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I waited in the bathroom as Gerard went to get us both a towel. I felt exposed, so I covered myself up with my hand until Gerard re-entered the room.
“You don’t have to hide it, y’know. Ive seen it twice now, you have nothing to be ashamed of,” he chuckled, wrapping a towel around his waist and carefully wrapping the other one around me, sending shivers up my spine as he tucked the end in to make it stay.

“So, uhm… what now?” I asked, picking up my clothes from the floor.
“Eagar aren’t we?” Gerard laughed, knowing that’s not what I meant.
“I didn’t mean…” I stuttered, embarrassed.
“I know, im just kidding,” he laughed, before leading me into his bedroom. I hadn’t been in his room for ages. We always hung out in Mikey’s room or in the front room where we could watch TV. I felt special to be sitting on his bed.
“You want me to leave while you dress?” Gerard asked politely.
“No, no… Its fine…” I stuttered, not knowing what to say.
“Really, Frank. I’ll leave if you don’t feel comfortable, you just have to say,” Gerard sat down beside me on the bed.
“I want you to stay,” I said, becoming brave and placing my hand on his leg.
He leaned in and our lips connected. Sparks were flying and my heart felt like it had skipped a beat. My stomach felt like it was going to fall out of my ass and I felt truly happy. A feeling I hadn’t experienced in such a long time.
As we parted I looked down towards my lap, Gerard’s eyes following mine. I noticed that I had a slight problem.
“Can I go sort out my, uhm… problem, please?” I said, embarrassed as usual.
“I can do that for you, if you want,” Gerard smirked, moving back my towel slightly and running his fingers up and down my thigh. My whole body shivered. I simply nodded, and found myself being pushed onto my back.
“Don’t worry, I’ll play nice,” Gerard whispered, before kissing my neck, and licking a trail over my collar bone.
My breathing became heavier as he continued to kiss down my chest and my stomach, until he reached the towel that was covering up my hardness. I could see that he was holding back slightly, as I don’t think he believed that I was 100% sure about this.
“Im fucking sure, Gerard,” I said, before he could ask.
He removed the towel that was covering me, painfully slowly, and finally revealed my cock, which was standing to attention.
He looked up at me and smiled before he lathered my thighs in kisses and finally, the moment I had been waiting for arrived.
He placed his cold lips around the tip of my erection, making my breathing rate soar through the roof. He began to move his mouth up and down, swirling his tongue over my hardness, making me whimper. His teeth gently grazed my delicate skin and the coldness of his lips rubbing against me made me let out a slight moan. I had never experienced this feeling before.
I let my fingers get tangled in his wet, black hair, as he continued to make me moan like I never have before. His hands massaged me gently, sending yet another shiver up my spine.
I bucked my hips in time with Gerard’s mouth and I gasped as the pleasure he was giving me became even more intense. I felt him chuckle to himself, causing me to let out a long and very loud moan.
After a few more seconds, I felt like I was going to explode. “Gerard…” I said breathlessly, before I exploded into his mouth, literally.
He lapped up every last drop of my juices, and gave me one last hard suck before my orgasm had ended. I lay there, breathless and unable to move, smiling stupidly.
“You enjoy that?” Gerard laughed his cute girly giggle, as he noticed the silly smirk on my face.
He crawled up the bed and laid beside me on his front, playing with my hair and stroking my cheek with his hand.
“That was fucking amazing,” I sighed, smiling and turning to face him.
“Have you ever had one before?” Gerard asked, his hand now rested on my chest.
“No, but im glad my first was from you,” I said truthfully, “it was fucking mind-blowing.”
“Im glad to be of service,” he laughed.
I rolled over onto my side to face Gerard. Gazing into his eyes, I realised everything that had happened today was reality, and it wasn’t just some crazy ass dream.
“Gerard…” I said.
“Yes, Frank,” he smiled.
“I cant believe today is real. I mean, this morning I woke up… well, you woke my up on the phone, and I thought today was going to be like just any other normal day. Instead, you revealed the fact that I sleep naked, you sat in the bathroom with me while I showered, we kissed, showered together and you just gave me an amazing blowjob, and it’s all real. Today really happened, Gerard…” I said, not knowing whether to smile, laugh, cry or curl up and die.
“I know. I kinda can’t believe it either. It’s weird to think how I set off to your house this morning thinking that we were just going to buy Mikey some shit for his birthday, and we ended up like this,” he smiled, as he threaded his arm through mine, and his hand rubbed my back.
“Wow,” I sighed, a quizzical look in my eyes.
“You want to ask me something don’t you,” Gerard smiled.
“How do you know?” I laughed.
“I can see it in your eyes. I can read you like a book already,” he giggled.
“Great,” I said sarcastically, “Well, I kinda wanna ask you loads of shit, but I don’t know exactly what I wanna ask or what im going to say, if you understand what I mean.”
“I totally understand,” he smiled, looking deeply into my eyes, “You want to know whether we are like, together, don’t you? You wanna know if this is ever going to happen again, if we’ll go further and if I love you.”
“Uhm, yeah, basically, that’s it…” I smiled, nervously.
“If you want this to happen again, if you want it to be a regular thing and you want to go further, we can. It’s your choice. If you wanna be with me as more than just a friend, it’s up to you, im not gonna put any pressure on you or force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Frank, I really like you, but it is completely up to you where we go from here. If you want us to just got back to being friends, that’s fine with me. Frank, it’s all your choice.” Gerard explained.
“I really like you too and today has been one of the best days of my life. Why would I want this to end? Im happier than I ever have been before right now, and it’s all because of you, Gerard. I don’t want this to end. I wanna be with you, ive made up my mind,” I said, after a moment of thought.
“Are you completely sure about this, Frank? I mean, im not saying no to you, but im just making sure that this is what you really want. You don’t mind that we are the same sex? You don’t mind that you would be classified as being bisexual or gay, if you were with me? You don’t mind that I am 7 years older than you, and you aren’t legally allowed to do.. stuff. Our relationship would probably be seen as being wrong. All of this is okay with you? ‘Cause if its not, please, tell me now. I don’t want you to do something that you don’t really want to do…” Gerard said, lovingly.
“I really really don’t give a shit. I wanna be with you, Gerard, and that’s all that matters. Who gives a fuck about us being ‘gay?’ Who gives a fuck about the age difference? Who gives a fuck that I have to wait another year before the law says I can fuck you? ‘Cause I certainly don’t give a shit,” I said, making Gerard smile.
“Me neither,” he smiled, leaning across and kissing me gently.
I brought my hand up to his cheek and my tongue begged for entrance at his lips. I was allowed access and our tongues got intimate inside our mouths. I didn’t want this to end.
“Gerard?” I heard Mikey shout, “Gerard, you home?”
“Fuck.” he whispered to me, getting up off the bed and closing his door, “Yeah, ive just been in the shower, I’ll be down in a minute.”
“What about his presents, I left them downstairs,” I said, worried.
“What about you! You’re lying on my bed, naked,” he laughed.
“Oh yeah,” I smirked.
He laughed, “If we get dressed quickly, I can go down and distract him whilst you take the presents, get the fuck outta here and come back in about 5 minutes.”
“Yeah but, I thought you were going out…?” I said, looking puzzled.
“Yeah, and you’re coming with me,” he smirked, dropping his towel and finding some boxers.
“Don’t stare, Frankie, its rude,” he laughed.
“It’s just so hard not to,” I giggled, getting up off the bed and beginning to get dressed.

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