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So I got to meet Gabe at Vans Warped Tour and it was exciting! Well I met all of Cobra and all of Gym Class Heroes. I was pretty excited, but we missed The Academy Is performance, which pissed me off quite a bit. Oh well, I'll live. Gabe was so incredibly friendly that it was impossible not to feel 100% comfortable talking to him. Pretty much all of Cobra was like that.

Anyways, on with the story!

Kaylyn was so glad to be free from the hospital. No more needles that didn't make her high, no more nurses and nosey doctors, no more of anyone being in her business. Well, for the moment that is. She was sure that Gabe, Joe and Patrick were at her place now, tearing through her shit and looking for her stashes. They had all made her promise to stop, but she didn't want to. She'd just be more careful about it.

The cab dropped her off in front of her building and she walked up to the elevator.Okay, here we go she thought and climbed into the elevator to make it to her floor. There was no sound coming from her apartment at all, which was surprising. Kaylyn unlocked the door and opened it to find Joe asleep on one couch and Gabe passed out on the other, his legs hanging over the arm rest. It was only noon, why were they asleep? Did they have a party in her apartment last night or something?

A large vase filled with orchids sat on her kitchen table and she smiled. She knew that they were from Gabe, he was always doing something sweet like that for her. I bet his girlfriend would kill him if she saw this she thought as she smelled one of the orchids. She heard Gabe stir behind her and he sat up on the couch and glanced over at her.

"Morning Kay," he said and he wiped his tired eyes before making his way over to her in the kitchen.

"Gabe, these are beautiful." She said and began filling the vase with a little more water.

"I was surprised that they lived. I brought them with me when I found you." He said softly and watched the woman he was desperately in love with.

"Why were you bringing me flowers?" She asked, she had assumed they were get well flowers.

"Because I love you," was his response and he moved closer to Kaylyn.

"Gabe," she said with a small smile. "You have a girlfriend, what are you doing?"

"I would call her up and kick her ass to the curb if you would just give me a chance." He said with a smile, but he was dead serious.

"Gabe, I don't think that's a good idea." She needed to get out of this conversation and fast before he would corner her again and ask her for a reason. He knew she loved him too, so none of her excuses were valid. "So what were you guys doing here anyways?"

Gabe stepped back and leaned against the counter, crossing his arms. "Cleaning out your place."

She simply nodded and walked off to her bedroom and pulled her Cobra Starship shirt out and some jeans. She was wearing the same clothes from the other day and really wanted to change. She closed her door and slipped out of her dirty clothes. She was losing weight and she could tell when she slipped on her jeans. She had to wear a belt to keep them from falling down around her petite hips. She walked into the bathroom to fix her hair and makeup and she looked like shit. How is Gabe in love with this? She thought as she tried to make herself look pretty. Joe appeared in the doorway, his hair all over the place.

"Hey sis," he said and sat down on the toilet to talk to Kaylyn.

"Hey Joe," she said and continued to apply her eyeliner.

"You hungry? Gabe was thinking we'd all get some lunch somewhere."

"Sure," she said and she spritzed her long brown hair with some spray and scrunched it slightly.

"We're leaving in a minute, I just need to pee." Joe said and Kaylyn left the bathroom. She walked into the living room to find Gabe shirtless. She watched Gabe as he pulled a tight tshirt over his toned abs, her heart beating faster at the sight. Gabe looked over at her after he adjusted the shirt.

"You want to get lunch?" Gabe asked and put on his shoes, completely oblivious to the show he had just given her.

"Um, yea."

"Good, because I am starving."


I need it so bad it fucking hurts me. Why won't Gabe and Joe just leave me alone? I'll be fine, I just need one more and then I'll be done. I swear. Kaylyn thought as she sat in the chair watching the movie, she didn't even know what was going on. Her mind was too busy racing with thoughts of getting high. Joe and Gabe had been taking shifts with Kaylyn to make sure she stayed clean. Bianca, Gabe's girlfriend, had been getting increasingly angry because Gabe was never around until she eventually dumped him and moved out. Kaylyn was oblivious to this situation because Gabe never told her about it.

Joe and Gabe were pretty into the movie and she figured she would have at least 5 minutes before they would notice she was gone. She got up nonchalantly and walked into her bedroom. She had gotten some OxyContin when she was out alone yesterday and had been waiting. She knew she didn't have time to shoot it up, so she'd have to snort it instead. She quietly made her way into the bathroom and shut the door. She was scared that they'd hear the crushing of the pills, so she turned the fan on in the bathroom.

The door swung open and Gabe was standing there and Kaylyn looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Kay!" Gabe yelled and walked over, ripping the bag away from Kay's grip, the little pills crushed almost all the way inside. "Where did you get this?"

"I bought it yesterday. Give it back to me!" She reached for it and Gabe held it high above her in the air. Joe walked in and saw what was happening.

"What the fuck Kaylyn?!?!!?" He was just as furious as Gabe. Gabe handed the bag to Joe. "I'm flushing it."

"No don't! That's not your decision!" She yelled and tried to reach for the bag. Gabe had to grab Kaylyn by her wrists and shake her to get her attention.

"Kay, if you take this bag away from Joe, you will never see my face again. I'm not fucking around either. I will walk out that door and never speak to you again."

"Same with me. I want my sister back, not some strung out druggie hiding in the bathroom to snort OxyContin." Joe said with the same intensity.

Kaylyn had never been given this option, the people she loved or the drugs. She broke down and began crying. How pathetic was she for even thinking about it? She couldn't decide what she wanted more and that's when it dawned on her that she was a strung out druggie that no one wanted around anymore. Gabe released his grip on her wrists and she took the bag from Joe. Gabe couldn't believe his eyes, she had chosen the drugs over them. Gabe's broken heart was shown on his face until he watched Kaylyn flush the drugs herself. She immediately turned and hugged Joe tightly.

"How did I get like this?" She sobbed into his shoulder and he just shushed her. After about a minute he gently passed Kaylyn onto Gabe. She hugged him tightly and he wrapped his long arms around her body. Joe left the bathroom so that the two could have some privacy.

"I'm going to be here to help you Kay, I'll make sure everything is okay." He said and kissed the top of her head.

Kaylyn pulled away from Gabe slightly and looked up at him, tears still streaming down her cheeks. "I need you to help me, I can't do it alone."

Gabe couldn't help it, and he feared rejection yet again, but he didn't care because it was worth a shot. He crashed his lips onto hers for the first time and she didn't resist this time. She had wanted this just as badly as him, she just fought her feelings. Gabe cupped her face, his hands in her hair slightly and kissed her tenderly over and over again. He had been waiting years for this moment and he never wanted it to end and neither did she.
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