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I hesitated a little before I finally knocked on the door. Gerard answered.
“Hey,” he smiled, inviting me in.
“So, here’s the money,” I said, handing him an envelope with $100 inside it, “I guess I’ll get going then.”
“No, Frankie! Come in! You know you’re always welcome here. Im going out later and Mikey’s at our parents’ place, but you can still come in y’know.” he said, lightly pushing me into the front room and closing the door, “I don’t bite… hard.”
“So, uh,” I stuttered, sitting down on the sofa.
Gerard sat beside me and turned on the TV. “Ooh, before I forget,” he said, leaning over the arm of the sofa and picking up a bag, “Here’s you’re stuff for Mikey.”
“Thanks,” I replied lamely, smiling weakly at him.
After what seemed like years of awkward silence, Gerard finally spoke.
“Frank…” he said in a sing song kinda voice. I didn’t want to know what was coming afterwards.
“Gerard…” I replied stupidly, in the same voice.
“Y’know, about earlier, Im sorry if I freaked you out or anything, y’know.” he stuttered.
“It’s fine, Gee, honestly,” I lied.
“You sure, ‘cause you seem pretty tense. Want a beer?” he replied, standing up to get us both drinks. I nodded.

“There you go,” he smiled, handing me a cold can of beer and sitting back down beside me with his own, “Don’t tell your mom I gave you alcohol, she might kill me.”
I laughed, “I think she’d kill me first, and then bring me back to life to kill you.”
The awkward silence took over the room once more, just after I thought things were getting back to normal. This proves that no good can come of kissing your best friend.
“What?” Gerard broke the silence.
“What what?” I said, getting nervous.
“You said something, I didn’t hear what you said,” he replied.
Shit, did I say that out loud!? “Uhm, never mind,”
“Seriously Frank, you sure you’re okay, you seem really different,” Gerard asked, putting his hand on top of mine, making me twitch.
“See, you even jump when I touch you. Just tell me what’s wrong, I won’t shout or anything. I know I probably made you feel uncomfortable, but c’mon, you know you can always talk to me, Frank,” he smiled.
“Well, it did kinda make me feel uncomfortable, but its not you, its me. I guess I just cant seem to get over that fact that you kissed me, and that I kissed you back,” I said, after thinking it over in my head beforehand, “Gerard, can I ask you something?”
“Anything,” he smiled, his hand still placed on top of mine.
“Are you… y’know… gay?” I finally managed to force the words out of my mouth.
“Im bi, Frank. I like guys and girls,” he laughed.
“Oh. Okay, im totally fine with that by the way. But uhm, can I ask you something else…” I began.
“You don’t have to ask every time you want to ask me something,” he laughed.
“Do you like… me?” I said, closing my eyes after hearing what had just passed my lips.
“To be honest with you Frank, you are gorgeous. I like your eyes and your hair and your... uhm, body. Ive never really thought about it before though, ‘cause you’re my friend and everything. Why do you ask?” he said, smiling weakly.
“Wow. Thanks I guess. Uhm, I just wondered after that kiss and stuff. To be honest, I like your eyes and your hair too. I can’t really comment on your body though,” I laughed slightly, trying to make what I said funny.
Gerard giggled. I guess he was feeling as awkward as I was right now. “You wanna find out if you like my body?” he grinned.
“I won’t say no to that,” I replied.
“I was joking but, you seem keen so I guess I’ll just have to show you some skin,” he laughed.
“Oh, shit.” I said, embarrassed.
Gerard pulled his shirt over his head and stood up, “I was gonna take a shower anyway, ‘cause im going out in a bit, so... uh…” he began to walk towards the bathroom. I followed obediently, not knowing what was going to happen.
“You don’t have to come in if you don’t want to. I was just kidding before,” Gerard said, stopping me before I entered the bathroom with him.
“No, I want to,” I said truthfully. I was curious.
“Fair enough,” he smirked, as we entered the bathroom and he shut the door behind us.
He turned his back to me as I leaned on the wall, and unbuckled his belt. He pulled down the zipper on his jeans and began to pull them down.
“Like what you see?” he smirked, as I had done earlier that day.
I licked my lips, subconsciously, but then realised as Gerard began to laugh.
“I guess that’s a yes then,” he giggled, making me blush.
“Gerard…” I said, shyly.
“Yes, Frank,” he smiled, walking over to where I was leaning.
“Do you mind if I…” I stopped. I wished that I hadn’t begun to ask.
“If you what, Frank?” Gerard teased. I knew he knew what I wanted.
“If I take a shower with you…” I whispered.
“If you take a what with who? I didn’t quite hear you," he laughed.
“Can I shower with you?” I said louder, trying to smile.
“Of course you can,” he smirked, taking my hand and pulling me from against the wall. We moved to the middle of the room and he turned on the shower then turned back to face me. His cold fingers lifted my shirt up slightly and made me flinch as he touched my hips. He pulled my shirt further up until it was over my head.
“You looked better when you were wet,” he smirked, running his finger down my chest, until he reached my jeans.
I wasn’t wearing a belt so it was easy for him to unbutton my jeans and slip them down my legs. I felt slightly uncomfortable at first but after I had stepped out of my jeans, I looked up to find Gerard’s face directly infront of mine. Our lips collided once more and I just knew that everything was going to be okay.
“Are you sure about this, Frank?” Gerard asked, placing his hands on my hips.
I put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes, “Im sure.”

“You go first,” I said, pointing to his boxers, “You’ve already seen mine.”
“Of course,” he laughed, obviously remembering how he uncovered the fact that I sleep naked.
He slowly removed the material that was covering his family jewels. I daren’t look down at first, but my eyes were burning holes in his face so I just had to take a look.
“Fucking hell,” I exclaimed, laughing.
“Now you,” he laughed.
I took off my boxers slowly as he did, adding them to the pile of our clothes. He smiled. “Still looks good,” he laughed.
We both stepped into the shower together, staring into each others eyes underneath the steamy water that was pouring down onto our naked bodies.
“So, you don’t think this is weird then? Me being 7 years older than you, and also being the same sex as you?” Gerard said, just to make sure.
“Y’know, I thought it would be, but actually its not.” I said, smiling to let him know I meant it.
He took some shower gel from the side and poured some onto his hand. He began gently massaging my body with it. I could have stayed like that forever. I repaid the favour, squeezing a healthy amount of the gel into my hand and rubbing it all over Gerard’s body. We both rinsed ourselves clean under the blasting water and stood in the same position we were in outside of the shower, my arms around his neck and his hands on my waist. I gazed into his eyes. I had never realised that he had hazel eyes before.
“We should do this more often,” he smiled, as he pulled me into a hug.

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