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Vago Tergum in Vicis

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Harry and Hermione have a talk an Order Meeting and of course our leaders of the light decide to timetravel.

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Disclaimer: I am sorry to say that J.K. owns all of this aside from the spell I made up.

A/N Okay this is the first story I have ever posted anywhere. I know it is probably a little rough if anyone has any ideas on what to do to make it better I will appreciate the ideas.

Chapter 1: Vago Tergum in Vicis

Somewhere in Scotland

In a fall of color a group of about fifteen people appears out of nowhere on the outskirts of an abandoned town.

“Spread out and cover each others back!” Harry orders his group.

“Start working your magic Hermione. Please go as fast as possible I don't like being this out in the open.” He pleads with her.

“You think I like being out in the open and not even being able to defend myself due to the fact that I have to cast the charms to see if it is even here!” She screams at Harry.

“Sorry 'Mione.” He says looking down ashamedly.

“Just don't forget to watch my back, and pay attention this time so we can get this done twice as fast next time.” She replies exasperated.

A Death Eater starts approaching the area which has Harry and Hermione at this point Harry goes out a little way to keep Hermione away from the battle since her wand is busying doing other more important things. 'Must be an inner circle member if they are coming to face me one on one.' As he walks Harry catches a glimpse of long blonde hair

“Potter what do you think you are doing thinking you can out duel one of the best purebloods wizards, this is just gonna be a complete waste of my time and talent.” Lucius says while sneering at Harry.

“We will see just how long you can last again me you stupid inbred moron.” Harry replies. While this talking is going on Harry is preparing himself for the fight. 'Reducto! Take that you bastard.' Lucius doesn't see the blue light until it is colliding against his wand arm obliterating it completely wand and all. At this Lucius let out a scream and touched a portkey that was in his pocket and vanished is a flash of color.

As Harry went back over to Hermione a strong pain went through his scar, which means only one thing. 'Bloody fucking hell, just what we needed the stupid giant wanker Voldemort.' “Oh shit we need to move faster Hermione he is coming here.” Harry says while starting to pace nervously. While pacing he uses his Legimency to check on just where Voldemort currently is. “Shit he is just on the other side of the battlefield Hermione!”

“I am going as fast as I can Harry you are not helping here!” She growls out at him.

“DA start getting ready to leave!” He yells out to his group.

“It isn't here Harry at least not according to any of my detection charms.” Hermione says desperately.

“Lets stat ordering everyone to get out of here then.” Harry says while looking around at the battlefield around them. A streak of silver light comes out of nowhere and then hits Hermione in the shoulder.

”Bloody Hell!” Hermione screeches.

“Apparate Now!” Harry bellowed out to his team. Pops of all different noises echo as Harry's team Apparates away from this huge battle”Damn it that hurt!”He exclaimed as a cutting curse nicked his arm. After being hit Harry Potter disappears without a sound.

“FIND OUT WHERE HE WENT! I WANT ANSWERS SOON!” Voldemort stalks off cursing Harry Potter the whole way.

Grimauld Place #12

As everyone starts showing up Madame Pomfrey starts looking everyone over.”What the hell did you run into I thought you were checking on a new location not getting in a battle with a contingent of Death Eaters!” She says while rounding on Harry.

“We were examining a piece of land out in Scotland then all of a sudden we find ourselves surrounded by about twenty-five Death Eaters which caused the ensuing battle. How bad is everyone?” Harry asks hoping that no one died this time.

“Well the worst was Ron who has a broken wrist, leg, and Cruciatus Curse exposure. After that Luna being held under the cruciatus for close to a minute. Other than that it is mostly bumps and bruises.” The matron explains while handing potions to Harry, Hermione and Luna to drink. As she pours a potion down Ron throat she also adds “Hermione I trust u can take care of yourself and Mr. Potter?”

“Of course Madame.” Hermione then grabs Harry's hand and leads him away from the makeshift medical room.

“How bad are you hurt Hermione?” Harry asks as they start heading towards Harry's bedroom since it has the most privacy.

“Nothing major just a minor cut on my shoulder.” She replies shrugging off his attempt to look at it. Hermione heals the cut on her shoulder and his arm, then gets up to leave.

“Hermione where are you going?” Harry asks while he stares at her perplexedly

“To the library I have to finish up something.” She replies evasively and keeps her head down so she doesn't have to look him in the eyes.

