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New Routines

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Chapter 2- New Routines

The two friends leaned on the gate as they waited for their new friend Patrick. He was taking a very long time.

"Sorry it took me forever, we live 3 blocks over." Patrick said out of breath.

"That's okay; we'll just schedule a closer meeting spot, right Joe?" Joe didn't say anything. He was too busy staring at Paige who had followed behind Patrick. "Joe!" Breauna said hitting him in the back of the head.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"I was warning you about staining your shirt before school even started. You don't want people to think you're a slob, would you?" He looked down at his shirt and sure enough, there's drool there.

"It'll dry. Anyhow we still have to wait a few more minutes."

"Why?" Patrick asked.

"Pete called me last night and said he would be walking with us; he just needed to know where to meet up at."

"Really?" Paige and Breauna said at the same time. Paige said it with excitement and with Breauna: you could tell she was not too ecstatic about that.


"Andy, will you just move!" Pete said pushing him. Andy decided he would not be of any help to Pete if he keeps trying to pursue Breauna. "Please!"


"Fine I'm going without you."

"But I'm one of the only things that can actually keep you in school." Andy said going against his wishes and followed Pete.

"I found me another reason."

"If it's that girl again then you should just leave her alone."

"Why can't you just say Breauna? And I will not leave her alone until she starts to fall for me."

"Wow Pete. Deserting her when she starts to like you is really going to get you on her good side. And since when did you start caring about people not liking you?"

"Since I became a 12th grader."

"Real mature, make fun of me and my reasons." They kept walking until they met up with the 11th graders.

"Well someone looks happy to see me." Pete said. The girl with blond hair moved over to him

"Who wouldn't be?" She said

"Who are you?" Andy asked. She was going to say something but Pete intervened.

"Paige Santos." Andy raised an eyebrow at him in questioning. "What? I make it my job to know everyone in the school."

"So my reputation precedes me." She looked happy.

"Yeah, her reputation as a slut." Breauna whispered to Patrick

"Don't act like I can't hear you." Paige said

"Who says I'm even acting?" Pete seemed to like Breauna even more because of how she stood up for herself.

"Whatever, I'm out of here." She started walking off before she stopped again "Pete do you want to come with me?"


"Your loss then, Patrick are you going to follow me?"


"Fine!" She walked off frustrated that everyone seemed to like that Breauna chick more

"I'll go with you."

Joe offered but she didn't hear him...or rather she pretended she didn't.


"I'll carry your books for you." Pete offered. 'When is he going to get that I don't like him? It's like he just wants to get on my nerves.' Breauna thought

"I'm fine."

"I'll carry your purse for you."

"I'm fine Pete."

"I'll carry you to school for you."

"I'm fine! Andy is he always like this."

"What? Clingy? Yes."

"Stop lying!"

"No." Andy corrected his sentence to Breauna

The walk to Richmond seemed longer than usual for Breauna but the same for everyone else. With just Pete being there, everything seemed longer.

"Joe, do we have to keep walking with them?" Breauna whispered

"Yes, it's my way of being cool."

"You used to never care about that before."

"Things change I guess. Like you, you got longer hair."

"And you got cu- I mean you just look different." Joe looked like he thought about what Breauna almost said but shrugged it off; instead, he just started walking slower. Breauna noticed this and slowed down too. "You know we'll never make it in time with this pace." She joked.

"I know. I just wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"How do you feel about me?" The question caught Breauna off guard. It was not something she expected from Joe to ask her.

"Joe what kind of question is that?"

"Getting defensive means you're hiding something."

"I'm not hiding anything at all. I think you're a great friend and anyone would be lucky to have you." 'Though I wish that person were me' she thought

"But would you see me as more than a friend?"

"Where are you getting these questions from Joe?"

"Just answer me please."

"Maybe..." She said looking into his eyes. He looked at hers and just for a second, at her lips too. They leaned closer to each other; their lips almost touching then Pete started talking.

"Breauna, you're going to be late for class." He was glaring at Joe while grabbing her arm and walking off. 'I officially hate Pete now.'
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