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Chapter 2 - Worry, Guilt and COFFEE!!!!

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Lizzy wakes up, but will she continue fighting through the agony or just give up.

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Mikey's P.O.V

I looked at my shaking hands hoping that the girl was going to be alright. She was passed out when we got to her and the doctor said that a minute later and she would have died. I noticed someone's feet stood in front of me. As I looked up I saw Gerard stood there with two cups of coffee in his hands.
"Thanks" I said gratefully taking one of them, I guess it was kind of dangerous to grab a cup of coffee when my hands were shaking so much, but thankfully I didn't spill any. The smell of the coffee filled my nostrils as it had done so many times before, but this time it seemed so much better, and so calming.
Eventually my hands stopped shaking as I threw the empty polystyrene cup in the bin.
'Thank god for coffee' I thought
"Do you think she'll be okay Gee" I asked Gerard.
"I don't know Mikey, to be honest she didn't look in great shape when we brought her in and there's a doctor constantly watching her" Gerard replied not daring to look me in the eye, instead he just looked down at his coffee, I could tell he felt guilty.
"Gee, it's not your fault she's like this, you didn't no he had a gun... you didn't know who he was, like you said you thought they were a couple the way he had hold of her, none of us saw the gun." I said reassuring him.
"but I was the one that told everyone to just leave them and go inside" He said taking a last sip of his coffee before tossing the empty cup into the bin.
"Like I said you just thought they were a couple" I replied.
"It's just... I can't help but think if we'd have got there earlier then she'd be okay now".
"There's no way we'd have got there in time anyway, we were across the parking lot when we heard the gunshot" I answered "And just think of the girl we did save".
He looked up and I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes. It was the first time in ages I've seen this look, it wasn't fair that he had to go through this right now, with him just splitting up with his long term girlfriend, Donna. They were childhood sweethearts and seemed to be inseparable, until about a month ago when Donna announced that she didn't really love him, she thought she did but it wasn't working out. She left straight away without a single goodbye.
"Yeh" He said pulling out his phone "I better phone Frank and see if she's okay"
He scrolled down to Frank's number and called him, putting the phone on loud speaker.
"Sup bruv" he answered.
"Frank what have I told you" I moaned, I heard a small laugh from a girl on the other end of the phone while Frank burst out laughing.
"Alright, alright I'll stop... considering the only person amused apart from me seems to be Hope"
Gerard looked up at me and whispered
"So that's her name" as I nodded.
"Is she okay" I asked.
"She's better than okay, she's awesome Mikes, you've got to meet her" I heard Ray and Hope let out a little "awww" before they started laughing again.
"No I mean her injury you idiot" I said rolling my eyes.
"Oh" I could imagine his face turning beetroot red, there was a rustling down the phone before Ray spoke up.
"Yeh she's fine, just a bit dizzy, but I guess that's expected"
"Where's Frank gone" Gerard asked.
"I confiscated the phone off him and nowww... he's glaring at me so I guess I should give it him back before he dives on me" I heard something being thrown across the room and Hope yelp.
"Oh sorry" I heard Frank, he always was a bad aim and then I heard something being thrown again before Frank moaning.
"UNNECESSARY" he shouted as Hope started laughing.
"But it really was necessary" She answered.
"Why don't you guys come down here, I'm sure Hope would want to see Lizzy" Gerard suggested.
"YES PLEASE" Hope shouted before the phone went dead.
I looked at Gerard
"He put the phone down on me" I said pouting.
"Don't be stupid Mikey, you know what Frank's like he's probably dived on Ray and broke the phone, that's his 3rd one already this year, sometimes I swear he could be your twin" he laughed. And there it was, the first 'proper' laugh I'd heard from him in so long, to bad it had to be at my expense.
"I'm not that clumsy" I replied, Gerard stopped laughing and glared at me. As I remembered the time when I took the heater into the shower, 'It did keep me warm though'.
"Okay so maybe I am" I quickly said.
Lizzie's doctor came out of her room and looked around for us. Seeing us he gave a reassuring smile.
"Well" He said walking towards us "There's good news and bad news. The good news is she seems to be stabilizing quite well and should wake up soon. The bad news is that when she does wake up we can't be sure how much pain she will be in. The bullet went in pretty deep and a millimetre more and it would have penetrated the heart. It's best if she just takes it easy for a while."
"Ok, Thank you Doctor" Gerard said. Before he turned round and walked back into the room just as Bob walked out.

