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Chapter 2

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Ha ha.... Dont like gay sex, dont read!

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Steph’s P.O.V

“Bee!” Clik shook Bee.

We were all at Bee’s house trying to wake his sleeping form.

“Let me try” I insisted and pushed passed Clik. I smiled at Bee.

Hi brown hair was so boofy and it was everywhere but he looked cute. I think it would be nice
if you woke up with him beside you.

“Bee!” I sang and gently patted his cheek.

He growled from deep in his throat.

“Bee! Honey bunny chocolate cake! Wake up!”

He sighed and turned towards us and grabbed my waist.

I gasped followed by screaming.

The others laughed.

He lifted me up and turned and put me on his bed; jamming me with his strong arms.

“Argh!” I screamed.

He hugged me like I was some kind of a teddy bear.

“Bee! Wake up!” I shouted at him.

He opened one eye and looked at me “Steph, sleep” he ordered.

Clik suddenly jumped on the bed with Bee in between her legs. “Bee, I know you don’t want me to
do this…” she smirked.

Bee tried to look up.

Clik sighed and sat on Bee’s hip with her legs either side of him. “I hop you guys don't mind

“No, no go ahead” I smiled at her.

“This is the way I like it oh baby faster, faster” Clik sang the lyrics of one of our songs as
she thrust her pelvis onto Bee’s hip.

“Argh!” Bee jumped up and pushed Clik off.

We all laughed.

“That was awesome!” Shelley jumped.

Clik ended up on the bottom of the bed just giggled.

“Don’t scar my life like that again!” Bee pointed at her.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m not interested in you, but I may be interested in the girls you like” Clik winked at him.

“Ew… no!” Bee wrinkled his nose.

“I’m joking!” Clik reassured him.

I grinned at my sister. “Now that we finally woke Bee up, let’s practice!”

Clik’s P.O.V.

I kicked the pebble across the concrete floor. We were waiting for Jack’s and Bee’s girls. Well Bee’s girl wasn’t his girlfriend yet, but soon will be. Her name is apparently Amy and is also 17. So that’s good I guess. I watched my sister giggle about something which Shelley said. I wasn’t really listening. I wrapped myself with my black jacket. I was wearing a black long sleeved shirt underneath my jacket and my black skinny jeans. My raven hair was just left out as always.

“Finally!” Shelley cried in relief when four people came into view.

It was Jack and his girlfriend Kayla and Bee and Amy.

My breath got caught in my throat when my eyes met Amy’s. She was beautiful, just beautiful.
She was like daisy standing out with the surrounding red roses. Her light brown eyes almost hazel held my gaze. Her lips the colour of dry roses were parted, it gave me the urge to kiss it. Her pale face looked so smooth; the feature of it suited the style of her dark brown hair. It had short layers and her short fringe that covered her forehead and part of her left eye. I left her gaze as I felt that I stared at her long enough now. My gaze went down to her body. She had the hourglass feature; her body was magnificent, just sexy. Her purple skinny jeans hugged her thighs, it showed her awesome curves. She wore a black hoodie with colourful letters of the alphabet with her elmo shirt peaking from under the jacket. God, Bee knew how to choose a girl. My eyes completely left her and I turned to look at Jack and Kayla.

“Hey!” I greeted them, “How have you been?” I asked Kayla.

Kayla is beautiful too, but I wasn’t captivated by her beauty like Amy’s. Her white blonde hair grew long down her back with her blue eyes peeking behind her fringe. She was petite but tall.

“Been fine” she answered, “Yourself?”

“Pretty good” I grinned at her.

“Clik! Come I want you to meet Amy” Bee called out.

I wanted to avoid them so bad. I didn’t want my body to react to her. I turned to them anyway with a fake smile. “Hey”

“Hi” Amy smiled at me with her gorgeous smile.

I was captured by her beauty again and I gazed at her.

Surprisingly gazed back.

“UH… are we gonna go and watch the movie?” Bee asked uncomfortably.

“Yea!” Shelley hopped.

I was so grateful for Steph when she dragged me away from Amy and into the cinema.

I stood up in the middle of the movie to go to the toilet. My habit is to go pee in the middle of the movie, really weird I know. I entered the toilet and looked at myself in the mirror. I gasped when I saw Amy’s reflection behind me. I turned to her and tried to act normal.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” gosh I am stupid.

“To pee” she answered calmly.

Her voice was like music in my ears.

She smiled that beautiful smile and tried to get passed me when we tried to get in the same cubicle.

“Sorry” I apologized.

We stood in front of each other and I took a huge breath.

Her lips parted again and I had that urge again.

‘Please go away, move away, anything. Just don’t make me do what I want to do’ I thought in my pounding head.

I couldn’t move. I gazed down to her chest. Her elmo shirt wasn’t tight but it was tight around
her medium sized breasts. My hands were in sweat from this. I gazed back to her eyes.

Her eyes were different this time; it looked like it held some kind of passion.

All this time I realized that we haven’t spoken since we clashed into each other to the same cubicle. Then out of the blue my body seemed to control me. My mind was blank; it was like my body hijacked my brain. This was no good.

I leaned in to her pretty face.

She didn’t react but watched me,

I couldn’t stop myself no matter how I tried, it wouldn’t work. I was a few centimeters from her precious lips, my eyes never left hers.

Unexpectedly she leaned in and closed the gap between our lips.

I moaned when her lips covered mine,

It didn’t just stop there; she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I pushed my body onto hers and her back crashed onto the wall. My hands roamed all over her body and she just had her hands on my cheek and hair. I couldn’t stop myself. I just had to
feel her body under my bare hands.

She let out a moan when my hands touched her breast.

This made me wanna do more with her body, to find all the secrets and maybe treasures, and I did just that. I was a pirate searching her body that hid the pot of gold.

“Where the bloody hell were you guys?” Steph asked us after the movie was over.

“We had to go to the candy store and buy chocolate” Amy said.

I side glanced at her with a smile. “We weren’t gone for long anyway”

Shelley scoffed, “You guys were like gone like half of the movie”

“It’s getting late, we should go home” Jack said as he cuddled Kayla.

“Yes-sir-ree” Stroh agreed. “Bee, you coming with us?”

“Sorry girls, I gotta take Amy home” Bee grinned with Amy in his arms.

“Cool, I guess Clik, Shelley and I will go alone” Steph said.

“Aww” Bee looked apologetic.

“It’s cool, just take Amy home” I smiled.

“Oh my fucking god!” I whispered frantically to myself when I reached my room.

I jumped on my bed and stared up the pale ceiling. I let my hands roam around my body as I shut my eyes. I felt exactly where Amy touched me.

I moaned. I wasn’t masturbating. Just reliving the moment of us in that cubicle.

Once we closed that door to the cubicle, things that I have never imagined that I’d do with her

“Oh my god, I fucking had gay fucking sex with fucking Amy” I whispered to myself, and then I
realized. “Oh my god, what did I do?”

I just had sex with the girl that Bee liked. What am I gonna do? Bee’s my best friend. He trusts me. I don’t wanna lose him.

I got bored coz I was at dad's house lol... hee hee...
I know My Chem aint here yet, but they will be dont worry.

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