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Chapter Two

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Xenoth awakens to find that many things are going to get quite interesting for him. And the entrance of a girl (there's ALWAYS a girl) just makes things even more complicated. Find out what the hel...

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Chapter Two

Xenoth was dreaming heavily. He found himself walking in a deep, black abyss. He couldn't even see the very floor he stood upon. A ominous chuckle echoed around him in the darkness. "Who's there?! Show yourself!" the boy called out. At his call, a figure seemed to materialize from the darkness around them. Xenoth's eyes went wide as the figure's shockingly red hair materialized, then his face and eyes followed by everything else. "You again? What the hell do you want with me now?!" He shouted at Tetsu, who merely grinned. "Wow, I must admit I'm impressed you're still alive. You're quite the strong one aren't you? My blade SHOULD have killed you long ago," Tetsu said, chuckling darkly once more. The sound echoed again. Taking a tentative step forward, Xenoth asked, "Where are we?" With another wide grin, Tetsu waved his arms around him in a circle dramatically. "You're mind. I brought you here so I could speak with you. I apologize for that little bit of violence up top. You see, I've been banished in the furthest and darkest realm in existence for the last, oh 500 years or so. And, admittedly I lost my cool when you tried to send me back," he answered calmly. Xenoth had to admit, at this point in time he didn't seem nearly as evil as before. His energy seemd alot more calm. "So...if you were banished...why or how did I summon you?" he asked, his voice quiet. Tetsu sighed deeply. "I'm trying to figure that one out myself. That bastard Kaiser must have a reason for assigning me to you. Well whatever his reason is, we're stuck together. Now, not that I hate you or anything...quite the contrary, I admire you for your guts to kick me like you did...but I'm not going to stay stuck in this place any longer. So you might as well-" he stopped mid-sentence. "Ah to you later kid" he said quickly as he faded away. Xenoth felt himself yanked from his own subconcious into the world of conciousness.

His eyes burst open, then shut right back closed again. "Ahh, where the hell am I?" he questioned, rubbing his burning orbs. He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain shot through his body and he fell back to a semi-soft mattress. "Ah, damnit!" he shouted. Memory of the incident in the classroom flooded back to him, and of the sword protruding from his stomach. He felt a twinge of pain from his stomach again. He moved his hand slowly over the spot, craning his neck to see it as well. There was a perfectly straight, vertical scar starting below his ribs and connecting to his belly button. Xenoth heard voices from a nearby room and he froze. He couldn't make out what was being said but it sounded serious. He propped himself up on his right elbow and took a good look around the room, now that his retina no longer burned. He was lying on a gurney-like bed though with no wheels. The room was pure white and a table of medical instruments sat in one corner. A large light hung just over him, shining brightly. 'So..I guess this is...the infirmary at the school?' he questioned himself in his thoughts. As if just in time to answer his question, the door slowly opened and a woman wearing a long white labcoat, black-rimmed rectangular glasses and her long dark hair pulled into a pony-tail stepped in. "Hello Xenoth, glad to see you're awake. We almost thought we were going to lose you. I'm Dr. Chloe," she chimed sweetly. Xenoth winced harshly as he sat up. "Ow..yeah..I'm ok I guess. Thanks for helping me" he said quietly. She stepped over to him and asked him to lift his arms so she could further inspect the wound. "Well, we closed the wound, replaced lost blood and then healed it all shut completely with water magick. You'll be sore, but fine," she responded.

Xenoth nodded quietly, still somewhat shocked at what happened. 'And that dream a moment ago...was that real?' he thought. He stood up, pain shooting through his torso though he held his ground. "So..who was that talking outside?" he asked, knowing it had something to do with him, and probably Tetsu as well. She paused for a moment, recalling her recent conversation. "That was....your new instructor. He's the only one capable of dealing with this sortof thing. The rest of us aren't quite sure what really happened to begin with. But when he heard, he requested you joined his class," she answered, clearly hinting that his class wasn't something quite normal. "Um...ok. That's good I guess...I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble," he said, still quiet. She smiled sweetly once more and shook her head. "It's no problem at all, I'm just glad you're ok. When you feel up to it, you should head to the library. That's where the old bas-...I mean your instructor spends most of his time. See you later, though hopefully not under the same circumstances," she said in parting. Xenoth pulled his shirt back over himself, an action that was painful. He glanced down to see the shirt was blood-soaked and torn. ' favorite shirt...' he said to himself as he headed out the door and towards his dormitory. Walking through the halls gained him the stares from everyone. Seems news spread quickly here. Most didn't even look at the blood-stained shirt, but his eyes. He heard whispers of him being called 'demon' or 'devil'. This made little sense to him because he was the one who was stabbed. Annoyed, he pushed his way into his room and found his bag lying where he left it.

