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not good enough for the truth cliche

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Frank Iero sister ali just got back into town from traveling and gerard still likes her but hasen't seen her since they were sixteen.

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sorry this is short idk wat i am going to do with this give me R&R so i know if i should keep it going

Franks POV

Knock Knock

“What the fuck 3 in the fucking morning who the……," I opened the door, "ALI?” it didn’t look like her at first but I knew it was her. “How have you been? What the fuck at 3 a.m.”

“Uhm I’m sorry it’s just that I decided to move back home and I wanted to know if I can stay here.”

“Fuck of course, let me tell Gerard he’s….” she cut me off “NO NO NO you know how I feel bout him and Mikey…” she drifted of in thought and out loud” I wonder if he is still mad”

“NO! He isn’t he still likes you” I yelled.

“Okay chill well I call your room got any PJ’s?”

“Yeah get a T and a pair of Gerard’s boxers,” is said while rubbing my neck.

“Okay, Thanks, Love you loser” she kissed my cheek and ran upstairs with her long black hair I missed her wonderful smile. I wondered if she had changed at all. I fell asleep on the couch.

Ali’s POV

I woke up early to take a shower. I got out and didn’t even bother Frank’s make-up, well eyeliner, or clothes just put on a towel and walked down stairs. Frank was sleeping thank god I didn’t want him to catch me taking food. I grabbed a Jones Soda then, I turned around and there he was in the living room, just standing there I got kind of scared he was mad or at least had that look on his face.
He started yelling at me, “What the fuck Ali first you steal my room, my clothes, my water, and now my food. Well on thing is for sure you better be making me something.” He laughed hugged me then picked me up over his shoulder. I dropped my soda and luckily the cap was on and I didn’t break. Frank and I were laughing then when we turned around Gerard was glaring at me I froze. I was scared.
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