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“Oh, hey Frank, come in,” Mikey smiled, opening the door.
I had no idea what to wear, so I was just dressed in a pair of skinny fit jeans and my favourite black flag hoody.
“Gerard still home?” I asked, then realised how that sounded, “I mean... uh... is he home ‘cause I know he’s going out so I wondered if…”
“What’s with you, you’re all… ‘stuttery.’ And yeah, he’s home,” Mikey said, going into the kitchen. I followed obediently.

“Hey Frank,” I heard Gerard’s voice behind me. I turned around to face him, and to my surprise he was wearing the tightest shirt you could ever imagine, that exposed some of his skin, and also black skinny fit jeans.
“What do you think?” he said, holding out his arms to the side and spinning around, laughing.
“Wow, you look totally fucking hot…” I said, a little bit too loud.
Gerard burst out laughing, and Mikey gave me a weird look.
“What the fuck?” Mikey frowned, whilst stirring his coffee.
“I mean… I said…” I stuttered, looking at Gerard for help.
“It was just a joke Mikey. We went to the mall today and there was this really funny kid there. It’s a long story,” Gerard laughed.
“Yeah… what he said,” I sighed a breath of relief.
“Right, we’re off now… See you later, yeah, Mikes?” Gerard said, pulling me towards the door.
“Oh, you’re going too, Frank?” Mikey looked shocked.
“Yeah,” I replied lamely as Gerard pulled me through the door and into a rough kiss when we got outside.
“Mikey might see!” I squeaked into his mouth.
“Do I look like I care,” Gerard said, continuing to press his lips against mine.

“Where exactly are we going?” I asked as I followed Gerard down a dark alleyway.
“A bar, I always go there…” he said.
“But im only 15...” I began.
“Shut the fuck up and they won’t know,” he smiled, pushing me through the door of the bar, a neon sign hanging in the window.
“Gerard!” the guy behind the bar hollered, as we drew closer to the bar. I counted the number of bottles on the shelf. There were 15 different sprits.
“Benny, what ‘sup?” he grinned, pulling out a bar stool for me to sit on, then grabbing one for himself, “Ill have the usual, please.”
The dude handed Gerard a huge glass of some alcoholic shit, and Gerard began to drink.
“And for you?” the guy looked at me. I turned and looked at Gerard innocently. I had no idea what so say.
“Just get him a vodka and coke for now; we’ll be more experimental later.” Gerard laughed, paying the guy.
“I can’t fucking drink tha…” I began to whisper to Gerard.
“So, where you from?” the guy behind the bar asked me.
“Uh, Jersey.” I replied stupidly.
“He lives near me. He’s a very good friend of mine. And by the way, I know he’s a little short, and people often mistake him for being younger than he actually is, but he’s with me so you know he’s a good guy,” Gerard said.
The dude nodded and went to serve some other people.
“You shouldn’t lie,” I said, concerned that I would get found out.
“Technically, I didn’t lie. I didn’t say your age, I just said people mistake you for being younger…” he smirked.
“Clever,” I tried to laugh.
“You seem tense, come with me…” Gerard grabbed my hand and led me through the dance floor and into a small dark hallway with a flickering light.
“Where are we…” I was interrupted by his lips on mine.
“But there’s people…” I began to speak again, but I was silenced once more.
“They don’t give a shit. You’re probably never gonna see them again in your life, don’t sweat it… Now loosen up,” he said, simply, pressing his lips against mine whilst pressing my body against the wall.
“I said, loosen up,” he laughed, rubbing my groin with his hand.
“Argh, Gerard, don’t make... me... hard,” I stammered between kisses.
Gerard just laughed and continued to rub me through my jeans.
“Seriously,” I laughed, “these jeans are really tight, and it will really hurt… uh, too late.”
“Ooof, I turn you on that easily?” he smirked, kissing me deeper, this time his tongue invaded my mouth.
“You know you fucking do,” I said, breathlessly into the kiss.

“Im going to the toilet,” Gerard said, standing to leave, “You stay here, I’ll be right back.”
“Okay, don’t be long,” I smiled as he walked away.
I sat staring into space, thinking about Gerard and all the things that had happened today, when somebody came over to me.
I felt her hand trail across my shoulder as she came and sat down infront of me, her short skirt riding up as she sat.
“Why hello,” she smiled, “I haven’t seen you in here before, what’s your name?”
“F…Frank,” I stuttered.
“Well, hey Frank. Did you come with anybody?” she smiled, innocently.
I felt an arm creep around my shoulders and a pair of familiar cold lips planted a kiss on my neck, “he came with me.”
“Oh…I…” the girl stuttered, like I do when Im nervous or I don’t know what to say. She stood up and walked away hastily.
I turned and smiled into Gerard’s neck.
“You wanna try something new?” he smirked, pointing to my empty glass.
“Sure, why not,” I smiled, watching him sit down beside me. His jeans were so tight that when he sat down, the size of his family jewels was slightly on show. I smiled to myself at that thought.
“What?” he laughed at my expression.
I nodded my head towards his groin.
“Like what you see?” this was beginning to become our catchphrase.

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