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Antics At The Movies

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What happens after the movies

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Antics At The Movies

"I'm going out Aunt Sally!" Breauna yelled as she walked out the door.

"With who?"

"Why do you care?" She sat on the steps as she waited for Joe to appear. Instead, she got someone else, someone expected but not wanted.

"You look cold."

"I forgot my jacket inside but I'm not going back."

"Here have mine."

"Thanks Pete." Reluctantly, she accepted the jacket. It smelled a lot like Tag but she didn't mind, it was cold after all. The rest of the group showed up soon after Breauna had become warm.

"Gee Joe, you live at the end of the street from your girlfriend, and you weren't even the first to reach her house. How odd..." Pete started

Breauna ignored that comment because even though she disliked him and wanted to berate him, she couldn't because she was still cold and his jacket was the only thing warming her. Joe didn't seem to notice that another guy's jacket was around her shoulders.

"Whatever. Her house was just closest in the direction of the movies that's why we decided to pick her up last, right Patrick?"

"...Right..." Patrick answered confusedly. 'When in the world did we decide on that?'

"Can we hurry up my legs are starting to freeze out here." 'Who in the world wears a mini skirt when it's really cold out? A whore that's who.' Paige latched on to Pete as soon as they pulled away in Andy's car, the only sounds heard in the car were Pete's frustration because he couldn't get his arm out of the death grip that is Paige and the radio.


The group got to the theater about 15 minutes late because Joe kept complaining about how they never had any gummy worms there so he made them stop at every gas station until he found a pack that wasn't old. 'I swear that boy is going to be the death of me one day. If he wasn't dating Breauna, then he would be alright, but no he just had to.' Thought Pete as they stood in the concession line; kicking Joe because they did indeed have gummy worms there.

Though the plan originally was to watch one movie together, they couldn't decide on just one. So they split into two halves; Breauna, Joe, Pete, Paige and Andy, Patrick. 'Oh god, they divided into some weird love triangle where Paige likes Pete, Pete likes Breauna, and Breauna likes Joe. Why did we go to the movies again? Oh yeah Pete had concocted some stupid plan to break the two "lovebirds" up.'

"Would you please just let it go?" Joe asked Breauna on the way to school the next morning. Still angry, she hurriedly walked past him in silence. "It wasn't my fault!"

"Oh, so your hand just happened to fall on her lap?" 'There is no way in the world Joe is going to make me forgive him anytime soon.' Just after she thought that, Patrick, Andy, and Pete showed up.

"So Andy, how does it feel to not be Joe right now?"

"Awesome. Next I feel like not being you."

Pete looked at Andy in confusion. 'Surely he's not going to do anything stupid, right? Oh, who am I kidding? This is Andy, the king of stupid.' Pete's definition of stupid was completely different from everyone else's. What was the responsible way was the exact opposite of what he wanted to be.

Breauna had gotten very far ahead in their walk when Andy finally caught up with her. "What do you want?"

"Maybe nothing and maybe everything."

"You're not making sense, Hurley."

"Yeah, I'm not am I? To make things plain and simple; this was set up."

"By who?"


"Andy, no one in the world could have him do what he did."


"But back to what I was saying Tuesday about Joe."

"What Patrick?" Breauna said into the phone later that day.

"Maybe he doesn't really like..." Patrick weighed his options: if he said you, she would kill him. If he said Paige, she would call him a liar...and still kill him. 'Well I'd rather be just dead than be dead and a liar.' "you."

"I never wanted to admit this to anyone and you shouldn't either but Joe is my first boyfriend. No one's ever really paid attention to me before in that way and to have it makes me feel really good about myself for once."

"Breauna, do you hear what you're saying? You make it seem as if no one would ever like you in that way. There's a lot more guys besides Joe that find you beautiful. Take Pete for instance."

"You know he doesn't count as an example." Breauna laughed. 'I'm glad to have Patrick as my friend. He can make anyone feel awesome in just two seconds.' "Patrick I know this is early in our friendship to say but I love you."

"I love you too. Now get some sleep. You have some Joe butt to kick tomorrow."

The two friends hung up their cell phones and started doing things for next Monday. Breauna had an English report and Patrick had to finish his flyer from Tuesday.

"Breauna, you have a visitor! It's one of your loser friends!" 'Can she at least stop calling my friends losers in front of their face? I mean its one thing behind their back but to their face…how rude! But anyhow who could it be? I just got off the phone with 'trick, Pete is never allowed over here; Andy is welcome but doesn't come over. a whore and is not considered my friend. Well that’s all my friends!'

"Coming!" She begrudgingly got up from the comfortable confines of her bed and headed downstairs. What she saw was the least expected; Joe staring at his feet awkwardly. She continued on from stopping in her tracks to politely slam the door in his face.

"Breauna!" He called out as she started her way back to her room to call Patrick and rant but a hand on her shoulder halted her. 'Either Aunt Sally's hands got manlier or these are Joe's. UGH! I forgot to lock the door!' "Would you just listen to me? I swear it wasn't on purpose."

"How can I trust you? The first day in class you were drooling over her!"

"I'm a guy; I'm supposed to drool over girls."

"Not when your best friend likes you Joe. You should know me well enough to know when things change!"

"I'm sorry! I know I'm clueless sometimes but I asked you to be my girlfriend; that should count for something."

"What counts is you being faithful!" And before Joe could say something back he was being pushed down the stairs and there was a sudden pain in his ankle.
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