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Chapter 1 - It isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun

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On their way home from a night out when something goes terribily wrong.

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Hope's P.O.V

I rapped my jacket tighter around the skinny frame I called a body as the rain started pouring down harder against my face. I could feel the mixture of eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara running down my cheeks as I walked faster. I was on my way home from a night out with my friend. She was legless, is the only way I could describe it, she was dancing around as happy as could be a few feet in front of me, I couldn't help but laugh at her. She turned the corner and into an alleyway, I laughed at the fact she didnt know where she was going when we only lived a few streets down. It's a good job I don't drink anymore or we'd have no chance finding the way home. I ran after her shouting "Lizzy you daft cow, your going the wrong..."
I froze on the spot, that can't be what I thought it was. I walked slowly round the corner to see Lizzy on the floor. I looked down to her chest to see her hand gripping tightly as blood ran between her fingers. I ran over to her side and sat down beside her. "Lizzy what happened" I started as the tears ran down my already wet face mixing with the rain water as they fell "Who did this to you?" She looked up towards something behind my head. I slowly turned around to see a tall, well built man struggling to stay to his feet as he pointed a .22 gun towards my head. I could tell that he was just as drunk as Lizzy was and I could probably have pushed him over with my little finger but I didn't want to risk it considering the gun was almost touching my head.
"Stand up" he demanded. I looked back towards Lizzy who was now struggling for breath
"NOW" he shouted. I turned back to him and quickly obeyed, he pushed me up against the wall by my neck lowering his gun but only slightly.
"Well, well, well aren't we a pretty one" He slurred his words, I could smell the vodka and stale cigarettes on his breath. It disgusted me and I turned my head away from him, he slapped me hard in the face.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you bitch" he demanded, my cheek started to sting and I could feel it getting redder and redder, but I listened to what he said and starred right into his eyes, his eyes were bright blue and full of hatred for someone, not for me or Lizzy, I guess we just got caught in the middle. I felt him move his hand down to my waist.
"It seems a shame to let all that prettiness go to waste" he started to move his hand to my skirt and attempted to pull it up, I quickly kicked him hard between the legs and fell to the floor. He screeched in pain as he raised his gun again but instead of shooting he hit me across the head with it at such force that I must have blacked out, but only for a second, as I looked up I saw him pointing the gun at me once again with his finger slowly pulling on the trigger, I could feel myself go dizzy and my eyes start to close again before I heard a gunshot. My eyes shot open as I looked at my stomach... Nothing... no bullet hole, no blood. I looked back up to see the man being fought to the floor by 4 men as a 5th came over to me. I couldn't see him properly because my vision was blurred from the blood now running down my head from the gash and into my eyes.
"We need to get you out of here" he quickly said noticing the blood.
"L-Lizzy" I stuttered. The man looked to where Lizzy was lay and then back to me with a worried face.
"W-what is it" I asked, but before he could answer I blacked out.

I woke up with a jump and hit my head on the roof "Ahhh shit" I moaned to myself, since when can I touch the roof in my room, my eyes shot open to an unfamiliar room... no... not even a room it was just like a little compartment with a bed and then a curtain next to me. I heard russling coming from somewhere outside the cramped compartment and I stared in shock as someone pulled back the curtain.
"Who the hell are you" I asked as I saw a small thin man with tattoos. He had short brown hair with a long fringe over one side of his face and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.
"Hi, I'm Frank but you can call me Frankie" he said with a big grin, which was kind of scary but cute at the same time.
"Frank man, don't grin at her like that you'll creep her out" Another voice came.
"Sorry" He said still looking at me so I guess it was me he was apologizing to.
"Oh... It's fine" I replied still mesmerized by his eyes.
"Good" He said with a small sigh of relief "See Toro it's all gurrrddd" He said to the guy who spoke before. This guy had a awesome brown curly fro down to his shoulders and brown eyes to match, he was a lot bigger than Frank but he didn't look scary big, if you know what I mean.
"Stop acting like you're a gangsta, it doesn't fool anybody" He replied. He had a point really, Frank didn't at all look like a gangsta, he looked to sweet.
"Just break my dreams then Toro" he moaned pouting.
"I thought you'd already achieved your dreams?" 'Toro' asked.
"Yeh, well now I want to be a gansta init bruv" He answered swinging his arms around not at all looking like a gansta.
"Whatever... I'm Ray by the way" He said turning back to me.
"Hi... I'm Hope" I said back "What happened... I can't remember"
The two men just looked at each other before Ray spoke.
"Do you not remember anything?" Ray asked slightly shocked.
"I-I remember walking home with Lizzy and then... the alleyway... Oh My God now I remember" I said with the tears starting to build up in my eyes again. I clutched the back of my head and felt a sharp sting. Frank quickly grabbed my hand and pulled it away. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, that's a pretty severe gash" He said.
"Lizzy, how is she?" I asked.
"We don't know yet she's at the hospital" Frank replied.
"Oh..." I mumbled with concern but surely she must be getting better then. I tried to put it to the back of my head.
"Are you hungry?" Ray asked, I saw Frank give a worrying glance towards me.
"No I'm fine thanks" I replied hearing a small sigh come from Frank.
"Okay, well your loss, I was going to make one of my specials" Ray said walking away.
Frank turned to me smiling. "I guess you got my hint then, last time he made us one of his specialities we ended up ill for a whole week" he whispered.
"Haha sounds like Lizzy's cooking" I answered getting out of the compartment.
"Wow are we in a tour bus" I looked around confused.
"Yeh, Me, Mikey, Ray, Bob and Gerard are in a band" He said.
"Who are Mikey, Bob and Gerard?" I asked thinking back to last night as I remembered the man who spoke to me.
"They're the other men that were with us when we got to you" He replied.
"Oh... so where are they?" I wondered
"They're at the hospital. They said they'd phone us if there's any news."
"Oh... okay" I answered thinking about Lizzy. I hope she's okay, she's all I've got.

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