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Alicia's Idea

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Introducing Alicia...

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Hope's P.O.V

As I walked out of the room still smiling I saw Gerard with his head in his hands.
"Hey" I said, he seemed to jump slightly but responded anyway.
"Hi" he said putting a false smile on his face, I looked at him with sympathetic eyes.
"I know that smile" I said "That's the smile when you want everyone to think your okay, but really you kind of want people to know how you're not okay, if you know what I mean" He looked at me shocked, I guess he did know what I mean and he's not used to people figuring it out.
"I used to always use that look" I added.
"Oh" Is all he said.
"Where is everyone" I asked sitting down next to him
"They were asked to go home after the Doctors found out about the mess that was made" He looked up at me as I looked away feeling guilty. I heard a slight laugh from him before he carried on.
"But I told them I would stay and make sure you're both okay"
"Thanks, but I don't want to put you to any trouble, you should go back to your friends" I replied, he looked up straight away shaking his head.
"No it's okay, I don't mind" I smiled and thanked him as his phone began to ring.

Mikey's P.O.V

It was pretty silent back at the tour bus as we all just did our own thing. Bob and Frank were playing Guitar hero, but as one won the other they didn't seem to give the usual victory celebration that they always did. Ray was on his laptop mesmerized by the screen and I just sat on my own with another coffee in my hand as Alicia came onto the tour bus.
"Hey Everyone" She said cheerfully.
"Hey Alicia" They all replied back half heartedly.
"Hey baby" I said kissing her on the cheek as she sat down beside me.
"What's wrong with everyone" She asked "And where's Gerard?"
"He's at the hospital" I replied
"Oh My God is he okay!?!"
"Oh, yeah he's fine" I explained to her what happened and she was silent for at least 5 minutes just looking down at the table before she spoke up.
"Wow poor girl, how's her friend doing?" She asked.
"I'm not sure, she seems to be okay" I answered.
"Who's she staying with tonight, does she have any friends or relatives?"
"No, she's just moved here from England, Lizzy's all she's got" I said
"Well then she'll have to stay here for the night" I sat back shocked at what she said as all the other lads turned round to look at her.
"What?" She said "We can't just leave her on her own tonight when her best friends in hospital, she can lend some of my clothes"
"Well I guess, but, it's not really up to me" I muttered looking at the guys. Bob nodded his head in agreement, Ray agreed and as I looked at Frank, well, I guess the big smile on his face said it all.
"Okay, I'll phone Gerard and tell him" I said seeing the look of acheivement in Alicia's face, she always got her way in the end and she knew it, but I just couldn't resist her beautiful face. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialled Gerard's number.

Hope's P.O.V

I watched Gerard put the phone down and he stayed silent for a minute.
"Is everything okay?" I asked
"Who are you staying with tonight?" He replied still looking at his phone.
"Oh...urmm" I was slightly taken back by what he said. I hadn't thought about it to much.
"I'll be staying here I guess" I eventually said.
"Oh, well you can stay with us... I mean if that's what you want, I don't think you should be on you're own... plus Alicia's demanding" He said with a smile now looking up.
"Alicia?" I wondered.
"Mikey's Girlfriend" He answered
"Oh, well I guess so"
"Good" He looked at his watch, 5:00pm, "We should get going soon then, so we can get something to eat"
"Okay, well I'll tell the doctor to tell Lizzy where I am if she wakes up" I got up and went into Lizzy's room.

I know this one is really short but the next one will be longer. I promise.
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