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Band cross over. My Chemical Romance meets The Vaine (an actual band). Involves romance and drama. PLEASE READ!

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I ran down the pathway just in front of my wretched school that I attended 2 years ago. It was dark, probably passed 9 pm on Thursday night. I quickly stopped in front of a large light pole that stood in front of the gates of the school. Pulling on my hood over my long blonde hair I looked down the road where a girl just an inch taller than me ran towards me. I grinned at her and pulled a poster out of the pile I was clutching on. Pressing my lips together I carefully stuck the poster onto the steel pole.

“Shelley!” the short girl panted when she arrived next to me. “Remind me next time next time to not to give you energy drink”

I giggled.

“Whoa, I can’t believe that we’re gonna get our first album out” she admired the poster.

I looked at it too. The poster a dark green colour with big letters saying ‘The Vaine’. The band that I joined 2 years ago on our last year of school. The band consisted of Jack the drummer who’s a really cute, tall but skinny guy with that big dark hair that he poofs up. Bilal nicknamed Bee the lead guitarist he’s so funny and smart. He’s hair is like jacks but it’s so long. Steph who’s the girl that ran after me, the bass player, she’s quiet but nice and can get loud at times. Her twin sister Clik or Clarissa the singer and guitarist is way different. For one she’s gay and dresses like a guy; people sometimes mistake her for being one which she really doesn’t mind. Personally to me she looks like Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. I’d turn gay for any day. Finally me, Shelley, the lead vocalist in the band. People are sometimes surprised that I do screamo probably since I’m petite and a girl or because when I speak my voice is high pitch and belongs to a prep girl when I’m off stage.

“Yea, well you better believe it” I exclaimed.

She chuckled. “Let’s get back to the guys, they’re too lazy to do shit” she said.

I nodded and we slowly walked down to our group of friend/bandmates.

I looked at the school, partly missing it. It was a bad school full of fobs (the islanders) and
wogs (middle easterners) so many physical fights there was. I remember when Bee got bashed by the wogs. Although he was a wog too and also Muslim, they bashed him because he was different. He darkly dressed and listened too dark music. I remember Clik, Steph and I were trying to get the guys off him; we all came out on cuts and bruises. I’m glad he left that school for a performing arts school right after Clik, Steph and I graduated.

“Hey gorgeous, where did you run off to? Jack cuddled me.

He always treats me like a 5 year old princess.

“Sticking up the posters” I grinned at him.

"Eshay" he said.

“Wee!” Bee cried as he threw the posters onto the school ground.

Steph gasped, “Why did you do that?!”

“Cause I got bored” Bee shrugged his shoulders.

Clik laughed, “That’s such a smart moved Bee!”

“Thank you” he grinned.

“Dude” Jack sounded shocked as he checked his watch. “Its 10pm we gotta go”

“Oh man” Bee stomped his foot.

“Why? It’s still early” Clik said.

Jack scoffed and put his hands on his hips. “Well unlike you missies, we have school tomorrow”

Bee nodded sadly.

“Oh yeah, that’s right” Clik chuckled.

I smiled at the boys. While me, Clik and Steph is 19, Bee and Jack are 17 and still go to
school. We all hugged and left Jack to walk home because he lived close around here.

“Don’t forget that we have to meet the manager tomorrow after school” Clik called out.

Jack gave the thumbs up and walked off.

“I’m excited about which bands going to join our album launch” Steph said imaginatively.

Our manager has organized some bands to come and we have yet to find out tomorrow.

We talked about our previous gigs as we traveled on the train to go home. We live a few blocks away from each other.

Bee laid on the train seat, his brown hair with blonde streaks covered his face. It probably meant that he was sleeping. Steph and I sat across him as we quietly talked in the empty train carriage. Of course who would be traveling late on a Thursday night? Clik on the other hand stood on her knees next to Bee and stuck her head out of the window. Her black long hair blew in different directions. Steph laughed at her. Clik and Steph looked the same; they had the same face feature; brown eyes and black hair only Steph’s was short. They’re actually half Asian which is funny because they don’t act anything like it. Though they’re minds are alike.

“Clik, close that window now. I’m trying to sleep” Bee mumbled from under his locks of hair.

