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The Last Party

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Frank's party arrives.

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The next few days of school had been exactly the same and had resulted as me sitting alone at lunch, very occasionally being joined by Frank who tried to act exactly the same around me as he used to but failing miserably.
Before I knew it, the first week of school was over and it was time for Franks party.
I played the part of the good friend-helping him set up and hide the alcohol, inviting complete randomers that I met on the street to come join us and most importantly-being there the morning after to help a hung-over Frank get out of bed and clean up before his parents got home.
Frank’s parties were always talked about for days after the actual event. It was mainly because of his clueless parents, big house and relaxed attitude towards the use of bedrooms. In fact, it was at one of Frank’s parties I had my cherry popped by Mikey.
I shuddered, thinking of that night and how awful it was. We were incredibly drunk and both in a hurry to get it over with. Mikey had enjoyed it-I hadn’t.
Right then there was a knock on the door and Frank ran to answer it.

“Hey Jack, how you doing? Hey Rachel. Hello there Roxy.

I rolled my eyes and left Frank to entertain the guests. Maybe I’d manage to get some shut-eye before the music got turned up really loud.
I collapsed on Frank’s bed in a heap. What if this really was my last party in New Jersey. What if this was the last time I come round to Frank’s house. Sure, moving was a couple of weeks away but, still, I could get caught up in school or something and not make it round to Frank’s house ever again.
Thinking of school immediately turned my thoughts towards Gerard. I hadn’t spoken to him all week. He didn’t understand-I needed to talk to him. I needed to hear his voice and I needed him to hold me and tell me everything was going to be alright. I wasn’t sure whether he knew about me moving to Illinois or anything. I would’ve thought Frank would’ve told him by now, or maybe Frank was just being respectful for once.
I didn’t know much about the relationship with Gerard and Mikey. Frank had told me that Mikey had moved back in with Gerard but mentioned something about their relationship being ‘sketchy.’

I must’ve fallen asleep cause when I woke up, the clock read eleven twenty. I got out of bed stiffly and went over to the mirror. My hair was all ruffled and my make-up had smudged slightly.
Easily solved. I just got some wet-wipes out of Frank’s drawer and used his hairbrush to make my hair look respectable.
I was going to go down stairs when I heard two voices, one male and one female out on the landing. The door knob turned and my body stiffened.
Two people came rolling in, both obviously drunk. One was a pale girl with very long black hair and the other was Gerard.
I let out a small gasping noise but shut my mouth straight after, hoping Gerard didn’t hear.

“Oh hey Crystal.” He slurred. I just smiled at him-I was too shocked to move or say anything.

“Who’s she?” The girl asked.

“Oh just my brother’s ex-girlfriend.” He shrugged before he carried on kissing the girl passionately.

I tried with all my might not to cry and somehow, I managed it.
I ran straight out of the room, down the corridor and downstairs. I immediately spotted Frankie standing on a table, doing some crappy magic trick with a tissue to two people making-out on the couch.

“Frankie I need to talk to you.” I pleaded, suddenly bursting into tears.

“What’s wrong?” Frank put his hand on my shoulder. “Has someone done something to you?”

“No. It’s Gerard. I just caught him with another girl.”

“Oh you mean Julie?” Frank asked.

“Yeah. You know her?”

“Yeah, she’s my sisters friend-I used to go out with her. She’s a complete and utter slut. But don’t worry, she ain’t the second date type.” He turned round and got a drink before turning to me again.

“It’s the fact that he’d even be with another girl so soon that makes me feel sick.”

“For God’s sake Crys-just move on with your life. Everyone else has.” Frank snapped at me before chasing after some dumb blonde chick.

That’s it, I’d had enough of this party. All I wanted to do was go back home (avoiding my mother) and crawl up in a ball on my bed.
I made my way through all the sweaty hormonal teenagers and out of the front door. I wrapped my hoodie around me as I walked down the street. I was meant to be staying at Frank’s that night so I hadn’t brought a coat or anything to get me home.

I was nearly home when I passed someone puking in the gutters.

“Ew gross.” I said to myself as I walked closer and closer towards my house.
Suddenly the puking man spoke-well more like grunted but it sounded like my name. I turned around and took a closer look at the drunkard.

Sorry about the crappy and un-eventful chapter. Next one will be better. I promise
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