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Chapter 3

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Closer comes the day we fade away... (8)

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“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!” I chanted.

“Shelley!” Steph nudged me.

“What?!” I hopped around.

Jack rolled his eyes, “Ok, I know we’re gonna like meet My Chemical Romance soon but can you just chill? I’m starting to get scared here” he gave a frightened face.

Clik laughed.

“Are you like the only one that’s like calm?” Steph asked.

Her sister shrugged,

“Oh my god, they’re not gonna like me! Let me hide behind my guitar!” Bee ran around in circles and settled behind his guitar in the corner of back stage.

I laughed. My nerves made me shake like crazy.

We had done performing; we have performed 13 of our songs in our album. The crowd was spastic; jumping around like crazy and the mosh was crazy. I was so excited as we performed; I felt the music all through my body.

Clik laughed again.

“We’re not even mentally or physically ready to meet them!” Steph raged on.

“Eshay” Jack commented her.

I sighed and walked in circles.

“Hey, glad everyone’s here” our manager emerged from behind the door.

“Argh!” I screamed.

He stared at me in disbelief.

“Sorry” I bit my bottom lip and backed away.

“Anyway, I just came here to introduce you guys to My Chemical Romance” he grinned.

I heard everyone take in a breath; I think I was one of them.

The door opened and in came the band members of My Chemical Romance.

My eyes widened. I tried to remind myself that they were not the posters from my room but actually them in the flesh. ‘Act normal’ I thought to myself.

They all grinned at us.

“Hey” Frank greeted us. His dark hair was so silky and so shiny. I admired it so bad.

“See Clik, your clone” Jack stated.

“Eshay” Clik said when she checked Frank out.

“Huh?” Frank kinda got freaked out.

Gerard stepped forward; the way he stepped forward and smirked at us was so sexy. He had great sex hair along with his sparkling hazel eyes. His skinny jeans were tight that you can actually picture his little friend.

“You guys were so amazing” he complimented us.

Well I couldn’t hold it anymore. My body had its mind of its own and I jolted to Gerard and hugged him tight. “I love you Gerard!” I squealed.

The guys giggled.

“Naww, I love you too honey” Gerard hugged me back.

I shut my eyes and enjoyed the moment.

“Um… Shelley you can let go of him now” Clik assured me.

I opened my eyes and suddenly got embarrassed. I let him go and ran back to Bee and tried to hide behind his guitar.

Gerard chuckled.

“Um… dude, what are you guys doing there?” Frank asked from amusement.

“Don’t hurt me!” Bee managed to say.

I giggled.

The band laughed.

“Have you noticed that I’m 12 years younger than you?” I asked swaying from side to side.

All of us except Gerard and Bee were intoxicated by alcohol at the end of the night. Clik and I were trashed compared to the others.

“Yes, I’ve noticed” Gerard smiled at me.

“We can get married!” I said dreamily.


“I mean love knows no age. My dad’s like 45 and my step mum’s 27” I laughed.

“Really?” Gerard sounded amazed.

“Yep” I grinned.

“Um… Shelley, why don’t we go home eh? It’s late” Bee approached me and slowly took my smirn off out of my grasp.

“Bee!” I tried to snatch my bottle back.

“No, you’re too drunk already” he stepped back.

“No I’m not!”

“Shelley, Bee’s right. That’s enough for today” Gerard said.

“Really?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Ok!” I grinned.

Bee rolled his eyes and walked off.

[Amy’s P.O.V]

“Yeah” Bee laid back on the grass and looked up at the cloudless sky. “The guys from My Chem are awesome”

I giggled. “I wish I was there. You know how much I love them”

He looked at me. “I wish you were there too, but you had to go to that funeral”

I gasped and slapped his arm playfully. “It was a close relative that passed away”

“A close relative that you never met”

I chuckled.

“Come here” he grinned at me.

I slowly leaned into him; cautious of what might happen next. Who knows, he might slap me. I mean what if he found out about that incident.

He smiled. “I’m not gonna hurt you” he chuckled and stroked my dark brown hair.

I relaxed and smiled back at him.

He lifted himself up and kissed me.

My eyes were widened. Ok he must’ve kissed me by accident.

He grinned at me.

I looked back him. I didn’t know what emotion I was showing, but I was just confused.

“You look so cute when you’re lost” he smiled.

I gave him a small smile.

“Well are you gonna say anything?” he sat up and watched me.


“You are lost aren’t you?” he smirked.

I nodded. “What was that for?”

I tried to breathe properly. I’ve always wanted this to happen for a long time. I’ve been obsessed and in love with this guy for ages. I didn’t want this to be a joke. I wanted to kiss him again, but I controlled my senses. Is my dream coming true? My wishes? No. it can’t happen. When I want something, it will never happen.

“Oh, it was for no reason” he looked down and pulled some grass out of the dirt.

“Oh” I nodded slowly. See, it meant nothing. I knew it. Why did he have to do this to me? He breaks my heart and never notices. I held my tears and smiled at him like nothing ever happened.

He looked up and grinned. “I’m joking! Would I kiss you like that for no reason?!”


He took my hand. “Amy, I love you. I mean I love you more than a friend, and I’ve been thinking about this whole new feeling about you. I want to be with you” he grinned.

My eyes widened again. Are my ears working properly? Is my brain making me hear things that I want to hear?

He looked at me. “Ok… I’m guessing you just love me as a friend… I mean it’s ok. We can be friends”

I pinch my arm, “Ow” I hissed.

‘Um… Amy?” Bee asked.

Gosh now he thinks I’m a retard. But omg, this is real. “No” I shook my head, “I mean yes! I mean no! I mean…”

Bee laughed. “You are so funny!”

“Sorry” I sighed. There was my chance and now its over.

“No it’s okay” he patted my back. “I’m sorry about kissing you. Should have asked first” he giggled uncomfortably.

“No” I said automatically. I wanted this to work real badly. “I mean, I liked kissing you” I blushed. I couldn’t even think of a decent sentence in my head.

“Really?” he looked surprised.

“Yes, I want to be with you too” I managed to say.

“You serious? I mean like actually serious?” he asked.

I looked up at him. His green eyes captured me. “Yes”

“So, you’d be my girlfriend?” he gulped.

I squeezed his cheek and tried to relieve my heart from beating so fast. “Yes”

“Yay!” he tackled me to the ground and we made out.

“Oh my god that is so cute!” we heard Shelley’s voice.

We pulled away and looked up and saw Shelley and Clik.

I bit my bottom lip and looked back at Bee. I couldn’t afford to see Clik, not now. We haven’t even spoken to each other since what happened in the toilets. I mean it was good and what we did was memorable… but I love Bee.

“Hey!” Bee grinned and got up. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Nothing, just randomly were walking around and guess who we see” she laughed. “So are you guys together?”

Bee nodded eagerly.

I sat up and looked at Clik.

She avoided my eyes. “Shelley come on, let’s leave ‘em alone” she pulled Shelley away from us.

“Ok, see ya!” Shelley waved at us.

I fucking broke Clik’s heart. I looked at Bee who was smiling.

“Now where were we?” he smirked.

I wrote this while listening to their songs, so coool!
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