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“He’s coming!” I shouted to everybody, looking through the small hole in the door, watching as Mikey walked up the stairs.
“Everybody down!” Gerard shouted.
Hearing a key turn in the door, we quickly made sure that everybody was out of sight, before greeting Mikey as he entered.
“Where is everybody? It’s 8…” Mikey looked puzzled.
“Im so sorry Mikey,” I said, covering my mouth with my hand and looking apologetic.
“What for? What’s going on you guys?” Mikey looked worried.
“Dumb ass over there only forgot to send out the fucking invites,” Gerard said as remorsefully as possible.
“What?” Mikey looked upset, “Oh my god.”
“Im so fucking sorry dude,” I bit my lip.
“No, its okay Frank. We’ll have a good time, just the three of us. I don’t need a party to have fun,” Mikey said, unconvincingly.
“SURPRISE!” everybody shouted, jumping out of their hiding places.
“Oh my…” Mikey was speechless.
“That was priceless!” Gerard laughed, “You should have seen your face!”

“Mikey, come over here, we’ve got s surprise for you,” Gerard and I said in unison.
“Okay, what is it!?” he squeaked excitedly, following us.
We had wrapped up the bass in newspaper, which had taken us fucking ages, but it was all worth it when we saw Mikey’s face light up as he set his eyes on the bass shaped newspaper package.
“You didn’t!” he gasped, ripping off the paper, “Fucking hell guys!”
“You like it?” I asked, before Mikey jumped on me.
“Of course I fucking do! Oh my god guys, you really shouldn’t have!” he squeaked, letting go of me to hug Gerard.
“Glad you like it Mikes,” Gerard smiled at how happy his brother was.
“Well, let the party begin,” I smiled, running into the kitchen.
Seconds later I returned with 3 bottles of beer, “Everybody help yourself to the shit that’s in the kitchen!”
Gerard had bought shit loads of alcohol, and I had paid half towards it, making me even more skint than I already was.
I handed Mikey and Gerard a beer each and challenged them to a drinking contest. Of course Gerard won hands down, followed by me, then Mikey who was still an amateur.
“You’re learning,” Gerard laughed, ruffling up my hair.
“Hey!” I squeaked, flattening my hair back down into place, making Gerard chuckle.

