel blinked and his eyes got soft. He reached out and put his hand on Benji’s shoulder

Benji blinked and looked back at him. He smiled slightly and looked forward, “It’s nothing… just that dad didn’t care. I will get over it.” He looked at him, “I think we have someone else to come as a father.”

Joel blinked and laid his head on the shoulder of the chair, “Who’s that?”

Benji looked forward sighing, “I think it’s gonna be Eminem… He was eyeing mom… and not to mention she kinda invited him to her car for a ride.” He looked at him

Joel smiled and looked forward, “I wouldn’t mind that really.” He leaned back, “He’s cool.”

Benji nodded, “Anyways… go to sleep Joel… You’ve had a long night.”

Joel nodded, “Night…” He closed his eyes soon falling fast asleep

Waldorf, Maryland

The Madden’s house

Robin got out of her car and watched as Joel and the others got out of theirs, she smiled, “Welcome home!” She smiled

Eminem got out of Robin’s car and looked at her

Joel walked up to Robin and hugged her. He walked pasted her and started to the house

Robin watched him

Benji grabbed Tony’s hand and started to the house, “Welcome to my house.” He laughed

Tony laughed, “I like it.”

Hilary took off after Joel, “Joel wait!”

Billy ran after Hilary

Joel opened the door and looked around, “Mom… the lights are off.” He looked back at her, “Where’s Sarah?”

Robin smiled, “Hun… turn on the lights.”

Joel walked in and felt around

Benji and the others walked in

Joel switched on the light

Sarah popped out with a whole bunch more people, “Congratulations and welcome home!” She screamed

Everyone else started clapping

Joel blinked and smiled, “Oh?” He walked up to Sarah and hugged her, “Glad to be back baby sister!” He kissed her cheek

Sarah laughed and hugged him, “I missed you.”

Benji walked up and hugged Joel and Sarah, “Group hug!” He yelled

Billy, Hilary, and Tony ran up and hugged them three

Robin looked at Eminem and smiled, “So… How long are you staying?”

Eminem sighed and smiled at her, “As long as I’m wanted?” He reached and grabbed her hand

She blinked, “Uh? Mr. Eminem?”

Eminem swung her hand, “Hey? Right now you can call me honey, dear, sweet heart, cause I need to ask if you will go out with me?”

She went red, “Uh what?”

“Will you go out with me?”

She looked at their hands, “Eminem is asking me out?” She looked at him

Eminem smiled and nodded, “Uh yeah.” He laughed

She smiled and grabbed his other hand, “I accept.”

Eminem kissed the corner of her lips

Everyone went quiet

Eminem looked over, “What? Can’t we have a moment geez!” He smiled

Joel blinked, “You two are…”

“Going out yes!” Eminem smiled

Sarah walked forward, “Eminem is my step father!” She squealed and hugged him, “Yay!”

Eminem smiled and looked at Benji and Joel, “What do you two think?”

Benji smiled, “I thought so!” He ran up and hugged him

Joel stood there watching him

“Joel?” Eminem looked at him, “Room for one more…”

Joel smiled tears going to his eyes. He ran up and hugged Eminem, “Dad!”

Eminem blinked, “That quick of a attachment?” He smiled and hugged them

Everyone started to cheer again

Joel looked back at the crowd then looked up at Eminem

“Everything seemed to end up so bad in the beginning… No one wanted me to do this or if they did they only thought I could cause I was a lead singer of Good Charlotte. Which I shall always be! But then… when everything seemed to crash… I won the tryouts and I am now starting my own album with my new fathers help! I got a father now who I never in my life thought would be, Eminem a.k.a Marshall Mathers. He is better than any father… or husband, this family has had. I got the girl of my wildest dreams, and most beautiful! My brother got his, man, Tony Lovato. Hey, who knows? Maybe we will get to know them two twins back at San Diego. Maybe they will see the true side of Chris Madden? Well… things are happier now… Who knows what the future will bring now? Only time will tell. But that little vacation I had, I warmly welcome the name… The Wake Up Journey.”

Joel shut his journal and smiled he looked at the mirror at himself and nodded, “So.. Wake up, wake up.” He laughed and looked out the window

The End
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