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Chapter One

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Chapter one of what I plan to be a long story. Set with a hidden academy that teaches control over elements, amonst many other things, to those who have magic in their blood. Follows my character X...

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Chapter One

Xenoth ambled slowly down the long, dark corridor. This place was odd to him. The main lobby had looked like any other building would, though that was just for show in case a normal human just happened to somehow stumble upon the place. After he was given his schedule, the fifteen-year-old boy was directed to a set of heavy, wooden double-doors. As soon as he passed through the doors shown to him, everything took on a different appearance. The walls became rough stone, like that of an old castle. ‘Probably is an old castle’ he thought to himself. The young teen followed the long corridor slowly, avoiding meeting the gaze of any of the others around him. He kept his calm, deep green eyes forward. His peripherals took in his surroundings. He knew he was in the dormitory area. There were rooms every twenty feet or so. Lights were spaced out evenly along the ceiling. Oddly, for being set into stone they seemed appropriately belonging. He read the numbers nailed to each wooden door, looking for his. “This place is like a dungeon almost,” he mused quietly to himself. Finally, he found room 13b. Sighing, he pushed the heavy door open. To his surprise, it swung quite easily inward. To his further surprise, the room looked relatively normal compared to the hallway. The walls were a dull white color. Straight across from him was a window that overlooked the outside world. It was and odd feeling knowing that he could look out upon the city, but the people outside could not see them at all. In all essence, they didn’t exist to the world. His eyes fell to a set of bunk beds in the right corner of the room. A dresser with two rows of drawers sat to the left. Other than that, the place was bare. ‘Not too bad I suppose’ his mind told him. Xenoth smiled inwardly. "I think I’ll like this place," he said to himself.

After tossing his stuff onto the top bunk, not bothering unpacking the three pairs of clothes he had to his name, he headed back out the door. His first class at this academy of the elements would be starting in a little while. He had nothing better to do, nor did he really want to talk to anyone at the moment, so he decided to go early. He pushed a long strand of startling silver hair from one of his dark green orbs and let it fall back to his shoulder blades. Xenoth was one of the few who had naturally silver hair. He adjusted his shoulder strap for his bag, pulling the bottom of his black, long-sleeved shirt back down. His thumbs were through holes at the end of the sleeves. Walking through the hallway, he could tell people were sizing him up. They probably thought he was poor from the state his old, faded jeans were in. And they would be right. Xenoth looked at the little slip of paper he was given earlier, finding that his first class ‘Summoning Guardians’ was upstairs. He found a door labeled “Stairwell” and pushed through it. He took a few steps up the stairs before stopping and gazing upward. They seemed to go on forever. Shrugging, he made his way up to the second floor and went into the new hallway. It was much like the bottom level, only the rooms had much more space between them. Sighing, the silver-haired boy headed down the long hallway. He shortly found what he was looking for. A plaque on a door read “Summoning Guardians.” Xenoth expected the room to seem modern when he opened the door, but instead it was all rough, dark stone. The front of the classroom held a solitary desk, for the instructor he assumed. The space between the single desk and the rest at the back was quite expansive, about forty by forty feet of emptiness.

The desks at the back had six rows of twenty seats. Each row sat a bit high than the one in front of it. Xenoth made his way to the top tier and sat in the corner. He wasn’t the only person here though. A dark haired boy turned and grinned to him. "Hey! I’m Marcus! How’s it going?" the seemingly energetic one practically shouted towards Xenoth. A small groan, too quite to hear, escaped his throat. "I’m fine," he said in a low voice, having no interest in speaking with this Marcus. The boy looked defeated, taking the hint from Xenoth’s tone and shrunk back into his seat. Soon the classroom gradually began to fill with more people. When the time came for class to start, the seats were about half full. Most of the kids seemed relatively normal. Everyone fell silent as an older, long-bearded man walked into the room. "Welcome! My name is Weis! In this class, you’ll be learning to summon and control your individual guardians. Everyone’s is different, and you never know what it’ll be until you summon it. Now, I don’t want anyone to complain about theirs. It’s pointless as you are stuck with what you get. Remember that everything has its strengths," he called out over the class in a voice louder than his deceptive looks would’ve made it seem possible. Weis began to explain to the students the incantation that would be used and how they were supposed to focus their mind. A number of students were called to the front to summon. Most were average things. Not a lot more than various fairies, imps and sprites. The boy before Xenoth summoned a hellhound pup. After much laughter and the instructor’s desk being extinguished of fire, Xenoth was called forth. With a silent nod, he made his way quietly to the center of the room.