Xenoth literally tore his shirt from his body, tossing it in a bloody heap in the corner. He pulled out a plain white undershirt and pulled it down over himself. He realized his jeans were bloodied too and changed from them into another pair looking just as old and worn-in as the first pair. He left his room again and headed for the library at the center of the buidling. From what he heard, it was nearly impossible to miss, being a massive tower in the center of the courtyard. He reached the wide-open courtyard, seeing many students lounging around. Whispers started once more around him after he entered. Some stared while others turned away to leave. Xenoth sighed audibly, shaking his head. He peered up at the extremely tall tower that loomed ahead. 'If it weren't hidden, you could see that from anywhere in the whole city' he thought to himself, thoroughly impressed. He bumped into someone, almost getting cursed at but the person turned and saw it was the one everyone was talking about, and just simply turned to leave. Xenoth reached the massive doors that swung easily, once again to his surprise, and stepped through them. What awaited was quite literally the largest collection of books that Xenoth had ever even imagined. Countless rows upon countless floors of books. As he stared in awe, he heard someone cry out in surprise. He turned to see a blue-haired girl falling from the top of a ladder she had been using to put away some books. He ran forward and caught her just in time, the force carrying both of them to the ground. He grunted at having the air knocked out of him for the second time that day, following with a sharp gasp as the pain from his wound burned all through his body. "Ah...damnit..." he muttered through gritted teeth.

"Oh man, I'm so so so sorry. Thank you thank you thank you. I would've broken my neck if you hadn't been there!" he heard the voice of a young girl say very quickly. 'Her voice sounds pretty' he thought to himself as he pushed himself up, an arm wrapped around his injury. " problem" he said through gasps of pain. "OH! It's you! We've been waiting for you. Are you alright?" she responded, sounding surprised. Xenoth glanced up to find her face inches from his as she bent down to examine him. His gaze couldn't help but wander below her face. The way she leaned over made her already loose fitting shirt reveal more than need be. He quickly snapped his attention away from that however, not in the least wishing to be physically abused any further. "Uh...yeah. I'm fine. Just a impalement wound that's a little sore. But'm Xenoth...Xenoth Kail" he said as she stood, extending a hand down to him. He pulled himself to his feet with her help and turned it into a handshake. "Ruri Tanto" she responded happily. A number of books suddenly rained down around them. Xenoth jumped out of the way of a few. "What the hell?" he commented quietly. He glanced upward to see an extremely old man digging through large piles of boxes and books. "Grandfather! What are you doing?! I just SORTED all of those!" the blue-haired beauty as Xenoth's side called out. The old man stopped and turned to face them both from the balcony. He looked rather thin, but not frail and he had a beard that reached his knees. His eyes squinted with age. His long hair was stark white. "Huh? I'm looking for my porn! I lost it again!" he called down to her. He then looked to Xenoth. "Oh it's you. Would you like to help me look for it? I'll let you take some home with you!" he asked. Xenoth looked at him with an expression of confusion. "'s alr-" he started before Ruri interrupted. "Grandfather, he doesn't want to see your OLD PORN! It's from the 1940's for crying out loud! Now stop making a mess and let's welcome your new student!" she scolded him.

'What the hell? These people are...odd...but not afraid or accusing at least' Xenoth thought as Ruri led him up the stairs. The old man awaited them on the second floor. "Ah, well Xenoth...pleased to meet you. I welcome you to my class. You've already met your only classmate, my granddaughter young Ruri here" the old man said, smiling widely. He leaned close to Xenoth's ear. "She's quite the little hotty isn't she?" he asked. A fist suddenly collided with the old man's cheek and sent him sprawling into a bookcase, an avalanche of the things falling onto him. Xenoth followed the arm to it's owner, Ruri. "I heard that you old pervert!" she shouted at him. The old man dusted himself off and stood up. Xenoth couldn't believe the guy could still walk after a punch like that. "Well, shall we begin?" the old guy asked before walking off the edge of the balcony. He didn't fall, to Xenoth's surprise, but rather stepped on the air like there was an invisible stair case. All the way to the top he went. Glancing over to Ruri, he chuckled slightly. 'Maybe I misjudged him' he thought.

To be continued...

[Yay second chapter finished! Who is this mysterious old man? And DAMN does is granddaughter pack a punch. Wonder what else they can do? We'll find out soon!! Muahahahahahaha!! Oh...and the fun part is only just starting]
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