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Chapter 3- Boyfriend?

"I don't understand this Andy."

"What's to not understand? You never had a chance."

"Aren't you supposed to be on my side?"

"No and I have good reason: you've been stalking her ever since you saw her." Pete laughed at this

"I don't stalk girls; they stalk me."

"And when one doesn't; you do." Pete glared at Andy who darted off into his third period class. The teacher pushed him out and gave him a note; it looked like a schedule. "Aww man! I got Home Economics again." 'Serves him right for making me out to be some kind of love sick person.'


"Is it just me that finds this weird?" Patrick asked in 3rd period. They had that together without Joe. It was computer applications.

"What exactly?"

"That Joe asked you to be his girlfriend."

"And you find something wrong with that?" Breauna threatened.

"No, not at all, except for the fact that he asked you 10 minutes after telling Paige he'll walk with her."

"You don't think...never mind."

"Think what?" Mrs. Brown came by and shushed them. They had to finish making flyers for a grade.


Fourth period was over and Pete and Andy were sitting at their table with what the school called spaghetti. Pete poked at it with his fork and struggled to get it back but the food would not let it go.

"How do they call this food?" Pete asked

"It's not, they're lying to you. They make you pay 5 dollars to have something they got off the street for free."

"I can't get my fork out!"

"Only you would struggle with silverware."

"Breauna it's called white ware because nothing about it is silver." Joe said

"Right and in the next 5 minutes Pete's fork is not going to break." Patrick said sarcastically. As he had predicted, his fork did break. "Ha! I told you."

"That's not funny. Trohman go get me a fork."

"I'm not getting your fork for you; you got legs, so use them. I, for one, have a girlfriend to attend to." Breauna giggled as Joe put his arm around her waist. 'That is so sickening right now, and it's not any better with her laughing like that. She doesn't even look like the type to laugh, giggle, and do everything you say. I'll find a way to separate them.'

"So I was about we go to the movies?"

"Yeah! That sounds great."

"Who's paying? I'm broke, sadly"

"What are you talking about Breauna? You're never broke."

"I guess just to make the numbers even; you can bring your cousin, Patrick." 'I'll bet someone will be paying all their attention to her. '

"Who wants her around? She'll be whoring up the place and we won't be able to watch the movie. And Joe, I am broke. You just always seem to ask for money when I actually have some, it's annoying really."
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