After several more beers, several more hours, several more songs played at full blast on the stereo, I finally collapsed on the sofa next to Mikey.
“Having a good time!?” I yelled over the music.
“What?” Mikey shouted as the room went quiet as the song changed.
“Having a good time?” I said again, laughing at Mikey’s red face.
“Yeah thanks. I really appreciate this, Frank,” he smiled.
“No problem dude,” I continued to laugh.
“Your hair looks good,” Mikey commented, as a slower, quieter song began to play.
“Thanks. And I can actually hear myself think now,” I said, hiccupping slightly at the end of my sentence making Mikey laugh.
“How many have you had?” He giggled.
“I don’t fucking know but im happy,” I said in a sing song voice.
Mikey laughed, as I sang along to the song.
I didn’t realise at first what was going on. It was only when I felt a hand pull my face around that I became conscious of what was happening. It was Mikey’s hand that had pulled my face around to face his, and Mikey’s lips that were pressed against mine. The drink must have gone to my head, as I found myself kissing him back, my hand on his thigh and my body leaning on his as we made out in the corner of the room, people dancing around us not noticing.
We parted for a few seconds to burst into a fit of awkward giggles, before our mouths became locked once more. It was as if our lips were magnetic.
“Mikey,” I paused, “What the fuck?”
“I think we just made out…” Mikey laughed before falling silent as Gerard came and sat with us.
“Im fucking hungry,” Gerard slurred. It was obvious that he had had way too much to drink. Mikey and I seemed sober compared to him, “Why is the ceiling pink?”
“The ceiling isn’t pink, Gee,” Mikey said, concerned for his older brother.
I myself was particularly worried. Last time he had been this drunk, I had been just as drunk so I wasn’t bothered in the slightest, but this time I was sober enough to be anxious and want to try and stop him from drinking more. I put what had just happened to the back of my mind, it was the least of my worries now, and I focused my attention on Gerard who was swaying from side to side.
“Gerard I think you should slow down with the drink, dude,” I said, trying to take the bottle of vodka from his hands.
He downed the contents of it in one large swallow, leaving me stunned.
“What ‘sup Fwankie?” Gerard giggled hysterically. Something wasn’t quite right.
“Gerard, are you okay?” I asked, not noticing that Mikey had left.
“Im fucking fine Frank, fucking incredible,” he continued to giggle.
“Gerard im serious, how much have you fucking had?” I tried to smile at him.
“I didn’t keep count,” he chuckled, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the kitchen. Noticing that there were people in there, he quickly turned around and dragged me into his bedroom, closing and locking the door behind us.
His lips crashed onto mine with such force that I fell backwards onto his bed, with his body following mine close behind.
“Gerard,” I said between kisses. I must admit, I was enjoying this, but I knew that something wasn’t right.
“Wanna try something?” He smirked.
“What?” I asked, curious.
He rummaged through his pocket and pulled a box out. Opening it up for me to see, I saw 5 small cigarettes made of what looked like foil, lined up neatly in a row.
“What the…” I began, then realising what it was, “they aren’t normal cigarettes are they Gerard?”
He remained silent, shaking his head to say ‘no.’
“Gerard, have you smoked some already?” I asked cautiously.
“No,” he said simply, shaking his had rapidly from side to side like a little child.
“Gerard, please don’t lie to me,” I put my hand on his knee, concerned.
“Im not, Frank. I just took a few pills. My dealer was here, he’d come with some friends and I remembered how good I used to feel when I smoked this shit, so I went over to him,” he hiccupped, “I said I wanted some fun, so he gave me some pills. Then he gave me this, the usual. I paid him, took the pills and left him to find you.”
“What… is it?” I asked, still slightly curious.
“Coke,” he said quietly.
“What? Isn’t that like, really illegal,” I said, lamely.
“Who gives a fuck? Trust me, it makes you feel like you are on top of the world,” he smiled, taking one out of the box, “Not like those pills he gave me. I felt happy and energetic for about 2 minutes and now look at me, back to fucking normal.”
He took a lighter out of his other pocket, and handed it to me.
“Try it, you’ll love it,” he smiled.
I could tell that he had been drinking too, as he was never pushy when he was sober. He would never tell me to do something like this without the influence of alcohol. Like when we went out, after he had had a drink or two, he bought endless amounts of different drinks and dared me to taste them all, but before this party he told me not to drink anything if I didn’t want to and not to feel pressured just because everybody else was drinking. At this moment, I missed the considerate, caring, sober Gerard.
“I don’t think I want to,” I lied. I really did want to try it, just out of curiosity, but I was scared of the effects, and didn’t want to be pushed.
“You’ll be missing out Frank,” Gerard said, taking the lighter back from me and lighting the cocaine cigarette. I could smell how strong it was just by breathing in. He looked relaxed as he took his first drag.
“Come on Frank, get high with me,” he said, closing his eyes and putting his head back on the wall.
I decided to take the risk. My heart pounded in my chest as I took one of the cigarettes in between my fingers. I was used to holding cigarettes as I smoked sometimes when I was with Gerard alone. My hand shook as I took the lighter from Gerard’s hand.
“Ah, good decision Frankie,” Gerard smiled, his eyes still closed.
I lit the cigarette and put the end to my lips slowly. Taking the smallest drag possible, I had a strange taste in my mouth as I blew out the smoke.
Gerard continued to take long drags, sighing after each one. I decided to be daring and do the same. Shutting my eyes too, I took a long drag. The effects were almost instant. I felt light-headed but really happy. I cant really explain how ecstatic I felt after just one drag. I felt as though I could fly. I just wanted to bounce off the walls or run around singing at the top of my lungs.
Gerard opened his eyes to see me take another drag and smile. He too smiled. We both finished off our cigarettes, putting them out in Gerard’s ash tray he kept underneath his bed, and we sat together, waiting for the effects to really kick in.
My eyes went fuzzy for a second and I felt the urge to talk. I wanted to talk lots. A sudden feeling of euphoria took over my body and I felt as high as a kite. I looked at Gerard, who began to smirk.
I had an urge to just jump on him. Jump on him and rip his clothes off. I could see that he had the same idea. My heart began to beat ten times faster then usual and I just dived on Gerard, without any warning whatsoever.
“I want you so bad,” he whispered in my ear as I kissed his neck.
To be honest ive never wanted anything more in my life. I just wanted to rip his clothes off his body and fuck him hard.
“Ive never done this before but I really want to. I want this more than anything. Fuck me Gerard. Fuck me hard. I want you so much. I really need you. Fuck me,” I said quickly, making him smirk.
“My pleasure,”

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