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“Morning,” Gerard smiled at me as I entered the kitchen.
“Im making pancakes, want some?” Mikey chipped in.
“Yeah okay. Thanks. And Happy Birthday dude,” I replied, taking a seat beside Gerard and his mug of coffee.
“Thanks. I can’t believe im 16,” Mikey smiled.
“Sleep well?” Gerard smiled, putting his hand on top of mine on my knee under the table as I sat down beside him.
“Great thanks,” I smiled back.
“That sofa wasn’t too uncomfortable?” he laughed.
“It was just fine,” I smirked.
I had slept in Gerard’s bed last night. After playing video games for hours with Mikey, I decided I needed to pee, and when I got to the bathroom, Gerard was waiting for me. He told me to pretend to fall asleep on the sofa in about a half hour so that Mikey would go to bed and I could sneak into Gerard’s room unnoticed.
“Good,” he smirked, dying to laugh.

“I can’t wait for tonight guys, thanks so much,” Mikey smiled, dishing out the pancakes.
“No problem, bro. You deserve a 16th t remember,” Gerard laughed.
“I think im gonna get my hair cut for the party. It’s crappy at the moment,” I said, running my fingers through the greasy mop on my head.
“It’s not crappy, its gorg…nice,” Gerard said, going red.
I laughed, as Mikey gave him a weird look.
“I think I’ll come with you,” Gerard said, trying not to get any redder.
“So…” Mikey hinted.
“So, what?” we said in unison, teasing him.
“Where are my presents?” he smiled.
I revealed the large bag of goods from behind my chair, making Mikey squeak with excitement. We had decided to leave his bass until the beginning of the party later.
He opened each one carefully, making sure to read the gift tag first and thank us separately. Typical polite Mikey.
When he opened the bass strap, he looked slightly suspicious but thanked me anyway, and he was amazed with the misfits shoes. He was equally pleased with his anthrax tickets, resulting in me being hugged to death, and his face was a fucking picture when he opened the doll that Gerard bought him.
“Your own pocket blowj,” Gerard laughed.
“Oh my god,” he squeaked in his high pitched voice, leaving me and Gerard in stitches, crying with laughter.
“What the fuck!?” Mikey laughed, unpacking the doll and blowing it up.
“She’s hot,” Gerard joked, making Mikey laugh even more.
“Guess whose gonna have some fun tonight,” He laughed, nearly making Gerard choke on his pancake.
We deflated the doll and finished our breakfast before we all went and got dressed. Today was going to be awesome, I could feel it.

“You wanna come with?” I asked Mikey as we stood in the doorway, waiting to leave.
“Nah, I think im gonna go see mom and dad, they’ll want me to go around to their place, so I’m gonna go now rather than have them call me asking where the fuck I am,” he smiled.
“Okay, see you later Mikes,” I smiled, “Be sure to be back by 8.”
“Later,” Gerard waved as we left the flat.

“How do you think I should have it done?” I asked, playing with my hair.
“I like it the way it is, but if you want it to be different, then im totally fine with that,” Gerard smiled, running his fingers through his own hair as we walked to the salon, which was just a few blocks away from their flat.
“Thanks, Gee,” I smiled, “You think I should have it dyed?”
“Go for it,” he put his arm around my shoulders, “If it’s what you want, then do it. I’ll like your hair whatever you do to it.”
“Thankyou,” I mouthed, silently, smiling to myself.
“I think im gonna have mine cut. I haven’t had it done in ages, and I think it could do with shaping up a bit. What do you think?” he asked.
“I think that’s a great idea,” I smiled, slipping my arm around his back.

We walked, almost joined together, for the last block before we finally reached the salon.
Entering, we were greeted straight away by a small woman, shorter than me, who offered us coffee which of course we said yes to.

I was feeling extravagant and experimental, so I decided on a style and colour quickly and was laid back in my chair having my hair dyed within the next 5 minutes.
Gerard on the other hand, was having trouble explaining to the lady, exactly what he wanted her to do with his messy hair.
I liked the way his hair flopped back into place when he ran his fingers through it, and I liked how it was always messy, but it still looked good.
I thought about Gerard whilst the lady massaged dye into my hair.

After about an hour and a half, my hair was finally all finished. Gerard was finished about an hour ago, but we had promised that we would wait until we were both done, before we saw each other.
“Gerard,” I said, walking over to the chair he was sat on, “What do you think?”
He turned around to face me. His hair hung loosely around his face as usual, and I could tell that he had been running his fingers through it from the way it draped across one of his eyes. He had had it shaped so that it framed his face perfectly. It was still around the same shoulder length that it usually was, but it seemed to look even better than it did before we got to the shop.
“You look amazing,” I smiled before he could speak.
“Oh my god,” his jaw hung open, “Frank, I don’t know what to say.”
“Telling me whether you like it or not would be a good start,” I laughed.
I had had my once brown hair dyed black, and had bangs put in which fell across my eye. It was quite a lot shorter, and the hairdresser had spiked the back up a bit.
A smirk crept across Gerard’s lips as he stood up infront of me.
“You look fucking gorgeous, Iero.”

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