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The next few weeks were pretty rough for Kaylyn. She was havin serious withdrawl issues and the only thing that kept her from totally freaking out was Gabe. He never left her side, well, except to let either one of them pee. But even with going to the bathroom, he'd stand guard outside the door to ensure there wasn't another incident. Most of the time Kaylyn hated that Gabe was this way, but when she was calming down from her withdrawls, she couldn't be happier that he was helping. She didn't want to go to rehab, so she let Gabe run her rehab. Plus all the making out made it much better. :)

Kaylyn wasn't sure what would be happening in the next few weeks with her and Gabe. He was leaving soon for tour and she'd be left here all alone and she knew that she wasn't strong enough to do this all on her own yet and Joe had gone back to Chicago.

Kaylyn laid in bed just thinking about these things. She feared the change that was about to happen with her and Gabe. Him being gone for that long would be too hard on her. She opened her eyes and glanced at him. He really was freakishly tall and they needed to make beds for people like him. He was sprawled out across the bed, sheets all tangled around him and his feet dangling off the edge randomly. She loved how unique he was, even in his sleep.

Kaylyn slid out of the obstacle course Gabe's body made on the bed and walked into the kitchen. She was so incredibly thirsty! Gabe had filled the fridge with all sorts of Vegan items and Kaylyn was slowing becoming one just out of sheer default. She took out the soymilk in the fridge and poured herself a glass. The taste always confused her because it was too sweet to taste like milk, yet almost made her think that it was going bad at the same time. Such a confusing taste in her opinion and Gabe made fun of her for it everytime she said it aloud.

Gabe walked up behind an unsuspecting Kaylyn and poked her playfully from behind with his morning erection.

"GABE!" She squealed at the unexpected poke to her backside and Gabe just laughed.

"What? It's all your fault and you know it." He walked over and poured himself a glass of juice, completely comfortable with his boner sticking out and clad in just boxerbriefs.

"Well you could not poke me with it." She said matter of factly.

"But what's the fun in that?" Gabe said with a smirk on his face and then slapped her hip with the still stiff boner.

"What the fuck? So you're just beating me with it?" She laughed hard and so did Gabe.

"Well you won't beat it, so it's beating you," he laughed out and then kissed the top of her head. "I'm taking a shower," he announced and walked into her bathroom. They hadn't even fooled around and he was comfortable enough to slap her with his penis. That is what makes Gabe Saporta awesome, he just doesn't fucking care.


All of Cobra was at Gabe's apartment along with a few other friends who were joining them on tour and they were discussing the specifics. Who was doing what and so forth. Kaylyn sat there, watching the most unorganized conversation go on.

"This is ridiculous," Alex said and ran a hand through his hair.

"It's actually pretty entertaining, and nothing is getting done," Kaylyn commented back. Alex laughed and nodded in agreement. Gabe stood up and was getting all excited about something, then half way through his sentence stopped and sat back down.

"ADD much Gabe?" Vicky said and everyone laughed.

"FUCK YOU VICTORIA," he teased and everyone laughed. The classic ADD Gabe video on Friends or Enemies relived where Gabe yells that at Vicky.

"Okay guys, we still have a lot to work out. I mean, our merch guy is on tour with another band so we need a new one." Ryland said, getting the group back on track after the laughter subsided.

"Why doesn't Kaylyn do it. She used to help Fall Out Boy do it on the Honda Civic Tour." Alex suggested and everyone turned to Kaylyn and she looked around a little shocked that they wanted a recovering druggie on tour with them.

"You should, that way we can make sure you continue to get better," Gabe said sweetly and gave her hand a light squeeze.

Kaylyn smiled at his sweet gesture. "Why not, I'm not working right now anyways." She didn't want to express her excitement too much, but she was praying he'd ask her on tour, and at least this way she'd be too busy to even think about drugs.

Sorry it's really short, but I just wanted to get a little something out there. And that FUCK YOU VICTORIA video is the best. I swear to God Gabe has ADD like you wouldn't believe. When I talked to him and when he's talking in videos regaurdless you can almost sense that his mind is racing with a million thoughts. Too funny, so watch it!
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