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“Hey Gerard, check out the shit I’ve found!” I yelled in the middle of the store.
“What the fuck?” he laughed, walking around the corner to find me dressed in a pink top hat and star shaped sunglasses.
“Do I look…sexy?” I pouted my lips and danced about a bit.
Gerard picked up a purple feather boa and wrapped it around my neck, “There. Now you’re fucking sexy.”
Laughing, I began to take off the costume and Gerard explored the other isles, looking for the perfect gift for Mikey. Suddenly, I heard him shout, but I didn’t quite catch what he said.
Placing the sunglasses back on the stand, I headed around the corner to find out what all the fuss was about.
“Whoa!” I squeaked, stumbling backwards and covering my eyes slightly, “What the fuck, Gerard!?”
“He’s 16. He’s legally allowed to have sex. This could be interesting.” Gerard laughed that he had scared me.
“Im mentally scarred. You’ve damaged my mind, Gerard Way.” I said, taking away my hand and getting a better look at the whole row dedicated to sex related toys.
“Fuck me sideways,” I said sarcastically, shocked that a store like this would have a whole section devoted to the art of love making.
“With some of this shit I probably could,” Gerard laughed, picking up something large and pink. I didn’t want to know what it was used for.
“Dirty minded, aren’t we?” I laughed at his reply.
“You asked for it,” He giggled, putting down the pink thing and picking up some other thing, “Bingo.”
“What?” I moved closer to him, and looked at what he was holding.
“Its like a blow up doll thing, you shove you’re…” he began.
“Uh, yeah, I got that from the picture on the front,” I laughed, pulling on Gerard’s arm, “Now can we get outta here, ‘cause there are people over there and I think that…”
I was silenced by Gerard’s laughter and his hand on my shoulder, “Don’t worry about it, you’re with me, it’s not like you’re buying any of this shit for yourself, is it?”
“No but, still… It’s weird.” I stuttered, making him laugh as I dragged him over to the other end of the store.

“So, what else can we get for him?” Gerard asked, scanning the shelves for ideas.
“Well, I already got him tickets to see Anthrax, and you got him those Misfits shoes… uhm…” I replied, thinking of other ideas for gifts, “Oh my god ive got it!”
“Oooh, what?” Gerard asked, jumping up and down a few times.
“Well, y’know how he has battered his bass… It’s been thrown into a wall, its neck has been glued back on like, twice, and its all fucking chipped and shit… Why don’t we put some money together and buy him a new one?” I said excitedly.
“Fuck yes! That’s an awesome idea, let’s go!” Gerard grinned, pulling his car keys from his pocket and handing them to me, “You go get in the car and I’ll get this,” he said, waving the doll in the air.

Arriving at the store, we jumped out of the car quickly and basically flew through the door of the shop.
“Right,” Gerard began, scanning the store for the perfect bass.
“Wow!” I shouted, running my finger over a shiny red bass, “This has Mikey Fucking Way written all over it!”
“Oh wow,” Gerard smiled, “How much?”
“Shit! Its waaaaay too expensive, I can’t afford that!” I sighed, after looking at the price.
“That’s what you’ve got me for. Now, how much?” Gerard picked up the tag and smiled, “It aint that bad. How much can you afford?”
“Anything over $100 and im broke,” I said, putting my hands in my pockets and turning them inside out.
“That’s okay. If you pay $100, and I pay the rest, we’re nearly even,” he laughed, motioning with his hand for the sales guy to come over to us.
“No we’re not even! You’re fucking mental, you’re paying like, twice what I am,” I squeaked.
“I don’t care Frank,” he said simply, handing the guy his card as he took away the bass to put it in a case for us, “Can you get me that money for tonight?”
“Sure, I’ll bring it round to your place,” I said, still shocked that he had actually bought the bass.
“Okay, okay, if you’re gonna be Mr I have all the fucking money in the world, at least let me buy him a strap and some shit for it,” I protested, looking at the straps as Gerard entered his pin into the little machine.
“I thought you said you were broke after $100,” Gerard laughed.
“That’s why you are buying it and im gonna pay you back later,” I laughed, handing him a pile of crap, consisting of a black strap with Frankenstein on it, and some stickers to decorate the bass with.
“Wow,” Gerard laughed, paying for the rest of the shit and finally leaving.

“Thanks Gee, he’ll really love all of this,” I smiled, as we got back into the car.
“No problem, and don’t worry about the money for the strap and stuff, just put a tag saying ‘love Frankie’ on it and it’s from you, you don’t need to pay me,” he smiled back.
“You sure?” I asked.
“Yeah, yeah. It’s no problem. Besides, you do lots of stuff for me anyway,” he replied, smiling.
“Like what?” I said, ruining it.
“Okay, you do some stuff for me when you can be bothered, so this is like a repayment.” he laughed.
“You’re a hero Gerard,” I laughed as we pulled up at some traffic lights.
Instead of replying with some sarcastic comment, or even ruffling up my hair as a ‘Thankyou,’ he did something totally out of the ordinary, something I wasn’t expecting at all.
He leaned over, placed his hand on my leg and pressed his cold lips against mine. My hand automatically rose up and parked on his cheek. After a few seconds, the mind-blowing kiss was ended by the sound of car horns behind us. The light had changed from red to green, and we were blocking the road.
We didn’t speak again until we got back to my place.
“Thanks for coming with me to get this shit, I wouldn’t have been able to think of anything without you,” Gerard laughed, rubbing his neck awkwardly.
“No problem, I guess I’ll see you later then,” I replied, beginning to open the car door. As I pulled back the handle and started to push the door, I felt Gerard’s hand on my shoulder. I turned around and our lips met once again.
“Goodbye Frankie,” he smiled as we parted and I stepped out of the car.
“Bye Gerard,” I waved.

“What the fuck did I just do?” I asked myself as I flopped down onto my bed, “He’s like, my best friend. This is totally weird, not to mention the fact that he’s a guy. Ive only ever been with one person before, and I thought I was into girls. I mean, those kisses were amazing. No, that’s stupid Frank; he’s your friend, nothing more. Besides, He’s 22 and you’re only 15, he’s 7 years older. Is that wrong? Oh my god. I have to face him again tonight, what am I going to say? What should I wear? Will it be awkward? Oh hell. What have I done?”
“Frank? Who are you talking to?” my mom called.
“Nobody,” I sighed, lying back onto my bed.
“Okay. Your dinner will be ready soon, love,” she shouted.
“Kay!” I replied.
I thought about what my life was like before I met Gerard and Mikey. I was a loner. A loser kid. An outcast. Those guys put me back onto my feet. Mikey, I met him at school. He was the new kid in my class and I soon made friends with him. We liked the same music, the same books, and the same television shows, it just worked. Then he took me back to his house for tea one night, and I met his parents and his brother, Gerard. When Gerard moved out of his parents’ place, Mikey moved with him, as it was just around the corner and he and Gerard were really close. I started going over there instead, for tea, and we’d get take-outs and Chinese food, and we just got along really well. I instantly befriended Gerard, even though he was so much older than me, and ever since we have been inseparable.
Life just wouldn’t be the same without him.

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