Bee is like the sisters. He’s Middle Eastern but doesn’t act like one; you hardly believe that he’s a Muslim either. But we don’t have anything against what he is, we never did.

Clik sighed and obeyed her best friend. She closed the window and sat back down next to Bee.
Her face looked flushed from the wind. “Oh do you know Sarah?”

“The chick that’s our biggest fan?” Steph asked.

“Hmm” she nodded. “I like her, and I think there is something going on between us”

“Aww, so are you going to ask her out?” I asked.

“Is she bi?” Steph asked.

“She’s bi” Clik answered her. “Yea maybe I am. I think she wants more too”

“Aww” I cooed. “Go ahead”

“I like her hugs” Bee stated from under his hair.

Clik smirked and slapped his head.

“Ow!” Bee stood up. “Dude!”

“She’s mine!” Clik said.

“I never said that I liked her that way. Beside I have my eye on someone else” he blushed.

“Aww, who? Do I know her?” I asked.

“I’ll introduce her to you people” Bee sighed.

“Our stop” Steph stood up.

We all got up and got off the train.

Bee made sure that we all went home safely by walking us all home. He can be sweet at times.

“Good night” I said when I reached my front door.

He grinned, his brown hair shined under the moonlight. “You too. You better cautiously tonight,
who knows I might steal your eyes while your asleep” he joked.

I laughed. He always admired my blue eyes. “Yes ok, thank you for reminding me” I flipped him

He chuckled, “your welcome”

We waved at each other and I proceeded to my bed to sleep.

“No! You cheated so badly!” I stood up. “You did scissors after I showed that I had paper!
I argued.

We were playing rock, paper, scissors and Clik and I were the only ones left in the game.

“No way! I don’t cheat!” Clik grinned.

“Uh, what are you guys doing?” our manager asked when he came in.

“Nothing” I sat back down.

“Ok, we can’t have our meeting more than 10 minutes” he said as he sat down at the table.

“Ok” Clik said. “So which bands are gonna join on our album launch?” she asked.

Clik was always the business woman in this.

“Ok there will be” he read his paper. “Sienna Skies, Stigmata, No ones they were Robots, The future Divine and a really famous American band” he smirked.

“Oh my God, Sienna Skies! Yes!” I grinned. “Um... who?”

“OMG, OMG, OMG!” Jack jumped up and down, “Ramones”

Clik laughed, “I don’t think so”

“Omg! Underoath!” Bee guessed.

The manager sighed, “No”

“Slipknot?” Steph asked.

“No” he sighed again. “You’ll never guess. Somehow these guys went onto your myspace and got
interested and decided to come and watch the gig”

“So it’s gonna be like Panic at the disco being discovered by fall out Boy?” Clik asked.

“Hopefully” he said.

“Yes!” I jumped up off my seat.

“You still don’t know which band it is” the manager interrupted.

“Sorry” I flicked my blonde hair off my face and sat back down.

“The band will be My Chemical Romance” he stated.

Our jaws were wide open.

“You’re joking right?” Clik chuckled.

“Nope” he said.

“OMG!” Jack jumped up! “Yay!”

“Ok, seriously I expect a really good performance ok?” he looked serious.

“Sure, you have our word” Clik smiled.

“OMG! My Chemical Romance!” I repeated myself as we walked down the busy street. “Omg I gonna
meet Gerard, Ray, Frank, Mikey and Bob!” I squealed. “I wanna get in all of their pants!”

“Yea! And we will meet Clik’s clone” Bee grinned as he had his arm around Clik.

“Who was my clone again?” Clik asked.

She wasn’t that much of a big MCR fan as us.

“Frank Iero honey” Steph answered her. “OMG I have to look hot!”

“You always look hot” Bee complimented her.


I jumped. I couldn’t wait till I tell my family about this. They will be so happy and my uncle will be so jealous. I laughed evilly.

Lol. Sorry I felt like writing this one coz I'm obsessed to The Vaine atm. I would die to be with Clik, Shelley or Bee but oh well at least I see them randomly hangingout in the mall. PLEASE REVIEW. Tell me if you dont like it so i wont have to waste my brain and fingers on this.

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