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New Beginings

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The prequel to "Tried To See You Forgetting About Me". I suck at summaries. Can you just read it?

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Chapter 1- New Beginnings

Breauna stood in front Richmond Senior High for what seemed like hours when in reality it was only a few minutes, waiting for her friend Joe. Summer had been fun and while she loved every minute of it, she missed Joe terribly. She was about to give up and go on her own but her name was called from that all too familiar voice.

"Breauna!" It was indeed Joe. He had gotten taller over the summer and was looking pretty good to her but as 'the friend' she told herself there was absolutely no thinking of him in that way. She regained her momentary lapse and put on "best friend mode"

"Joe!" She ran and jumped on him almost knocking him over, that gained quite a few looks from the crowd, but who cares what they think anyway? "You've been gone forever! I'm glad you're back!"

"I was only gone for August. How much could you possibly miss me?" He went to New York with his family for a whole month and he missed Breauna's birthday in the process.

"A lot and I want 20 dollars for missing my birthday! You can give that to me at the end of the day now come on what's your schedule?” He pulled out the 5x5 card from his back pocket and read aloud.

"1st Period I have English, then, art-"

"But you can't draw,"

"I like to think I can. Plus I saw this cute girl and she was into art so I thought if I ever saw her again I could impress her with my super masterful art skills."

"Yeah good luck on that one" Breauna did not want to admit to herself how much that hurt her but there is no way she could actually like him. It is Joe for goodness sakes!


"Dude this couldn't be anymore perfect! I got all the slacker classes!" Pete shouted to Andy, who was right next to him covering his ears from the unneeded loudness.

"Do you have to shout? I'm right here."

"Sorry man. I guess I just wanted all these ladies to know that I have arrived and am single!" Pete knew he was hot and he used that to every advantage he could seize.

"Yes! This year, I was not placed in Home Economics. I could not stand another year of having dolls to carry around, it's so unman like."

"Since when do you care about being a man?"

"Since I became a 12th grader"

"Whatever." They walked towards their first class, which they shared. All of their classes were together except for a few but they can make due with separating for a little while. Pete stopped walking when he saw a black girl with some tall afro haired person. She was beautiful to him...well not beautiful that really was not Pete's thing; he just liked girls so he could screw around with them, nothing more. However, this girl made him actually feel something and he was not sure if it was easily disposable.

"Pete? Are you there?"

"Who's that?"

"Who, you know I can't find something when it's pointed out to me."

"That black girl with that white guy and the afro."

"Her? Oh, I went to junior high with her. She's cool."

"So you know her?"

"I didn't say that. I just know about her..." Andy stopped in mid sentence when he realized he was alone. Pete left him and was already by the girl he had mentioned. He was standing at her locker in typical guy stance. You know the one that says, "I'm hot and you should go with me."

"You got a name?" He said all macho

"Yeah, Breauna. I know what your name is..."

"Really" Pete seemed impressed that his reputation had already preceded him.

"Yeah it's I don't give a care." She pushed him out the way and headed off to class with her friend...or boyfriend.

"What just happened to me?"

"I think you just got dissed."


"Who does he think he is Joe?" Breauna asked him during 1st period. Joe shrugged his shoulders

"I don't know."

"He probably thinks that since he finds himself hot that every girl has to fall under his spell." The teacher came up to them and shushed them. Apparently, they were being too loud.

"Are you through with your rant yet?"

"No, but I guess I could spare you until later."

"Good because that girl I saw is in this class."

"Where?" If she was in this class, Breauna was going to see if she had any real competition. She was. In front of them was this long blond haired bombshell. Why do guys never go for the normal looking ones? She cannot possibly be 17 she's too...mature.

"In front of us, don't look too hard! I don't want her to notice me yet. Oh wait she's looking over here!" Joe waved his hand at her. The girl looked at him with slight disgust but Joe didn't see that.

"Excuse me but are you two talking about the girl directly in front of you?" Joe nodded his head yes "That's my cousin Paige, I'm Patrick by the way."

"Nice to meet you Patrick, I'm Breauna and that's my drooling friend Joe over there." Patrick laughed. "He's not usually like that"

"Most guys are like that when they see her." The teacher came by and shushed the students again and if you were quiet, you could almost hear Breauna growling at the teacher.


"Pete, will you stop staring at your lunch? It's giving me the creeps."

"Is this better?" He started eating his lunch and stared at Andy.

"No, actually that's worse. What's wrong? Is that girl you saw earlier?"

"Yes! No girl has ever turned me down before why is she so different Andy?"

"Maybe that guy is her boyfriend."

"Joe? No, they're just friends."

"You already know his name?! What are you, a stalker?"

"I asked around. And if he was actually her boyfriend he would've defended her against me." Pete took another bite of his food and looked at the lunch line. There was Breauna, now accompanied not only by Joe, but by another guy also.

"I think you should just leave her alone." Andy once again realized he was speaking to himself and saw Pete on his way to the lunch line.

"Remember me?" Pete asked Breauna

"Remember what my back looked like?"

"I see, well there's plenty things of me I could show you."

"Not a chance Pete." Joe finally said

"You know my name?"

"I asked around." Pete acknowledged his answer and turned back to Breauna

"You know you...and your friends could sit at my table with my friend Andy and me." Breauna was about to turn him down again when Joe and Patrick said yes. She looked at them as if they were mad.

'What? He's a 12th grader.' Joe mouthed.


"Fine," Breauna agreed. When the three had gotten their trays, they headed over to Pete and Andy. "Why am I here? I don't like you."

"A person can't just want to meet new people?" Pete said knowing he wanted much more than that but it seemed like he would have to get on her good side.

They sat there in conversation and finished their lunches. The guys found out they had many things in common and exchanged numbers. Pete had asked Breauna what was hers, only to be turned down another time. The end of the day had come sooner than expected and the group of five had parted their ways to go home.

AN: Alright. I finally got this posted up! Sorry for the long wait. I haven't been inspired and I never felt like getting this off the laptop (I don't have internet on that).
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