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I woke up to find myself lying on top of Gerard, on his sofa. I jumped up when I first noticed him lying beneath me, but then the events of yesterday came rushing back into my mind, and I smiled, resting my head back down on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat, and our chests rose and fell at the same time.
I sat up slightly and brushed my fingertips over his cheek before sitting up fully to stretch my arms.
I nearly had a heart attack when I turned to see Mikey sat on the chair adjacent to the sofa, with a funny look on his face and a tray with 3 mugs of coffee on it, in his hands. I knew this was not going to look good.
“Mikey, you scared the shit outta me,” I smiled, trying to act normal, however he knew that something was wrong.
He said nothing.
“Mikey?” I waved my hand infront of his face.
“What the hell?” he said monotonously, staring at me. I was beginning to wish that I hadn’t woken up.
“I…uhm…we…” I stuttered.
“Every year I manage to find them. How come this year you have managed to hide them so fucking well that even when I turn the whole place upside down, I still cant find the fuckers!?” he said, with a little more life in his voice this time.
I gave him a funny look, “What?”
“My birthday presents…” he scowled.
“Oh, right…” I laughed with relief. Thank fuck that’s all he was talking about.

“Mmmph,” Gerard groaned, as he began to wake up. I was still sat on his legs, so he began to stretch out his arms when he found that he couldn’t move his legs, “Ow, my head!”
“Hangover?” Mikey laughed at his brother, who was trying to rub his eyes, but was completely missing them.
“I think he’s still drunk,” I laughed, wiping Gerard’s eyes for him with my thumb.
“Where am I?” he groaned, holding his head in his hands.
“You are in heaven, Gerard, this is God…” Mikey began, trying not to laugh.
“God?” Gerard said, puzzled.
“Aww, Mikey, don’t fuck with him,” I smiled standing up to get him some pills for his headache.
“What’s up with you being all nice? You usually just laugh and let me take the piss,” Mikey whined.
“I just don’t think its right to mess with him whilst he’s down,” I called from the kitchen. Damn, I sounded like an old woman.
I carried the tray of things that I had prepared, into the room where Gerard lay, half dead, and picked up two mugs of coffee from Mikey’s tray.
“Thanks,” I smiled at Mikey, before placing a damp cloth on Gerard’s forehead. He flinched at first, but after a few seconds a small smile crept across his lips.

“Hey babe,” Gerard smiled, walking into the front room and plonking himself beside me with what seemed like his 598273rd coffee today.
“Babe?” I laughed, strumming another chord on my guitar.
“You don’t like babe? How about… honey?” he laughed.
I pulled a face.
“Sweetie? Chicken?... Cutie pie?” he giggled, pinching my cheek.
“Babe will do just fine, thanks,” I laughed, pushing his hand off my cheek.
“So, what you playing?” he asked.
“Oh, nothing. Just something I made up,” I smiled.
“Play it for me?” he smiled persuasively.
“Do I get a treat if it’s good?” I smirked, moving my eyebrows up and down, making Gerard laugh.
“Of course you do,” he grinned as I began to play.
The melody was very quiet and calm. Gerard bobbed his head slowly in time with the music that I played.
“Hand in mine, into your icy blues, and then I'd say to you we could take to the highway. With this trunk of ammunition too, I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets.” Gerard began to sing quietly as I played.
“I'm trying; I'm trying, to let you know just how much you mean to me. And after all the things we put each other through and I would drive on to the end with you, a liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full. And I feel like there's nothing left to do but prove myself to you and we'll keep it running.”
My playing began to get louder and quicker as Gerard began to sing more confidently.
“But this time, I mean it; I'll let you know just how much you mean to me. As snow falls on desert sky, until the end of everything. I'm trying; I'm trying, to let you know how much you mean. As days fade, and nights grow, and we go cold. Until the end, until this pool of blood until this, I mean this, I mean this
until the end of every…”
I began to play slowly again, as Gerard tapped his foot on the ground.
“All we are, all we are, is bullets I mean this…” Gerard sang repeatedly. I joined in after a while before I suddenly stopped playing, at the same time as Gerard stopped singing.
We looked at each other and smiled.
“We make a good team,” Gerard laughed, “You’re an amazing guitarist.”
“Fuck my guitar playing, what about you!? You’re voice! Its fucking incredible Gerard,” I smiled, stroking his cheek as he blushed.
We sat there in silence for a few minutes, before I decided that I had had enough. I put my guitar down on the floor and put my legs up onto the sofa where we were sat. I leaned across and pushed Gerard back so that he was half sitting, half lying on the sofa. I looked into his eyes for a few seconds, before leaning down and kissing his soft, cold lips. Our tongues embraced inside our mouths as I kissed him adoringly, his fingers running through my hair. His hands crept up my back and made my skin tingle.
“M...M...Mikey,” Gerard stuttered, beginning to sound like me, as his brother walked in.
“Oh...H…Hi Mikey. I was, uhm, I was just…just getting the TV remote from the table, and I had to lean over Gerard to get it. He was asleep so I didn’t wanna wake him by getting up and making a noise, but it looks like he’s awake so, hey,” I smiled weakly, quite proud of my quick thinking.
“Okay, but you can get off him now, Frank,” Mikey stared at us.
“Oh…right…yeah,” I stuttered, becoming my normal self again.
Gerard smirked at me as I sat up and moved to the end of the sofa.
I shot him an evil grin as I picked my guitar back up and began playing ‘Wasted Years - Iron Maiden’ which I know is one of Gerard’s favourite songs.

