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DEAL or go

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Gerard catches Frank and Ali havin fun but he doesnt remembe who she is.

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Gerard’s POV

He was with another girl what the hell! She was in just a towel my blue towel. As frank slowly set her down she stared at me I bout went off on her I was so mad. She picked up the bottle on the floor looked at Gerard and said, “I am going to make biscuits and gravy now, be right back.”

I lost control on him, “You’re cheating on Maria you stupid little fucker how could you!”

He laughed at me and finally got out, “chill!”

“I will not fucking chill you are a cheater how could you cheat on her with that, that chick,” stupid whore.

“That chick has a name its Ali stupid, and let me explain she’s….”

I was disgusted. “Let me guess she’s, she’s nothing just a one night thing, your whore, whatever I get it”

“LOOK!” he yelled, all of a sudden the whore walked in and whispered something in his ear. He laughed and got a smile on his face I was to pissed to talk. So I just walked past frank and looked out the window.

The whore spoke, “breakfast is ready!” she had a stupid grin on her face. I walked in the kitchen and sat at the table her and frank were sitting there whispering to each other and making me sick.

I was so mad. She started to talk to me DAMMIT."So how is the band haven't talk to Frank since we were sixteen" I looked at her puzzling she walked by me and whispered in my ear, "thought it was time to visit my brother." My fork along wit my head dropped.

"Yo Frank I am going to borrow clothes and go shopping later. Okay?" She stopped batted her big brown eyes at me and said,"You want to go Gerard that's only if you don't mind being seen with a whore." Frank looked at me and laughed.

I looked at him and stuttered, "D-dude I-I-'m s-s-s-so s-s-sorry"

"It okay, But you have to take he shopping and she dives. I don't trust you with her car."

"DEAL," I yelled
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