“Hermione you need to rest I no for a fact you have been only getting at most three hours of sleep a night.” Harry says while trying to look in her eyes.

“I am fine Harry plus I really need to get this done as soon as I can.” As she starts to leave he grabs her arm and spends her around.

“Please Hermione go get some sleep you really need it?” He begs of her while looking in her eyes hoping she sees the worry in his eyes.

“Fine Harry but you better believe I will be up in a few hours so I can finish my project.” Staring at him daring him to contradict her.
“Ok thank you Hermione.” He breaths a sigh of relief.

“See you later Harry.” She turns towards the door and opens it up.

“Goodnight Hermione.” He says as she is walking through the door.

A Few Hours Later

As Hermione awakens she groggily looks around for Harry. The first thing Hermione does when she realizes he is not around is wander downstairs looking for him. After downstairs turns up nothing on the search for Harry Potter she decides to call for one of the house elves maintaining the house. “Dobby?” Hermione calls after wandering around Grimauld looking for Harry.

Dobby appears with barely a pop. “Yes Mistress Grangey?” Dobby ask so quiet she was not even sure she heard it.

“Where is Harry?” She asked authoritatively.

He replied hesitantly. “He is on the roof.”

“Thank you.” As she heard that she started heading towards the stairs. As she slowly crept up the stairs she heard a voice very faintly.

“How does he always show up at the worst possible time? Why can't I beat him? Why does it always end in a draw? Why am I not good enough to take him out?” Harry keeps repeating these questions to himself.

“Harry you ok?” Hermione asks quietly.

“Why Hermione? Why am I not good enough to take him out? I can't keep this up Hermione.” His voice raising as he went along.

“What if we could start this over before he gets his power base?” She asked him.

“Hermione what are you talking about?” He asked while staring at her with rapt attention.

“What if I know of a way to go back to try all of this again?” She is watching him to see his response.

“What are you saying Hermione? Actually going back in time?” He asks her doubtful

“That is exactly what I am talking about Harry.” She replies calmly.

“Hermione you know the only way to go back in time is a time turner and they only go back hours at most not years!” He starts pacing now.

“Harry give me just a little more time and I will show you what I am talking about. Ok?” She gets him to look at her and he see the sees it in her eyes that she is telling the truth.

“Alright 'Mione if I can do anything to help just let me know ok?” He asks pleading with her.

“Well you can come keep me company while I go do some more research.”

“Lead the way.” He offers his hand to help her up.

“Thanks Harry.” She takes his hand in hers and leads him into the library. She pushes him into a seat on the couch in the library. 'Hmm he is looking a lot different than he used to I wonder what is making him look so different.' She pulls three books off of the shelves and goes to the couch to start reading. After about twenty minutes her mind starts to wander. 'Damn I never thought he would distract me this much. What is so different about him? He has gotten a lot better looking but that is not it. Is it his change in attitude? THATS IT! He actually looks like he sure he is gonna lose.' “Harry what is up with you?”
Startled he stammers “Wh-what 'Mione?”

“I said what is up with you? I have never seen you so depressed.”

“You will find out at the meeting. Speaking of which I need to go prepare for. I will see ya then 'Mione ok?” He asks hurriedly.

“See you then Harry.” She replies smiling knowingly. 'At least I can put the finishing touches on this spell I made and make sure it actually works.' Smiling to herself she gets back to work. ”Finally done!” She exclaims 30 minutes later. 'Time to get ready for the meeting.'

Harry's Room

Harry is deep in thought as he is pacing his room. 'Alright Harry you need to tell them how you feel.' A voice that sounds a lot like Hermione says. 'I cant they look up to me to take care of them!' He yells at the voice. 'Don't they deserve to know that you don't honestly believe you can anymore?' 'Shut Up!' 'Ah have no comeback for that one huh?' The voice says snarkily. At this point he grabs his head as a headache is starting to build from arguing to himself. 'Well might as well get ready for the meeting and the blow up that is sure to happen during it.' He thought to himself.

About twenty minutes later after he had showered and dressed someone knocked on the door. “Yeah?” He asked as he was walking towards the door.

“It is time Harry.” Hermione says and starts walking towards the sitting room which got converted into the briefing/meeting room.