“Okay mom. I promise I’ll be good. Gerard doesn’t mind. Mom, I swear. Mom!” I whined down the phone to my mom, “Here, talk to him if you don’t believe me.”
I handed the phone to Gerard and sighed, “She wants to talk to you.”
“Hello Mrs Iero,” Gerard said politely.
“I was just telling Frank how you are a young man now and you don’t want Frank under your feet all the time,” I heard her say, as Gerard put the phone on loudspeaker.
“No, really Mrs Iero, it’s fine. I love having Frank over,” Gerard said, trying not to laugh at me flipping the phone off.
“But im sure you have better things to do than look after Frank,” she protested.
“Mrs Iero, don’t worry. Mikey loves having Frank over and I honestly don’t mind him being here. I enjoy his company just as much as my brother does, and he’s no problem when he is here. He always clears up after himself and he is no trouble at all. Believe me Mrs Iero, he’s a lovely young boy and I would like it very much if you would let him stay here for the night,” Gerard said, as though he had practiced it over in his head a few times before speaking.
“Oh alright, if you are sure Gerard,” my mom finally gave in.
“Yes, im sure Mrs Iero,” Gerard replied.
“Call me Linda, sweetheart,” my mom said.
“Okay, im sure Linda, goodbye,” Gerard smiled, hanging up the phone, throwing it to one side, and pouncing on me.
“So im a lovely young boy am I?” I laughed, kissing Gerard on the nose.
“Of course you are, but I wish you weren’t,” he smirked.
“What, why?” I said, scrunching up my nose and pulling a face.
“Because I wish you were a naughty boy, Frank,” he continued to smirk at me.
“I can be naughty if you really want me to,” I said, running my finger down his bare chest as we lay on his bed. He had just got out of the shower and had only a towel covering him.
“Oh really?” he smiled, licking his lips.
“Yeah really,” I smirked, planting a kiss on his stomach. I licked a trail up his stomach to his chest, then rested my chin on his chest and looked up at his face, smiling innocently.
He smiled back, then suddenly, his facial expression changed and he began to speak, “Are you sure you don’t find this weird, Frank? Promise me you would tell me if you did. You’re 15 for Christ’s sake, im sick, im twenty-fucking-two, im a grown man, you’re still young. Im a sick bastard. A sick motherfucking bastard.”
“Gerard,” I said calmly, “You’re not sick. Im with you out of choice. If I didn’t wanna do this, I would have said no yesterday, I promise. Gerard, there’s nothing I want more than to be with you.”
“You really mean that?” Gerard seemed unsure.
I loved the cute look on his face when I said, “Yeah, I mean it babe.”
“You’re amazing,” he smiled, becoming more confident again. I liked that I was confident with Gerard. I always stuttered when I was around other people, but with Gerard I was so much more secure with myself, and I liked how I was the one who seemed to be motivating Gerard to continue this relationship. I am the one who he listened to, and who he believed when he was unsure. I liked how I could pick him up when he was feeling hesitant and insecure.
“You’re more amazing than anybody in the world,” I smiled, “I'll let you know just how much you mean to me,” I sang, quoting his song from earlier.
“You remember the words…” a tear fell from his eye.
I wiped it away with my fingertip and we lay there in silence, just holding each other. It was like something out of a fairytale, only better.

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