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Thank God Gor Frankie

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Frankie tries to cheer Crystal up.

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Why did it always have to happen to me? After all the shit I’d been put through in my life, I thought I at the very least deserved to be happy. First my dad left, then my mom lost her job so we had to live in a one bed roomed apartment with cockroaches and rats as ornaments. Then there was that horrible time when I found her dead in the bathroom, an empty bottle of pills only metres away from where her left hand was.
I had left her like that for days, not knowing what to do. The body started to smell and I began to starve, not that anyone cared. It was only after almost a week when the social worker came by and found me sitting next to my moms body. I had been placed in care and was almost immediately adopted by a couple who couldn’t have kids. I lived with them for two years-until I was ten. Then they got into some financial trouble and had to run off to Europe without me, placing me back in care again one stormy night. Then I spent almost a year in a big care home until someone fostered me and at last I was safe.
Like I said, why did it always happen to me?
I dumped my bag on the wooden picnic table I said I’d meet Frank at before homeroom. My head automatically fell into my hands as I fought back tears, getting strange looks from students all around.

“Crystal!” I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

“Oh Frankie.” I got up and flung my arms around him, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“I can’t believe your leaving.” He said, almost crying. I pulled away from the hug.

“My mom says she thinks she’s found the perfect house and there’s a great school practically next to it.” I didn’t mean to sound exited but I knew I did.

“So your definitely leaving?”

“Apparently so.” I sighed.

The bell went and I made my way to homeroom with Frank. We sat down at two tables. Sadly, Mikey had it with us too and Frank automatically sat down next to him.

Frank leaned over to me. “He still cares about you y’know. He goes on about how much he misses you every fucking day. You should tell him.”

“He doesn’t need to worry about me leaving. He’ll just forgive me before he’s ready. Just let him heal first-he at least deserves that after all the shit I’ve put him through.”

Frank shrugged. “Well alright then. But you could be missing out on a chance for you two to bury the hatchet.

The teacher came in and said something that I couldn’t hear cause I was at the back of the classroom.

“Oh yeah. I’m having a party this weekend at my place. You should come-it could be you last party in New Jersey.” He winked at me and then the bell went for first period so he disappeared off into the opposite direction to me.
At least I had art right now and not some crappy subject like algebra or something else equally depressing.

I was a little late to the lesson. The teacher gave me a dirty look as I entered her classroom. I shot her an apologetic look and took the seat I had been assigned by her.

“Okay class. This year I have decided to seat you next to your friends you’ll be happy to know.” There were cheers and leers from all around as the populars tried to stir things up. “Ms Crystal, Where is Mr Gerard?” Asked the teacher.

Some jock at the back wolf-whistled. “He’s probably sucking some freshman’s dick I the toilet miss.”

I turned back to the jock and gave him a filthy look which resulted in him sticking his tongue out at me.

“How should I know?” shrugged. “We don’t really talk anymore.”
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