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George the Piggy?

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It's Little Sammy's first few days living with his cousins; it was right after John sent him away.

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Chapter Two:

"No no..Sam! Don't--oh come on?" came whining from the den. Next came more of it but this time there was stomping before a head pops in the kitchen. "Mom, Sam ate my cereal with his hands again! It's--" made a face, then he shrugs, "--cute! Nevermind, mom!"

And then the head was gone.

"Hey Sam! Want more cereal?" was heard from the den, coming from the same whining voice earlier.

Jorgine turns to look at her daughter who was making her homework behind the counter top. She smiles and shakes her head.

"You should have seen Sam and Kel yesterday, mom. They were trying to ride the swing, but then Sam was too heavy. Kel was like digging his heels and what not for several minutes before he had the thing goin'. It was hilarious!"

"And where were you throughout all this, missy? You were babysitting them, supposedly. I hope Kel didn't go around picking Sam up again. Your brother could hurt his back doing that! Sam is one healthy baby!" Jorgine shakes her head musingly.

"I made sure Kel didn't carry Sam around mom. I let Tony do it!"

"Darby Ann! Can't you see how skinny your brothers are?" Jorgine laughs in between the scolding, "No more picking Sam up for you three."

"Mommy, I am not skinny! I am--I am--" she pauses and make this thinking face,"--mommy, what's gorgeous?" she asks before going back to writing, "Cause Jt said I was that..." her voice fades.

"And who is this, Jt?" her mom takes her by the chin and made her look her in the eyes, "I told you before sweetie, no boys til you reach highschool..."

"Mommmmmmy, Jt is not my boyfriend! He's just this new kid in school...he's really nice and that's what he said. I was gorgeous!" she giggles, "I didn't forget our deal, mommy! Don't worry! I'm still 9 years old! That would be creepy! Boys don't even think about girls all that much yet..." she says matter of factly.

"And he came up with gorgeous cause he wasn't thinking of girls?" Jorgine teased.

Darby scrunches her nose, "Maybe he just can't help it cause I'm really pretty!"

"Oh sweetie..." Jorgine mused as she kisses her on the top of the head.


"Want some more cereal, Sam?" Kel turns to his baby cousin who is sitting on the long couch next to him. The younger kid is leaning back onto the couch since his tummy is too taut due to over-eating. He doesn't vocalize his response, he just shakes his head. "You want to play in the swing now?"

"Sammy sleepy..."

"You're like this little piggy in this story I read you know?" he ruffles the boy's hair affectionately. "He eats and eats and eats and afterwards he sleeps and sleeps and sleep--kind 'a like you. We only need to throw you into the mud and you're practically him, Sam!"

Sam just pouted at him.

"What?" Kel asked innocently.

The next thing was, baby Sammy was crying. 10-year old Tony, Kel's big brother just came bustling in from the front porch. He was assessing the problem in no time.

"What? What happened? Did he fall? Break anything--Kel, what?" he worried asks while checking the crying 4-year old up, "Sam, did Kel hurt you?"

"What?" Kel gasps, "I wouldn't hurt him, Tony!"

Tony turns to Kel with a glare.

"Then why is he crying?"

"Sammy is crying..." Sammy starts to recount to Tony's ear.

"Yes, I know Sam. But why are you crying? I want to know that." Tony asks the crying boy.

"Kel said Sammy a piggy..."

Tony gasps as he kicks his kid brother lightly on the shin.

"You called him a pig?"

"What? I didn't call him a pig! I just said he was LIKE George the piggy! There's a difference, Tony!"

"You called him a pig, Kel!"

"When you look at it--I'm right! They pretty much do the same things everyday, which isn't much. Just eating and sleeping--that's it!" Kel reasons. Tony just picks Sam after the kid raises both arms up towards him as he goes 'carry me' mode.

"So, you called him a pig?" Tony growls, "What's the matter with you? He's prolly got issues with his weight!" fiercely whispers.

Kel chuckles as he slouches on the couch.

"He's 4, Tony! Issues...that's silly!" he snickers.

"Do you even know what issues are?" Tony scoffs.

" you?" Kel counters.

"Of course I do! It's what mommy has when she eats too much at thanksgiving."

" that's why mommy cries sometimes, huh? Just like Sam?" Kel asks his brother with excitement in his voice. "Boy! Have I got a lot to learn!" he slaps his forehead silly, "Hey Sam, can you do this?" he does it again.

Sam pulls away from Tony's shoulder and turns to look at Kel. He slaps his pudgy palm onto his forehead. But since he has no control over his reflexes yet, he does it a little too hard. His lip started to quiver and then a whole lot of crying came again.

"KEL!" Tony yells at his kid brother who scampers out of there, laughing.

"I want Deanie! I want Deanie! I want Deanie!" Sam started crying over and over.


"Hey man..." Brandon just greets his best friend who is sitting by himself under a tree at the park.

Dean didn't hear him at first, only after the 8-year old sat beside him and hit his knee, did the Winchester boy notice his buddy.

"You alright?"

Dean shook his head.

"You still miss him, don't you?"

Dean nods.

"I'm sorry, Dean...I wish I could help."

"It really hurts, B. I want to see Sammy so bad. I want to hug him so bad. I miss him--." he turns to face Brandon, "--but i can't even talk about it at home. Dad will get mad. And Ted, he'll just ignore me. I want to call him, my little brother...just to hear his voice, but I'm scared of dad." Dean goes about to hugging his knees and burying his face to his chest. He started sobbing in seconds, "I'm a bad brother for letting him go, aren't I? Mom would never forgive me for what I did..."

"Dean, it wasn't your fault. You're just a kid. Your dad made you do it."

"It wasn't his fault, wasn't...but dad keeps saying it is. He keeps telling us it is..."

"You know the truth, Dean."

"I do, but how come I didn't do anything to stop dad?"
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