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Getting the Ball Rolling

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They go back and Harry has a meeting with the Goblins.

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Disclaimer: Everything you see here is not mine. This all belongs to JK I am just borrowing them to amuse myself for a little while.

A/N: This chapter is a filler. Well here is the next part of this journey. I hope you guys like where this thing is going. Credit given to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for the inscription on Gringots doors. Now onto this installment!

Chapter 2: Getting the Ball Rolling

3:00 a.m. Dursley Household

Everyone is asleep in the Dursley house so no one is able to notice the bluish white glow that surrounds our young Harry.

3:00 a.m. Granger Household

As Harry is merging with his 11 year old self. Hermione is walking back from going to the bathroom. thump She spins around because she thought she heard a noise but since she doesn't see anything she goes back to her room to go asleep. As soon as she got back in her room and went back to sleep a pinkish white glow surrounded her also.

Number 4 Privet Drive

Harry shoots awake do to some noise. “DAMN IT BOY GET UP AND START OUR BREAKFAST!” Vernon Dursley belows from outside the door. 'Damn it! I forgot I am still stuck with these bastards. Oh well might as well get their breakfast ready then I can start the planning to get out of here and make sure I don't ever have to come back. Wonder if the goblins will set it up for me. Well only one way to figure it out I guess.' While he was holding this conversation with himself he had gotten out of bed and dressed himself and was now heading towards the door.

As Harry is going down the stairs Dudley blows past him tripping him and making him fall down the last three steps. 'Damn that is gonna hurt.' He said at the sprained wrist he just got. 'Thank god it is my left and not right. I can't wait til later when I can go get everything to escape this hell hole.' Harry walks into the kitchen holding his left hand close to his body with his right covering it.

“What happened to your wrist boy?!” Petunia hissed at him.

“Your son knocked me down the stairs that is what happened!” Harry said while staring Petunia straight in the eyes with a look of malice on his face.

“DONT YOU DARE BLAME DUDDERS FOR THIS!” Petunia screamed at him. “Just cook breakfast and get started on your chores!” She said while going to the sitting room and her favorite spying spot.

Harry diligently made breakfast and told Petunia it was done and he was gonna start on the yard. 'Time to see if my magic came back with me.' he thought smirking slightly. He starts pulling weeds from the garden with his hands while at the same time wandlessly casting a gardening spell that makes all the weeds pull themselves out of the garden but just lay in their spot. Ten minutes later he is done gardening. 'Well I should probably go talk with the goblins and get it all sorted out and hopefully never have to come back here.' He looks to see if his aunt is watching him, and after seeing the coast clears he disappears with a tiny pop.

Diagon Alley

Harry appears at the apparation spot in a dark alley in Diagon Alley just outside the Leaky Cauldron. 'Well these clothes are definitely not going to hide who I am. I think it might be time to see just how much of my wandless abilities came back with me.' He waves his hand in front of himself and watches as his clothes change from Dudley's hand-me downs to a nice set of robes. He waves his hand again and a cloak with a deep hood appears around him with the hood down. “Not bad if I do say so myself.” Harry said with pride.

At this point Harry starts his walk down the alley towards the huge snow-white marble building that is known as Gringots Wizarding Bank at the end of the alley. As he passed Quality Quidditch Supplies he sees the Nimbus 2000 sitting in the window display. 'I can't wait until I can fly again! Good thing I can fend off dementors so this broom wont be demolished.' he thought remembering all the times he flew before coming back. Pulling himself away from the window he starts again on his path towards Gringots. As he continues on his way he sees Eeylops Owl Emporium and he remembers something important 'HEDWIG! That is definitely going be my first stop after I finish with the goblins. After that I can get figure out a way to get in contact with Hermione since she should already be back also.' As he is approaches Gringots he can't help but to stop and read the inscription on the doors:

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

'Well no one can say that the goblins don't give a warning.' he thought smirking as he remembered what could happen to Quirrel if the goblins catch him when he attempts to break into vault 713.


After going in the doors he walks over to the teller stations waiting for the goblin to recognize him. “Well are you going to tell me what you are stadning there for or are you going to get out of my way so I can continue to conduct business?”

“I am sorry. I was just trying to find out about who I need to talk with to have my parents will looked at.” Harry said hoping that the goblin did not care that he spoke with the intelligence of someone close to twice his age.

“And who are you?” The goblin asked somewhat interested. To answer the goblins answer her merely lifted up his bangs and showed off his famous scar. “Oh just one second sir and a goblin will be here to escort you. The manager would like to speak with you personally.” The shocked goblin had quickly sent off a runner to let the director know that this specific person was one of the few people that Ragnok have ever requested to be notified if they ever appear by themselves.