Gerard's P.O.V

"Had to get out of there, too many tubes and needles hanging out of her arms". Bob said. I shuddered at the thought of the needles, as I saw Mikey look and give a little grin.
"You're turn to sit in there Gee" He said.
"What, I don't think so, did you just hear what Bob said, you can forget it". I answered slouching further into the chair.
"Well both me and Bob have watched her already and were tired" he replied still grinning.
"Wai-..." I was about to protest some more when I heard a loud noise come from round the corner. We all got up and looked, on the other side of the wall it was like a bomb had gone off, there was paper, files, and even disposable gloves all over the place with Frank lay face down on the floor, a very dizzy looking Hope lay across a moveable bed, two shocked hospital workers at each end of the bed and Ray stood behind it chuckling silently to himself until finally he burst out into fits of laughter against the wall.
"I...I told you... not... not to run" He said in between laughing.
Frank and Hope both sat up and glared at Ray who immediately stopped laughing. I saw Bob walk past me and lift Frank off the floor.
"Hey" Frank moaned "I can get myself up, Bobert" Me and Mikey started to laugh, Bob hated to be called that.
"What did I tell you Frank" Bob said crossing his arms. "Lucky were in hospital or you'd be dead now"
Hope decided to get off the bed as she saw the two hospital workers looking very angrily at her, before they continued pushing the bed into the next room.
"I still won" Frank perked up.
"What, how did you win, we were at a draw before we crashed." She moaned.
"Yes, but I fell further, so technically I got here first" He said grinning widely.
"Well that's not my fault you went further" She replied.
"Is too"
"Is not"
"Is too"
"Is not"
It went on like this for another couple of minutes until I heard Mikey let out a 'cough'. They both turned to him,
"Sorry" Hope mumbled.
"Soooo... Where's Lizzy?" She asked.
"Just round the corner, the doctor said she should wake up soon" I answered, she suddenly looked straight at me with worried eyes.
"But I thought she was already awake, I thought she was getting better" She questioned.
"She is getting better" I said slightly shocked that she didn't know, I started walking back towards Lizzy's room with Hope close behind.

Lizzy's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of beeps all around me, I opened my eyes and quickly closed them again as the light burned away at my pupils. I tried again, this time slowly to see the smiling face of what seemed to be a doctor. Wait why am I in a hospital, I shot up and a rush of absolute agony fell through my body and I screamed.
"Please, don't be alarmed Lizzy, were here to help you, I'm Dr Har-." He was cut off as I saw Hope come rushing into the room with a nurse behind her.
"Please Miss, I said you can't go in yet" The nurse said.
"It's okay nurse, I think they should talk" The doctor said ushering the nurse out of the room. Hope came to my side and sat down. I felt the tears flooding down the side of my face. Even though I wasn't moving I was in so much pain that I couldn't breath properly, I knew that I must be dieing.
"Hey soldier" Hope said grinning. "Gerard said you'll be better soon, you just have to keep on fighting... well it should be easy for you, I mean you're a natural fighter" I slowly started shaking my head, and even that sent me into a wave of agony.
"I-It hurts so much Hope" I stuttered, she quickly grabbed my hand.
"I know it does honey, but you have to fight this, please your all I've got and you've already made it this far" She was now crying into my hand.
"But I wasn't even aware that I was in pain then" I said carefully wiping away her tears.
"You're not going to give up are you?" She asked looking deep into my eyes. Her eyes were full of worry, concern and love. I noticed a single tear fall from her eye, I don't want to worry her, it killed me to see her like this.
"N-no, I not going to give up" I finally said wiping away my own tears. She gave a weak smile.
"Thank you" She said.
Just then the doctor walked in.
"I think maybe it's time for Lizzy to get some more sleep" He questioned
"Anything that will help her get better" Hope said excitedly jumping up. "I'll be outside if you need me" She kissed me on the forehead and left but not before speaking to the doctor.
"You make sure she gets better... or they'll be trouble" She said smiling.
"Will do" The doctor said back.

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