“On my way down.” He hollered to her.

Sitting Room

“Alright people we all know why we are here. I am only gonna ask one thing of everyone in this room and that is please let me say what I want to say then we can discus it ok?” Everyone nods to his question which came out as more of a statement. “Ok here it is. I am not sure I am able to beat Voldemort. In fact I have a sinking feeling that he is gonna beat me. Because of this I wanted to let everyone know I am sorry I am not able to live up to the complete the prophecy. I promise to try and hold him long enough for you guys to get out of Britain so that you wont be killed. All I ask is that you don't spend too long waiting to leave because I don't know how much longer my luck is gonna run out.” After he finished he sat back down and waited for the onslaught that will be coming to him. When he heard nothing at all he looked up. He couldn't believe that not a single person was yelling at him instead they were all looking at him with an emotion on their faces he had never seen. Finally Hermione stood up and dragged Harry out of the room and headed towards the library.


As soon as they entered Hermione shoved Harry into a seat. “Don't say anything until I am finished got it?” Glaring at him as if daring him to say something.”Good. Now first off I can't believe this crap you are saying about losing to Voldemort! You know damn well the fact that you can fight him to a standstill despite YEARS of experience is a huge feat in itself. Okay enough of that for now on to other things. What in the hell made you think everyone would just abandon you. We are with you win or lose to the end. Don't ever forget that Harry. Now the last thing. I finished everything on the idea I was talking to you about earlier. The spell should send the casters back to a specific time of based on two things. One the amount of power between the casters, and the other is where exactly the casters want to end up. As long as the second item is within the first everything should go back power, knowledge, memories, everything. If you want to tonight we can cast it and try all of this before Voldemort builds up his army that he has right now.”

“Are you serious Hermione? You actually made a time travel spell? I thought it could not be done! Also what do you mean casters?” He asked hopefully. 'If Hermione is serious I can fix all this.'

“Yes Harry I am serious.” She answered easily reading the hopefulness and then happiness in his eyes. ”The spell should work with no problems if I got the calculations right. What I meant by casters is that is takes two people to cast this spell due to the raw amount of power needed if you want to go back as far as you do.” She said with a smile. 'Like I would let him go by himself! He would change so much stuff that all of his knowledge would be useless!' she thought to herself. “When can cast the spell right now if you wanted to.” She asked eyeing him warily.

“Whenever your ready to do this Hermione let me know and I will be there.” Harry says seriously.

“How about at midnight so we can both get some sleep because I don't know how this is going to work?” She asks eyeing the floor embarrassed she did not have the answer for that.

“Sounds good 'Mione meet here at midnight?” He asked while putting his hand under her chin and raising her face so he could lok in her eyes.

“O-Ok meet you then.” After she stammered that she ran out of the room.

'What is with her?' He asked himself. 'Isn't it obvious?' He growls angrily at the damned voice that decided to show up again. 'If it was obvious would I be trying to figure it out!' Harry yelled at the voice. 'Well you are little dense when it comes to females.' The voice quipped back. 'Either give me your answer or shut up!' Harry getting annoyed again with the voice. 'If you cant figure it then you are not worth it.' The voice said. 'What the bloody hell is that suppose to mean?' Harry asked desperately wanting an answer but the voice was quiet. 'Damn it all to hell.' Harry thought angrily.

Midnight at Grimauld Library

Harry and Hermione are both in the library as she is showing him what to do to cast the spell. “Is that really all there is to it Hermione?” He asked he couldn't believe it was this simple.

“Yes the hard part is figuring out the damn math to make it all work without killing the people using it.” She replied slightly put off that he thought it was easy to create a spell.

“You will have to teach me Arithmancy when we get back.” Harry replied excitedly.

“Of course Harry.” She replied enthusiastically, obviously happy that Harry wanted to learn her favorite subject from Hogwarts.

“Lets do this Hermione.” He said seriously

“Alright then on three.” She said at which he nodded to her to begin the countdown.




“Vado Tergum In Vicis!” They bout shouted together. As the whole house heard them everyone rushed into the library to see some parchment just finish turning into dust.

A/N Okay this is the prologue so to speak for this story. I would appreciate any comments on what you guys think. In case anyone was wondering what vado tergum in vicis actually means it is latin for go back in time. See yall later.

A/N Added disclaimer.
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