About 3 minutes later a goblin was escorting Harry out of the main hall of the bank towards the directors office which very few humans have ever stepped into on the directors invitation. As the are walking Harry thinks he recognizes the goblin so he attempts to start a conversation with him. “Hello I am Harry Potter. What is your name?”

“My name is Griphook.” The goblin replied bluntly.

“It is nice to meet you Griphook.” He replied sincerely.

“We are here.” Griphook replied then knocked and after the door opened he then started on his walk back to the lobby.

“Please come in Mr. Potter we have a lot to discuss.” Ragnok said while motioning for Harry to enter his office.

“Thank you sir. And please just call me Harry. Also could you please let me know how come I am here not that I don't mind getting to meet the director of Gringots, it is just that I never expected it.” Harry said rambling badly.

“Mr-Harry please calm down nothing bad is happening I just like to meet the people who hold the largest accounts. As to why you are here with me is because I will personally handle the matter of your parents will. Along with any other concerns that come up. Also feel free to stop by and see me if you need something taken care of.” Ragnok said all of this while smiling showing all of his pointy teeth.

“Thank you Director...” Harry started to be interrupted by Ragnok.

“Just Ragnok please Harry.”

“Ok Ragnok I am here for four main reasons. One I wanted to look into my parents will I am not sure it was followed. The second thing I am here about is I was wanting to find out my holdings and I have been wondering if I will have to visit my vault every time I need to make a purchase. Third is that I was wondering about emancipation if my parents will was not followed since it would feel awfully awkward to be adopted by a family when I will only see them a few months out of the year now that I am going to be attending Hogwarts in a couple of months. The fourth thing is if I have enough funds available to maybe open another account in the near future.” Harry said noticing the weird stare he was getting from Ragnok.

“Okay lets deal with this one issue at a time ok?” He sees Harry nod so he continues on. ”Okay first thing I will do is send off for the will of your parents so we may look at it.” As he says this he writes something on a piece of parchment which disappeared as soon as he finished. “Next I will also send off for the Potter holdings.” He signed another parchment that did repeated what the first did. “Now about your emancipation this is a tricky subject. The reason for this is like you said if the will was followed you will not be allowed obviously, but if it was not followed I am not sure the ministry will allow you to be emancipated before you turn thirteen years of age at which time you can also claim your head of house status.” Harry frowned at hearing this, and was about to say something when Ragnok held his hand up to signify he was not done with this yet. “What we can do is if the will was not followed we can find you a suitable guardian of your choosing that the ministry approves is fit to take care of you, this issue we will not be able to deal with at this time it could be as long as a week until that is forced to be addressed so if you meet a family you like that will take you in we should be able to make them your guardians with minimal problems.” Ragnok finished looking at Harry trying to gauge what his reaction would be.

Harry takes a deep breath to calm himself for his side on this conversation. ”Okay Ragnok I still have a few questions about everything. First lets talk about my guardian than we will start on the other stuff. First off what are the requirements and all of that for being a guardian? Isn't there some qualifications to be a guardian especially for the Boy-Who-Lived?”

Ragnok was surprised by the knowledge this little eleven year old was showing but thanks to years of experience with his work his was able to keep his features schooled. “As long as you approve of them their should not be any major problems since you are the Boy-Who-Lived. That said if it turns out you made a bad choice it will be a lot harder to fix the mistake you made.”

Harry was not sure what to think at hearing that for once his fame was actually going to work for him instead of against. “Okay that will work. Now my next question deals with you making the comment about personally meeting with your largest account holders. How much is this account and how much is accessible at any time? It would be a huge inconvenience to have my vault emptied on me by my guardian right now without my knowledge.” He says this all the while thinking about just what Vernon would do if he knew Harry had any money at all.

Ragnok even more shocked at the sensibility of this young wizard thinks to himself 'This one just might be the one to change the wizarding world as we know it. I will have to watch him and if it looks like that is what is going happen I will have to show him that the goblins will support him completely.' As he finished this thought a goblin appeared with the papers he went off for earlier. “Well as to your question about how much you have this statement should answer that. According to this balance sheet the amount of money in the Potter vaults are around 300 million galleons with the number roughly doubling if you sold all the properties and artifacts in the estate. Also you or your guardian until you turn thirteen can only touch at most three percent of your funds unless I personally approve of it.” At this Ragnok winked at Harry then continued. “Now for a little secret between you and me I will have no problems allowing you over that limit. The only reason the limit is there at all was to make sure any guardian you have can not drain your vaults. Also according to this sheet you have a trust vault that contains 100,000 galleons and automatically refills every year to that amount. I think that this trust account should be able to take care of the extra account you need I hope. On that account only you can touch it. This account was designed to get you through your seven years of schooling. Now one thing that has been brought to my attention is the fact that your account no longer has a manager, we will need to rectify this immediately so that your account maximizes its profit capabilities. Now personally I would recommend the goblin that I had lead you here...”

