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“Ali what the hell!” I was mad she started crying again or what I thought was again.


“What do you mean what? Are those fresh or old? I can’t believe you cut. My god for fucks sake!”

“I thought you said you love me just to say it okay you don’t deserve me at all lets eat okay I am hungry I want to have fun not fight please,” she batted them big brown eyes and I melted.

“Of course I am sorry.”

“Oh and don’t tell Frank and I won’t tell him you yelled.” I shook my head and decided I need to talk to Frank.

Ali’s POV

We pulled into eat I had to go to the bathroom so Gerard got us a booth. He was so sweet I loved him. As I came out of the bathroom a guy grabbed my butt and I tuned around he knocked his drink on me. Ice was down my shirt and everywhere. He kept grabbing ice from down my shirt. Then Gerard came up behind me grabbed my ass and wrapped his arms around my waist then I looked up and him and he kissed me. My white shirt was soaked. My black and pick skull and crossbones bra showed though all Gerard said was “That’s a good look for you but I probably couldn’t pull is off.”

We walked out side then he ruined it. “You’re my bitch now.”

I whipped around and look him straight in the eyes and said, “Don’t call me that I don’t like it remember when Mikes learned?”


“Speak of the devil don’t say who I am I want to see what he says.”

He walked up trying to be all big and bad. Gerard held me in his arms around me. Alicia recognized me because I told her I was coming into town and asked her not to tell Mikes because I had payback.

“Awwwww Gerard had a new bitch.” I turned around and punched mikes in the gut and said, “How’s it going Mikes? Remember me……oh hi Alicia. Later call me.” As I backed out Mikes was still rolling on the ground.

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