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ducks and duct tape

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Ali has secerts and Gerard is falling for her picking up where he left off so many years ago

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She came downstairs in a white Green Day T shirt and jeans. Her only make-up was eyeliner. She looked beautiful I stood up from the table.

“Going to get dressed?” she asked I was to nervous to speak I just shook my head yes.

Ali’s POV

I decided I want to freak him out a bit. So, I moved my parents old mustang you know the box ones, well anyway I moved it next to my Lambo. Gerard walks downstairs and frank whistles at him. I busted out laughing. He was wearing a MCR shirt and my jeans.
“See you later Ali Bo” Frank called out.

“Same to you Frankie boo.” I yelled back.

I whispered in his ear, “Watch this.”

“Secrets aren’t fair Ali and Frankie.” Gerard blurted.

We walked out he look at the cars and walked towards the mustang and yells to Frank, “You don’t want me driving this why?”

“Because it’s the rents,” Frank and I yelled.

Once again he drops his head Frank and I laugh. I thought he look really cute with his hair in hi face. I kissed my brother bye and ran to the car. Gerard was in there. I did a Dukes of Hazard slide across the hood successfully; turned back to Frank he shook his head and yelled, “That all you learned from Indiana?” I just got in the car and drove off.

I turned on the radio and Lollipop came on. He gave me a sexual look I shook my head and laughed. I wondered what he was thinking. I wondered if he felt the same way, should I fake cry, grab his hand and put it to my face. I had decided.

Gerard’s POV

She looked gorgeous and I loved her. She grabbed my hand I freaked and pulled away from her, stupid stupid. Her phone rang. I wondered who it was.

“Max…….Oh my god…… way I miss you too……what you…….ah….oh just with an old friend… way can’t wait……love you too later babe.” Oh fuck she’s taken. I quickly grabbed my phone and texted frank and asked if she was taken. A few seconds I got a respond.

“uhm, Who was that if you don’t mind,” I asked nervously.
“My friend Max Green he is like my brother”
“Oh,” tell her dammit do it already. She was pulling into a gas station, perfect. I slowly said, “I” and I slipped I rushed, “I FUCKING STILL LOVE YOU!” She slammed on the brakes and then finally reality hit her and she pulled up to the gas pump
All she said was, “I’ll be right back.” She was still gorgeous. I decided to call Frank.

“Hey I told her how I felt.”

“Oh you mean that she’s a whore,” he started to laugh.

“NO that I fucking love her!” He choked on whatever he was eating.

“What the fuck did she say?”

“Nothing she just ran in the gas station.”


“Well I am going to call and tell mike that she’s in town okay?”

“YOU CAN’T SHE, she didn’t want me to tell you she was here because she thought you were mad at her still. Oh and Maria broke up with me.”

“Oh sorry dude, well got to go she’s coming.”

She got in the car and just sat there. I turned her head to me and kissed her on the lips no tongue I pulled away and brushed the hair out of her face. She smiled I felt well I could tell she did.

“I love you” I said it with a smile.

“I love……you….too” she inhaled like she had been crying I knew something was up, and then I noticed her arm.


Okay soo i usaully leave off right before i switch cause those are the good parts lol
Rates and Reveiws later
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