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Hello. My name is Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. I was born on 31st October 1981 in Belleville, New Jersey. I am 15 years old and I currently live with my mom in Jersey, but I spend most of my time with my two best friends Gerard and Mikey Way, who live in a flat together just around the corner from my house. Gerard is the oldest of the two brothers, he’s 22 and Mikey is almost 16. I don’t think that my life would be worth living without those guys.

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, Black Flag to be exact. I waved my arm across my cupboard carelessly, searching for my phone. After a few attempts, my fingers grasped around the ringing piece of technology, and pressed the button to make it stop, and to save my ears so early in the morning.
“Ugh…” was the first ‘word’ that passed my lips.
“Frank? Are you not up yet? Awh, c’mon dude, you promised you’d come with me to get Mikey’s birthday shit!” Gerard’s voice complained on the other end of my cell.
“Fuck,” was the next word to roll off my tongue.
“Be ready in 10, motherfucker, or I’ll just have to come and kick your ass out of bed myself,” Gerard laughed, before hanging up the phone.
“Shit,” I groaned.
Before I knew it, I was being shaken by a pair of cold hands. I must have fallen back to sleep, because when I opened my eyes, there was Gerard standing over me with a slight smirk on his face.
“What did I tell you, Mr Iero?” He smiled.
“To go back to sleep?” I tried to act innocent, but that look just didn’t work with the Way.
“Wrong again Frank,” he shook his head and sighed, “Looks like im going to have to get you out of bed myself then.”
“But, Gerard I’m…” before I had chance to tell him that I was naked, he had already whipped the cover off me, and was covering his eyes and apologising to me.
“Agh, shit Frank. Sorry, dude. Just go take a shower and I promise I’ll ask next time I do that. Aaagh, my eyes! It burns!” he giggled.
I ran, laughing, into the bathroom where I turned on the shower and jumped in.
“Shit!” I squeaked.
“What?” I heard Gerard call from outside the door.
“It’s fucking cold!” I laughed. Thanking the lord that my parents weren’t in to hear all of this foul mouthed language, or see all of the naked fun.
“Don’t you sorta need a towel, dude? Where are they? Ill get you one,” Gerard asked, sweetly.
“In the cupboard, second door from the right,” I shouted back, running my fingers through my hair.
After a few seconds and some muffled noises, I heard him shout “Got one!” and knock on the door.
“Come in, its unlocked,” I said, listening as he twisted the door handle and came inside.
“Stay in here, sit and talk to me, I can hear you better in here,” I suggested, knowing that there was a chair in the corner of the room.
“Wont that be kinda weird though? I mean, you are in the shower after all… not wearing any clothes.” Gerard laughed.
“No shit sherlock,” I teased, “Nah, just stay, I don’t give a shit. Besides you’ve seen it now anyway! Exposing me like that earlier, you dirty man!” I laughed.
He laughed back, and I heard the wicker chair squeak as he sat down in it.
“So what are you getting Mikey for his 16th?” I questionned, making small talk as this situation was more awkward than I thought it would be.
“I don’t know. That’s why I needed you, ‘cause you’re the good gift buyer. I swear you’re a fucking girl reincarnated as.. Frank.” He said, making me laugh at his lame ending.
“Okay, im ready to get out now, close your eyes Way!” I laughed, peeking around the shower curtain to see whether or not he had shut his eyes. Noticing that he had, I climbed out and quickly picked up the towel he had brought me, managing to wrap it around my waist quickly enough so that he didn’t see anything he didn’t want to, as he opened his eyes.
“It’s a good job I was done then, ‘cause you just opened your eyes. You could have been mentally scarred forever just then,” I laughed.
He smirked, and discreetly checked out my wet, tanned torso.
“You like what you you see?” I joked, but to my surprise he nodded, looking serious. I stopped laughing for a second or two, and stared at his serious face, getting slightly worried. Not able to hold on much longer, his face cracked and he began to laugh.
“You thought I was being serious?” He giggled.
“You’re too fucking convincing, Gerard,” I said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
We walked into my room, past the shit on the floor, and over to my wardrobe.
“What the fuck should I wear?” I said, looking puzzled.
“Something tight fitted,” Gerard laughed, standing behind me and putting his hands on my hips.
“Ooh, is Gerard horney?” I laughed at what I hoped was a joke. He was really beginning to scare me though, actually.
“Poor Gerard hasn’t had sex in ages, sympathise,” he laughed, picking out a pair of skinny fit jeans from my wardrobe and throwing them at me.
“Frank hasn’t had sex ever, so fucking sympathise!” I laughed.
Gerard also found a nice Iron maiden shirt that I had forgotten that I owned, from the bottom of my drawers. Cautiously, he opened my other drawer and pulled out a clean pair of boxers and flung them at me.
He shut the drawers and turned around to see that they had landed directly on top of my head.
“Good shot,” I mumbled from underneath the material.
“Score!” he laughed.

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