“You mean Griphook? He seemed pretty nice, a little uptight though.” Harry asked still processing all the information.

“I will admit I am a little shocked you actually attempted to get to know the goblin you were doing business with. Also I agree he can be a little uptight as you said but that is just because he is a low level employee here and was trying not to get himself in trouble.” Ragnok said while thinking. 'This one is surely going to mess with our world lets just hope he doesn't collapse it while doing so.'

“Why would you be shocked that I tried to know who was leading me to a meeting with someone?” Harry asked confused.

“Because Harry most wizards do not look at us as people they look at us as creatures.” Ragnok said with obvious distaste.

“Well they are wrong then goblins are people just like all other races, and I for one will not treat you any differently.” He spoke with a tone that showed he was speaking truthfully and with a desire to change this grave injustice.

“You are a very unusual wizard Harry. Now what else were you wondering about?”

“Okay lets hear what the will says then about my guardian.” Harry said while scooting to the edge of his seat hoping that they did not put the Dursleys as potential guardians.

“Okay according to their will their was a list of four families that should get you. They are the Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, the Bones, the Longbottoms, and if none of these families were to take you you were suppose to go to a wizarding foster home or another magical family. Also you were not to under any circumstances go to the Dursleys. Am I mistaken in believing that your current guardians are the Dursleys?” Ragnok asked with a smile.

“You are correct Ragnok. Now another question about my potential guardian. Does it have to be one of the people or families on this list?” Harry asked as an idea was starting to form in his head.

“No Harry since the will was not followed if you know of a different family that has offered to take you in should be able to be your guardians. I take it you have an idea of who you would like to be your guardians?” Ragnok asked with a smirk.

“Yes but until I have it all checked out I believe it is best left unsaid. Also one last thing would I be able to get two keys for my vault I don't have one and I have another person I would like to be able to access this vault?” Harry said while thinking of Hermione and everything they needed to get done.

“Yes it is possible and can be done right now in order to key the other person in they must come here first. This is because we need a couple drops of blood for proof of identity and another to key them into the vault wards.” Ragnok replied silently wondering if this really was Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Lived and if so what happens to an eleven year old to make them this grounded since most wizards two to three times his age are not that responsible.

“Just one last thing that I just thought of. Is there any way I can access the money without constantly having to visit my vault?” Harry asked hoping Gringots had designed a check or credit card system.

“Yes we do we only offer it to our clients with reasonably sized accounts and since you qualify you can get a check book and a debit card both tied to your trust vault. The cost for setting that up is 5 galleons for the checkbook and 15 galleons for the debit card. If you sign this paper right here. We can have both ready for you before you leave today.” Ragnok said while passing a paper to Harry which he signed. Then Ragnok handed Harry the checkbook.

“Okay Harry here is the debit card we just have to do one last thing to activate it, what you need to do is drop three drops of blood on the Gringots symbol and it wil be keyed to you and your trust vault. After it is keyed it can never be lost and never used by anyone other than yourself.” As he was saying this he handed Harry a silver dagger to prick his finger with, which he did quickly.

“Thank you Ragnok you have been a huge help hopefully we can meet more often and not always about business.” Harry said while sticking his hand out for Ragnok to shake.

While gripping Harry's hand he replies. “I am pleased to of been of help to you today Harry. Also I would be thrilled to meet with you away from Gringots as friends.”

“Alright Ragnok it has been a pleasure doing business with you today I should be back in the next couple of days to get the guardian issue settled.” Harry said while standing up.

“If you step through this door over here you will be transported to right outside of the main lobby.” Ragnok said while pointing at a door on the side of the room.

“See you later Ragnok.”Harry said in farewell then gets up and walks over and through the door.

Diagon Alley

After Harry walks out of the main doors of Gringots he starts his walk back up the alley to get everything he needed to grab today. His first stop is Eeylops Owl Emporium where he purchased Hedwig. After getting Hedwig he went and got his wand from Ollivanders. Then he went to get parchment and quills so he could write Hermione a note and pray her parents don't freak out too bad. He then decided to wait until everything with Hermione was settled to go shopping for anything. After walking his way back to the Leaky Cauldron he asks Tom for a room for the night seeing as it is getting close to time to dinner he decided now would be a good time to write his letter to Hermione.

Dear Hermione,
I am writing this letter in hopes that you remember who I am. We need to meet and see what all happened. We really need to talk about a few things I have learned today. If you don't understand what this letter says then just forget about it and burn it.


After eating he looks at Hedwig and asks “Hey girl can you deliver this for me?” Hedwig hoots and sticks her leg out for him to attach the letter to. “Thank you girl.” He then walks over and opens the window and watches her to fly out of it. He stands there and watches his owl until he cant see her anymore.

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