He held his hand forth, palm facing a spot roughly ten feet in front of him as instructed. He chanted the incantation while focusing his mind on what he wanted accomplished. At first, nothing happened. A few students snickered behind Xenoth. Then, as with all the others, a glowing blue circle began to form on the ground where he focused. The circle began to fill with designs as usual. A moment later, however, the air in the room changed. A heavy, almost choking energy filled the room and the circle on the floor turned blood red. Weis’ eyes opened wide and he called for Xenoth to stop. The boy yanked his hand away and stopped focusing his mind, but the circle kept forming. Starting from the center, a hole the blackest of black started forming in the circle until it consumed all inside. The gateway had already been opened. A form began slowly rising from the darkness. A form completely wrapped in chains from head to toe, or whatever it had under there. After it fully emerged, is stood about the same height as the 5’9” Xenoth. Everyone went quiet, both curious and afraid of what might happen. The chains shifted slightly and deep, crimson eyes peered through the opening. Xenoth was entranced more than afraid. Slowly, the chains started falling away. At first, everyone was captured by the appearance of the being before them. He looked to be maybe only a little older than the students in the room. His hair matched his crimson eyes. He wore black pants and nothing but a tattered, torn light cloak over his bare chest. His messy hair fell over his eyes. "Tetsu," Weis muttered in fear. A smirk crossed the lips of the being. "Finally...hehehehe...I am FREE!!" he cried out, his loud, deep voice full of glee. Maniacal laughter followed that sent chills up everyone’s spine. "Xenoth, SEND HIM BACK NOW!" Weis shouted.

The silver-haired boy snapped from his trance and started quickly with the incantation to send the boy, the demon or whatever it was back. Tetsu, however, would not let that happen. In an instant, the breath was knocked from Xenoth as his back slammed against the far wall. He peered down the arm of Tetsu, whose hand gripped firmly around the boy’s neck and held him several feet from the floor. "Now now now, I just got here. It would be rude to send me back so early" Tetsu said sarcastically. The door to their right burst open as other instructors whom felt such a strong presence had come to see what was going on. Tetsu’s eyes snapped towards the newcomers and Xenoth took that chance to kick him in the neck. While it didn’t do nearly as much as it would’ve to a normal person, it did get the being to drop Xenoth. The boy quickly finished the incantation, much to Tetsu’s dismay. With a howl of rage, he raised a fist in the air, a sinister looking blade forming from what looked to be dark energy. The black hilt held a blood-red blade that was serrated on either side all the way to the tip. As he started vanishing from this realm, Tetsu jammed the blade into Xenoth’s stomach all the way to the hilt, pinning him to the stone beneath. The being vanished, leaving Xenoth crying out in agony. The blade burned terribly and blood quickly began to pool around him. One of the men who entered went to pull the blade out but Weis stopped him. "NO! Didn’t you see the blade? If you carelessly yank it out, it could tear him up beyond repair!" he shouted. Xenoth coughed up blood. His vision was going dark. Suddenly, the blade itself began to dissipate, following its master. The pain was still unbearable, but the burning had gone away. "Xenoth, you’re gonna be ok" was the last thing he heard before he blacked out.

To be continued...

[Alright, so this is my first fic to post anywhere, though I've written before (not in a while though). If I missed any errors, let me know. I'm looking forward to reviews and such. Yeah, I know the beginning seemed somewhat boring probably and drawn out, but as the summary stated, I kinda felt the need to get at least some of the setting down kinda early. I'll have the next chapter up fairly soon. Probably within a day or two. Enjoy ^.^]
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